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In a New York Hotel...

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Lucy is on the holiday she has been saving up for...for many years. At her hotel she finds out who her neighbour is...

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My first FOB fanfic, so please review! Reviews means I will continue the story further!

Lucy was a young woman who wanted to see the world. She had been saving up for her dream holiday for years and finally she was on it. Right now she was in one of the most exciting cities in the world, New York. Right at the very moment however she was in her hotel room in Manhattan. She had been flicking through a local music magazine, trying to see if there was a gig on tonight that she could go to. She loved music, particularly punk and rock music. And there on the page in front of her was an advertisement for a Fall Out Boy concert tonight. Fall Out Boy was probably Lucy’s favourite band. But they were famous and she knew that their concert would have sold out. To confirm her thoughts she rang up the ticket seller and found out that there were definitely none available. A little bit miserable about this, Lucy decided to go for a walk. She took the lift down to the hotel’s foyer and exited into the busy street outside. There was a limousine out the front of the hotel and she briefly wondered who had come to stay here. But the thought went out of her mind as she wandered down the street.
After her walk she returned to her hotel room and lay down on her bed. Lucy wasn’t tired but she just wanted to rest her legs. After a few minutes she heard a noise from next door. After a few seconds she realized it was a guitar. It made her think back to her own guitar at home-she missed being able to play it. Whoever was playing it was doing a pretty good job. He or she must be a proper musician she realized. She began to hum along with the chords. They sort of sounded familiar. The person must have been playing a song she knew. Finally she realized it was one of Fall Out Boy’s lesser-known songs. She couldn’t believe it had taken her that long to realize what it was.
Lucy had always been inquisitive and brave so she began to think about who was next door and what would happen if she went and knocked on their door. Maybe they were a Fall Out Boy fan and had a spare ticket for tonight or maybe they would like to chat about their mutual love of Fall Out Boy. On second thoughts, maybe they wouldn’t want a stranger coming to their door. But her curious mind made her decide to risk the latter happening and without anymore thinking she went out of her room into the hallway and knocked on her neighbour’s door.
After a few seconds of waiting, a man’s voice called out, “Who is it?”
“Sorry to disturb you. I’m from next door.”
“Oh, okay then,” the door slowly opened and she instantly realized why the person was being so wary about who was at the door. It was Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy.
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