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Separate Ways

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Lucy and Patrick are very happy until realisation sets in that they may have to part.

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The sunlight began to stream into the hotel room as Patrick awoke. He was lying on his side in bed facing Lucy and as he opened his eyes he instantly took in the sight of her sleeping peacefully. His memories of the night before came flooding back and a smile crept across his face. He really couldn’t believe that it had ended up like this, with Lucy being with him all night. It was something that sparked a feeling he hadn’t had for a long time, a feeling of wanting to care for someone and protect them. It was a feeling he wanted to keep for a long time but as Patrick gently brushed the hair off Lucy’s closed eyelids he realized that today Fall Out Boy were leaving New York. How would it be possible to see Lucy? It was a thought that upset him immensely.

Lucy woke up to see Patrick lying next to her. He was awake and she briefly wondered how long he had been awake for. The thoughts went out of her mind as he moved close to her and kissed her quickly on the lips. She returned the kiss as Patrick held her close to him. He kissed her once more before talking.
“Lucy,” he said in almost a whisper, “I wish I could forget this but…” he looked her in the eyes. Lucy sensed he was about to say something they both didn’t want to know about.
Patrick continued hesitantly, “Today we’re leaving New York for Detroit-our next stop.”
Lucy sighed, “Today I’m leaving for Los Angeles.”
Patrick nodded, “Separate ways, do you…are you happy to do that?” The words seemed to come painfully out of his mouth.
“I want to be with you Patrick. I don’t want to go separate ways.”
“Me neither. But what can we do? Is there a choice?”
Lucy gave Patrick a hug, “Yes, there is something.”
Patrick looked at Lucy inquisitively, “I’ll go right now and cancel my plane ticket and accommodation. What flight are you guys on? Because I’m coming with you.”

The ticket was booked and Lucy was packing her bags. There were no doubts in her mind as to whether she was doing the right thing. Patrick was special and she wasn’t going to let him go-even if her holiday was something she had been dreaming about her whole life. Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on her door. “Coming,” she yelled out to the person outside. She walked to the door and opened it slowly. Pete was standing there.
“Oh, hi Pete,” Lucy said confused. Patrick was supposed to be coming for her.
“Hey Lucy,” Pete replied, “Patrick asked me to get you.”
“He did?” Lucy asked,
“Yeah. So you’re coming with us?”
“Is that okay?”
“Sure…can you put up with four guys though?” He laughed walking in to her room.
“Yes…oh, and thanks for asking if you can come in.”
Pete turned around to look at her, “Sorry, I’m a bit distracted. We better get going.”
They both grabbed Lucy’s stuff and walked out into the corridor.
“So where’s Patrick? What’s he doing?” Lucy inquired.
Pete smiled cheekily, “You’ll see.”
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