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A Backstage Pass

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After the FOB concert, Lucy heads backstage to meet Patrick and the rest of the band. What will happen between her and Patrick?

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Author's note: I apologise for this chapter taking a while to be put on here. So sorry for those who have been waiting for it. I hope you enjoy this-what will happen between Patrick and Lucy? That is the question throughout this chapter.

Fall Out Boy finished their encore. Brief silence could be heard as the stage went dark and the concert venue lights went on. Then almost suddenly, excited voices could be heard everywhere throughout the room. Most people headed for the doors to exit into the dark and cold night, but some stayed in the warm, well-lit venue. Lucy followed the majority of the crowd that had decided to brave the harsh coldness of nighttime New York, outside. She headed towards the back of the venue where some of the crowd were also heading. The difference was that they could only wait at the back to get a glimpse of Fall Out Boy or to briefly meet them, she could get backstage and actually talk to them properly-especially Patrick.
She showed her backstage pass to a security guard who let her go backstage instantly-although not before Lucy had time to glance back at the people behind her that were looking at her enviously. She felt like she was the rock star but she really was just like them-a fan.

Lucy entered a brightly lit hallway. There was no one around and she wondered where to go. She was about to turn back and ask the security guard where she was supposed to be heading backstage but suddenly in front of her, Patrick appeared.
“Hey Lucy!” He said approaching her a little shyly,
“Hi Patrick. Awesome show tonight. I was very impressed!”
“Thanks. I managed to spot you in the crowd-hard work I must say.”
Lucy laughed-a little shy herself. “You had plenty of time. Pete was going on and on.”
“Yeah, what was he talking about again?”
They both cracked up.
“Pete has a tendency to talk a lot,” Patrick said,
“Did I hear my name?“ a voice said from around the corner,
“And he hears well too.” Patrick added before Pete rounded the corner. Lucy quickly smiled at Pete, it was cool to see him, but silently she wished she were just alone with Patrick.

“This is Lucy,” Patrick said to Pete.
Lucy and Pete said hello to each other.
“So what was it you were saying about me?” Pete asked the both of them.
“Just about how good you were on stage,” Lucy quickly said.
Patrick was impressed with her quick answer. He looked at her. He hadn’t fully taken in her looks before at the hotel or on stage. He now realized that she was beautiful-just like her personality he had so far seen. He wished they were alone together like before. Not that he wanted to get rid of Pete. He was his best friend and of course enjoyed being around him. But when it came to girls, they knew not to tread on each other’s toes. To get out of the way for each other.
Obviously Pete realized it was time to go because of this silent agreement between them. “Fair enough,” he said to Lucy, “I better go change.” He smiled at them both and clapped Patrick on the back.
Lucy and Patrick watched him turn the corner.
“He clapped you on the back.” Lucy stated, “That’s got to be code for something.”
“I’m not telling.” Patrick said in a teasing voice,
“Well, I’ll just have to find out what it means. I’ll ask Pete.” She started to walk off laughing.
“Or…” Patrick said quietly, “How about something to eat? And a proper chat?” He paused, “A date?”
Patrick waited for Lucy to turn around and for an answer. His heart was racing a hundred miles an hour. Finally she turned around, she had a smile on her face. That had to be a good sign he thought.
“Course Patrick-of course.”
He smiled at her and she smiled back.
They were going out on a date together!
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