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The Yule Ball (Chapter 17) Part I

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Annie meets with Ian, who starts making foolish things. Richard tells Annie where and when.

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“Do you mind if I sit here, with you?” I hear someone say, as my head tilts a little to focus on Ian. I shake my head. I don’t mind; why should I anyway?
“No problem, Ian,” I retort to him. I know he’s a slight nervous about tonight, like I am, but it is still really early for changing and preparing for the “Great Dance” everyone has been talking about for the few past days. “Have you decided what are you wearing tonight?” I knew it was a stupid question, but, anyway, I would ask how everyone was going to get dressed. I was supporting that because my grandmother had chosen my elegant dress, I had to suffer the consequence of being observed all night. Like an experiment or something.
“I’m wearing some black suit, like usual. Mother said it went with my eyes,” Ian answers to my question, but he went on talking about the situation, “Dad said she was acting like my grandmother. I don’t know why, but she always goes on hanging over from my cheeks; my grandmother. How about you, what are you wearing tonight?”
I laugh; I know Ian wasn’t someone who liked being “touched,” meaning personal space invasion and everything related to that. I wasn’t sure if I was wearing my pink dress, but either way, I had to. I had nothing left. Yesterday I had worn it, just to see how it looked; Danielle said I looked really pretty. I can remember what she had said, perfectly. “Scorpious will be so jealous that he hadn’t invited you to the Yule Ball right away,” She had said. I didn’t care much about what he thought. I cared more what Richard thought about me, wearing that dress. I hope he looks at me and says how pretty I am.
“Just wait and see. Just a small tip, Ian, my favorite color is reflected all over it.” It is the only thing I can say to him. I know he is really communicative, and maybe he will go and tell Richard about it; since they are best friends. “Have you seen my Yule Ball partner, between?” I haven’t seen Ritchie in a long while. Maybe he’s still asleep, but I’m not sure. It’s not that late. I look at my wrist watch, eleven (11) am. He should start waking up; or he won’t get up ever.
“I saw him near to the Quidditch Pitch, I bet he was going to train a little, so that he can fit into his clothes for tonight,” he hollers, laughing uncontrollably, as I look at him from the corner of my eye. Not moving. It wasn’t funny for me; Ritchie was my partner.
“Dude, don’t go telling jokes to everyone, or else they’ll piss at you,” I exclaim, seriously. “Is he at the Pitch really?” I mean, I need to see him and ask him what time we are going to meet and where.
He waggles and picks my hand from the stair I was relying on. “I was meant to give you this, he said it was a gift. He knew you were going to ask for him when I saw you. He’s a predictable young man or maybe he just asked Trelawney to read him the future,” he explains. I laugh when he mentions Trelawney; we all know she isn’t able to see the future, or even anything. Cruel, but funny. I pick the small box from Ian’s hand as soon as he had taken it from his jeans pocket.
“He told you what it was?” I question. I am willing to know. Why am I given all kinds of boxes, but I can’t open? I remember the silver bracelet Scorpious gave to me on Wednesday, at Potion Class. From it hangs small figures, some I can remember; a unicorn, a heart, a key and a fairy. It is beautiful. I have it on now.
“I think he said you should go to him, and he’ll open it for you. I don’t really understood that part, although he explained it various times,” Ian continues to explain. I roll my eyes. Why couldn’t he have his memory working today?
“Man Ian, you’ll have to get that head of yours,” I start, as I stand up and knock on Ian’s head as if it were totally empty, “Checked, I don’t think it is working now. I can tell it’s full of air.” He looks at me, and sticks his tongue out. “What? I just want you to have a brain, that’s all.” I kick off running, I try my best, but he’s quicker than me. He catches my shoulder, and with a sudden pull, I am staring at his eyes. His blue eyes are beaming at me.
“I do have a brain. That I don’t like to use it is another thing,” He notifies me, releasing my shoulder. I continue to stare at him and raise an eyebrow.
“I doubt that you ever use it!” I laugh at him, I know he’s laughing too because a pig- like sound begins. I know it is his unique laugh. I run quickly enough towards the Quidditch Pitch, Ian running behind me. I know he’s letting me win for now, because I am aware that he can start running faster than me; anytime.

Swiftly, I head into the lockers and begin looking for the door where students head into the Quidditch Field itself. I am looking for Ritchie now. I open the door, ajar, and I see Richard’s tall and dark shadow. He’s about to kick off in his broom.
“RITCHIE!” I shriek, running towards him, Ian running behind me. I notice he starts looking around the field, until finding me. He doesn’t know what is happening, but at least, he stopped before heading into the sky above us. He stands there, while I run speedily towards him. I get behind his back and cover my head with both my arms.
“What’s going on here?” I’m not surprised he asks so. I would be screaming for someone to demand an explanation at me. I like this from him; he’s calm and patient. I point at Ian, and he shoots a glare at him. I think it meant stop, because it a second Ian stopped per suiting me.
“Ian… I said he didn’t use his brain… Full of air… I came running… He gave me the box… Ian runs behind me… Will do me something… ” I put in plain words, filling my lungs of air every now and then. I continue to gasp for air as I kneel down and grasp my knees with my hands. Ritchie places an arm over my shoulders.
“Don’t worry, he won’t do something to you, now,” He tells me. Of course he won’t; if he is smart he’ll leave me alone. I am glad I have punch- hard- in- the- face friends.
“See you later, kid,” Ian says, he knows fun is over; I have won the war, for now. He leaves the battle field, exhausted and defeated.
“Who’re you calling kid? You Baby!” I answer back; I can’t let him start something again. I mean, I like answering back, especially when I know he can’t do anything to me now, but I have to be precautious anyways. He may send me a spell or something. A Howler.
“Are you safe and sound?” I like his own manner of approaching to me; he was cautious not to say something I disliked. He is perfect to me.
“Think so,” I say, feeling better now. I take my hands from my knees and straighten myself up. I notice Ritchie’s broom is over his right shoulder and he takes his arm from my shoulder, as if he thought I disliked it being there. His green eyes hypnotize me, but I stay away from them in a fraction of seconds. From his Gryffindor Quidditch robes, he takes out his wand, and conjures a glass. Anon, he taps it softly, murmuring: “Aguamenti.” The glass fills with fresh, clear water. He hands it to me.
“Drink it, It will help you,” he places the glass on my hand, but as he opens it; he notices the box Ian had given me. I take the drink with my free hand and sip it to the end. It did, in fact, help me a little.
“Thank you,” I say, smiling at him. I notice his glance is still a little different; he looks troubled and I wonder why. “Anything wrong?” I am worried for him, I don’t know if everything is fine with him. His green eyes turn to look at me, as his hand touches mine, and closes the small box in my fist.
“I want you to open it when you are on your loneliness,” he clarifies to me, as he looks down at our hands. I don’t really know why he wants me to do so. Should I? Can it be a prank of his? I know how he and his brother use to play pranks on Danity and myself, sometimes; should I trust him this time? He seems a little taken aback by this, and as well, I can notice him somewhat tense and nervous. I will do as he intends me to do so. “Don’t worry, it is not a joke I’m playing at you, I just want you to have it. The object that is inside this box reminds me of really nice memories and now I want you to have it.” He says this as if he has read my mind. Sometimes he does this, and I really start thinking if he knows how to use Occlumency. We are too young to know this kind of stuff; I use to repeat to myself. I’m right; we are too young for this kind of magic, this kind of hard and complicated magic.
“Why alone?” I query at him. I am full of questions I want to ask him right now; but he keeps acting so mysteriously, that makes me wonder a whole lot of stuff.
“As soon as you open it, you’ll know,” he answers back to my question. I perceive his gentle smile upon his detailed face. I can’t avoid, but blush at his staring. He keeps gawking at me for a while, while I don’t notice.
“Annie Lupin Tonks!” Someone’s yells and was clearly heard. Someone was calling for me. I quickly retort my eyes in search of the familiar voice. It seems so familiar, that it sounds just like…
“Cameron!” I screech back, as Richard quickly takes his hand off mine. I hadn’t seen my brother for a couple of days now. Not to sound cruelly evil, but I hadn’t missed him that much. “What are you doing here?” I can ask him what ever I want, without being shy to him. He’s older than me, though.
“Can’t I see my sister now?” He counters. Cameron looks so much like my father, although I was too young when mum and dad died. I have seen them in photos; Cameron reminds me of father. He has said to me that I look like my mother, especially in the eyes. My mom wore, once, her hair pink; one day, I want to do that for her too. “Hey Rick.” Cameron and Ritchie gave each other a high five and clasped their backs, all in a three second move. “What did you do on your hair now?” Doesn’t he know that I am able to do whatever I desire with my own body?
“Oh! Finally someone noticed, just a small change, its lighter now, but it is still the same length,” I sneer to him, smiling a little. I was proud that I could work out all of these small details now; at the beginning it was hard, but now, it’s really easy. “Thought none of you would notice it.” It had taken a while before someone commented it. I like that people say what they think as soon as they see me around.
“It looks really good to me, but just don’t make drastic changes on your hair or eyes, or whatever sis, please,” Cameron says back. I know he gets somewhat worried about things that may happen to me. He’s my older brother; he’s seventeen (17).
Richard doesn’t say a word, which makes me wonder why. Is it just because Cameron is here? Is he shy of him? Oh well, he’ll someday get over it, when he acknowledges that Cameron doesn’t bite and that he’s the most pacific lad in the world.
“Thanks bro,” I say to him, happily winking at him. “Either way, seriously… Why have you come to me, eh?” I know there must be a reason why he wants to talk to me or see me; there’s always a reason for everything, that’s logical.
I perceive that he’s taking something from his blue jacket’s inner pockets; what might it be?
“Aunt Nadia sent this to me, but it says in the front that it is directed to you. She knows we don’t see each other that much at school, an only reason for me to see my sis around,” He explains, winking an eye and sticking his tongue a small portion. “Read it and keep it!” He knows most of the times I just pile things up in one of the sides of my desk, which is at the common room, in my own room.
“I will Cameron, thank you,” I say kissing his cheek and later backing up. I should spend more time with my sibling. He’s not bad to me, just sometimes when he likes playing jokes on me, but I find a way to revenge myself; always. “You’re a good big brother, you knew that?” It was something comforting I could say to him; I’ve never been so near to him at school.
“You, in all your fifteen (15) years of life, have said something close to that,” He utters, wrapping his broad arms around my stomach and lifting me up. I begin to move wildly as he does so.
“You know I don’t like being lifted!” I say in return, when he places me down. I throw myself onto him and start to punch his arm softly. He knows I’m playing with him.
“I need to go now.” He straightens himself up, and runs his hand through his brown hair. It was straight, like mine. He rubs the arm I was punching some minutes ago and smiles widely at us.
“What are you doing so importantly that makes you leave your dear sister, Cam?” I ask. Was he going to get ready now? It was really early to do so now.
“Ask this girl if she wants to go with me to the Ball tonight,” He replies, walking down the field and into the lockers door. I frown, it was too late.
“You dork! Why didn’t you ask her before? It is too late now!” I yell at him. He waves, from the back, still not looking at Richard or me, and disappears into the lockers; leaving Ritchie and me alone again.

There was this silence that covered the entire field; I could only hear birds singing from a distance. I continued to look at the last point where my brother had disappeared, until Ritchie said something:
“You’re brother’s nuts, but I like him.”
That reminded me when he had not commented on my hair. I stared at him for a while, looking into his desirable green eyes. “Why didn’t you say something about my hair, Ritch?”
As I continue to look into his vivid eyes and him into my violet, he motions and answers my question, in a small voice I had never heard:
“I don’t know. I thought that saying something in front of your brother’s presence would not be appropriate. You really look pretty, I mean it, always.”
“You said you’d liked him. It’s not as if you were going to have to see him for the rest of your life, isn’t it?” I reply again. I was troubled and confused. He had said he’d liked him, why didn’t he like him when that happened?
He remains silent. I do not know what to say to him.
“You’re still going to the Yule Ball with me, right Annie?” He asks his innocent green looking at me. I move up and down my head; nodding.
“Of course I will, I said I will before, and I’m standing still for it,” I answer to him. I can see his face and whole body relax. I give him a warm smile. I don’t want to lose him.
“You’re always so decided on your things. I respect you and admire you most,” He states clearly to me. I haven’t heard someone say such things before, and I feel loved.
“Thank you,” I say blushing, smilingly I lower my head somewhat. “You keep making me blush.” I haven’t declared something like this before to someone; I don’t know what he’ll say to me about it.
“You make me blush too,” He declares as well, as he takes his gentle fingers to my chin and raises my head slightly. His head moves closer to me, and he kisses my cheek gently. He backs away, and says: “Sorry. I wasn’t meaning to.”
I can feel my face grow really hot, as if I were tanning at a beach for hours now. I shake my head violently.
“Don’t say sorry to me,” I say. “I was just here to ask where and when and what time do we meet for the Ball,” I say changing the topic; it was getting a little uncomfortable for both.
“Oh!” He manages to say, he notices the drastic change. “What about The Main Staircase, at seven (7) P.M?” He replies waiting for me answer.
“See you there,” I say, looking at his face, he was blushing. I creep closer to him, and kiss his cheek. I see his face become redder than before. I giggle and start walking down to the lockers. I will get ready for the Great Ball I’ve been waiting for months now. I’m exited about it.
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