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The Accident

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Someone is hurt in a horrific accident and everyone is impacted in some way.

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Author's note: Reviews would be much appreciated! I really love getting them and they make me want to write so much more :-). Thanks for reading also!

The lift doors closed behind Lucy and Pete. Lucy looked around for any sight of Patrick but he was nowhere to be seen. Her eyes flickered towards Pete who was looking worriedly at the ground. “He was supposed to be here wasn’t he?” Lucy asked. Pete looked up and smiled, “I’m sure he’s fine. Let’s just wait a minute.”
Lucy went and sat on a sofa while Pete got his cell phone out. Lucy watched as he pressed the phone to his ear. “Hey Patrick, It’s Pete, just wondering where you are. We’re in the foyer waiting. Okay, see you soon. Bye.” Pete closed the phone and flopped down next to Lucy, “It’s voicemail,“ he remarked.
“So what was he doing?” Lucy waited for an answer,
“It was meant to be a surprise…” Pete stopped in mid sentence as his cell phone rang, “I bet it’s him,” Pete said as he answered the phone. “Patrick?” He said into it. There was a long pause, “Ok, we’ll be there.” Pete closed the phone once again and looked at Lucy, “There was an accident,” Lucy could see Pete was in shock, “We’ve got to get to the hospital. Patrick…he got hit by a car.”

Lucy and Pete rushed into the hospital and up to the main front desk where a blond haired nurse sat. Pete asked where Patrick’s room was and the nurse informed them it was room 255, third floor. Behind Pete and Lucy stood Joe and Andy who were both on their phones to various booking agents and tour personnel. Fall Out Boy had been due to play a show in four hours and as practical and unemotional as it sounded, this issue had to be dealt with. They were the only two who could do it. As they rushed through the phone calls, they followed Pete and Lucy to the nearest elevator.
As the lift began to ascend to the third floor, Lucy gave Pete a hug. It was spontaneous and unnatural for her, but to Lucy it felt like the right thing to do. Pete accepted the hug and she felt one of his tears on her arm. His tears only made her feel more distressed as to what they were going to find Patrick like. Would he be unconscious or have a badly broken body? Lucy didn’t want to think these thoughts but they came rushing into her head. She could sense Pete was thinking them too.

They reached the third floor and all four of them got out of the elevator. Pete was the first to see room 255 and he led the way cautiously to the door. He stopped before he went in and looked at the others. Lucy knew he didn’t want to go in for the fear of what Patrick would be like. She gave his hand a squeeze and walked past Pete into the room. Patrick was lying in bed. His eyes were closed and a nurse was standing at the end of the bed. She turned around to look at the four visitors and spoke, “He’s had a nasty hit to the head. We’re just going to have to wait until he wakes up to see if any damage has occurred.” She walked past them to give them some private time with Patrick. Lucy walked straight up to Patrick and kissed him on the cheek. As tears began to fall from her eyes, she whispered into his ear, “You have to wake up Patrick…I need you to wake up.”
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