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Doubting Thoughts...

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Patrick and Lucy's thoughts are interupted by some doubts. Will the doubts go away? Or will they continue?

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Author's note: Thankyou so much for all the wonderful reviews! It's really cool to log on and read them and I'm really glad this story is liked!
Enough of me writing...on with the story!

Lucy glanced at her watch, five minutes until she had to leave for the concert. She looked at herself in the mirror and was satisfied with what she saw. It would have to do anyway, as there was no time to change her clothes or hair. She had gone for the natural look, as she had never been a fan of heavy makeup. She always put a bit of blush on and some lipstick when she want out. But that was all. Nothing more.
But she couldn’t help worrying what Patrick would think of her. Would he care about her looks? Did it matter anyway, she probably was just a fan to him...just another one out of the many he would constantly meet. But then again, did he always give them backstage passes? Was it just a spare pass to get rid of or did he genuinely want to get to know her? Would he forget who she was or would he want to talk to her backstage?
She hoped it was the latter; she wanted him to talk to her. Be with her.

Sound check had gone as planned and Patrick headed backstage with Pete.
“Is it tragic if I keep thinking about her?” Patrick asked, “I mean, I only just met her Pete.” Patrick stood there waiting for an answer, any advice from his friend.
“Not tragic. She’d be flattered I bet if she knew.”
“You reckon.”
“Girls are like that,” Pete said confidently like he knew everything about the subject.
Patrick thought about it. Pete was usually right about these things. But what if she came backstage and didn’t want anything to do with him? Just wanted to talk to Pete, Joe or Andy. Anyone but him. What if she just saw him as the person who got her backstage? A person she didn’t need to talk too.
He hoped this wasn’t the case; he wanted her to talk to him. Be with him.

The five minutes were up and Lucy exited her hotel room. She glanced at Patrick’s door as she passed it and many thoughts raced through her head-colliding many a time. She clutched her ticket and pass and slowly put them in her pocket for safekeeping.
It was a chilly and windy night as she walked out into the familiar busy street. She zipped up her jacked and began walking the few blocks to where the concert was. Normally all the people and the lights in downtown New York would have distracted her, but Lucy was set on getting to the concert in time and her thoughts were on achieving this.
Eventually she reached the concert venue and saw a medium sized line of people waiting there. She joined the cue and huddled against herself in the freezing cold.
The line began to get longer as she waited for the doors to open. She was desperate to be inside a warm place and when the doors finally opened she was very happy.
She walked inside the venue and managed to get a spot where she would be able to see everyone on stage but not be right up the front. It was perfect for her, not too squashy or stuffy. She would actually be able to watch Fall Out Boy and not be bumped around by the moshers. Something that usually happened to her.

She waited patiently through the two support bands who she thought were quite good and finally the lights dimmed and as a banner opened up on stage revealing Fall Out Boy’s name, the screaming began. Everyone around Lucy was super excited and this just made her anticipation more obvious. Eventually Fall Out Boy emerged and her eyes instantly fell on Patrick as he began a guitar riff.

On stage, Patrick scanned his eyes through the crowd trying to see one glimpse of Lucy. Eventually he spotted her in the far distance while Pete was talking in between songs. She was smiling, but not at Pete, at him. All his thoughts of her not wanting to know him, to not want to talk to him disappeared and he returned the smile and managed a small wave at her. The whole audience was staring at Pete anyway so no one except Lucy would have noticed it.

And she had noticed it. She waved back and silently she dismissed her thoughts of before and realized that he didn’t forget her and that he would want to talk to her after the show. Pete stopped talking and Patrick instantly had to start playing again, so no more actions between them could be done.
But that brief and wordless conversation between Patrick and Lucy had meant much more to each of them than anyone could have imagined.
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