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The Date

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Lucy and Patrick go on their first date. Will there be a kiss?

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“So where are we going?” Lucy asked Patrick as they sat in the back of a limousine, both holding coffees and something to eat.
“You’ll see,” he replied with a grin. “It’s a surprise.”
“Oh really? So I’m not even allowed to guess where we’re going?”
“Nope. Sorry!”
“Aww.” Lucy tried making a sad face.
“That’s not gonna work on me!” He said crossing his arms meanwhile trying to look tough
“Stubborn!” Lucy said, “Oh well…I’ll just have to tell the driver to stop.” She said playfully.
“You won’t have to. We’re here anyway.” He replied laughing, “Take a look.”
Lucy opened the limousine door and stepped out into a picturesque scene. She was standing near Brooklyn Bridge and looking out at Manhattan. She hadn’t been here at nighttime and it was a beautiful sight. It was breathtaking and romantic. A gem stuck near one of the busiest cities in the world.
Suddenly she was aware of Patrick standing next to her. She quickly glanced at him and he looked back at her, “I’ve been here once before.” He said quietly. “It’s cliché…but I have never forgotten the view.”
“It’s absolutely beautiful,” Lucy remarked.
Patrick nodded, “Follow me.” He started walking down the slope in front of them. Lucy followed trying not to lose her balance in the dark. The last thing she wanted to do was to trip and either fall down the hill or on top of Patrick. That would be embarrassing. So she carefully walked down the hill to avoid this. Once they reached the bottom he motioned to a bench. “You haven’t told me your story yet! We’re alone and we can talk for as long as we want.”
And they did talk, for a long time.
The conversation drifted on into the night and into the early morning. They didn’t seem to want or need to stop. Both were content being in each other’s company in one of the most stunning places in the world.

At about 3am in the morning, Lucy and Patrick arrived back at the hotel. They took the lift up to their floor and walked down the familiar corridor to Patrick’s door.
“It’s been great Lucy.” Patrick remarked. “I really mean it,” He added looking into her eyes. “I really like you-a lot.”
“Sshh,” Lucy said putting her finger to her lips. He looked at her puzzled but soon understood as she leant forward towards him. He leant in towards her and their lips brushed against each other’s in a soft kiss. Patrick put his arms around Lucy and kissed her more passionately. He fumbled for his keys and unlocked his hotel room door. Suddenly they were pressed close together making their way into Patrick’s hotel room.
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