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The First Encounter

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Lucy and Patrick have a good conversation and then start to have feelings for each other.

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Lucy must have looked stunned as Patrick laughed, “Were you expecting someone else?”
“Yes I was,” she replied quickly without thinking, “A Fall Out Boy fan…not a member,”
She got another laugh from Patrick, “You want to explain?”
Lucy suddenly became lost for words. Wasn’t it only in fanfics where you met someone you admired in this sort of situation?! She quickly talked to avoid him thinking she was dumb.
“Well, long story really…”
“I don’t mind a long story, well I’m figuring you like us yeah?”
“Yep. Of course!”
Patrick smiled and although it was cliché she found herself doing the same thing back.
“Do you have a ticket for tonight’s concert?” Patrick asked breaking the silence,
“I’m just your man then. One backstage pass and one ticket.” He produced two small pieces of paper from his pocket, “We keep them handy in case we meet…someone. So come tonight…and tell me your story.”
Lucy stood there gob smacked, finally she said, “Wow. Thanks.”
“That’s okay. Oh, I didn’t catch your name.”
“I’m Lucy,” She grinned,
“I’m guessing you know my name?”
She nodded her head.
“Right. Well unfortunately I’ve got to head off to sound check. I’m glad I met you Lucy…sincerely.”
Lucy couldn’t believe it. Had he actually just said that…that he was glad to have met her?
“I’m glad I met you too Patrick. Good luck for the gig,” She said shyly, “Tonight then.”
“Tonight.” He said looking at her in the eye. Then he shut the door. Both of them were smiling.
Lucy couldn’t believe what had just happened…and although she didn’t know it, neither could Patrick.

Back in her room, Lucy thought about all that had just happened. She had expected to have been abused by her neighbour and had the door slammed in her face. But nothing like that had happened. Instead she had met Patrick. He had always been her favourite in Fall Out Boy. He had always seemed so calm and gentlemanly and he was just like that then. It also helped that he was cute too. Although she wasn’t always the one to admit such things, she realized that she had feelings for him. Meeting him then had made them become much more prominent in her mind. She couldn’t wait to meet him again.
Lucy checked her watch and the ticket. She had a few hours to get ready for the concert and her meet up with Patrick backstage.

After meeting Lucy, Patrick had headed straight downstairs to meet up with the rest of Fall Out Boy and to head to the concert venue for sound check. He entered the foyer of the hotel to see Pete standing there. Patrick walked up to him smiling.
“Hey Pete,” he said brightly,
“Hi Patrick. Okay, I know that smile…you’ve met a girl yeah?”
“Is it that obvious?” Patrick asked slightly blushing,
“Well…um….do you want the truth?”
Patrick laughed, “Not really!”
Pete folded his arms, “Aw! Not gonna listen to a friend’s advice are we?”
“Are you trying to make me mad?” They looked at each other angrily and then burst out laughing. Everyone in the foyer stared at them.
“So tell me about her?”
“Well she’s got brown hair and blue eyes, she seems really nice and sincere-I gave her a backstage ticket and she accepted so I mustn’t have embarrassed myself that much!”
“I’m glad for you man. I can’t wait to meet her…suss her out for you!”
Pete earned a punch on the arm from Patrick, “Make sure she’s not a…”
But Pete couldn’t continue because Patrick had him in a headlock play fighting and Joe and Andy had arrived.
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