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Part 8

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Part 8. A little focus on Charli and Mikey before we go back to Tom and Amy and Frank =)

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Part 8
Amy’s POV- ‘The day I knew you would leave, I can barely breathe’
I wake up to the sound of Mikey and Charli arguing downstairs. I grab my phone and note the time as 9:45 before I hear another chorus of ‘f*ck yous’ and decide to investigate. I take my hoody off the radiator, pull it on and sneak downstairs. Mikey and Charli are in the living room. Notes are strewn all across the floor.
“You’re such a tw*t. Why did you have to do that?” Charli is saying as she tries to put the papers into some sort of order.
“Coz you p*ssed me off.”
“So you have to throw my papers across the room?”
“Don’t pretend that’s what all this is about.”
“What is it all about then?”
“Me seeing Katie last night.” Mikey responds. I feel my insides twist. I didn’t want to be hearing this but I can’t move.
“Ok. I give you that but why did you see her? Why wouldn’t you answer your phone? I needed to talk to you last night. I needed you Mikey and you chose her.”
“I didn’t choose her. I just thought you were being paranoid as per usual and checking up on me.”
“I am NOT paranoid.”
“You so are. Every time I see Katie I get quizzed on it the next day.”
“Yes because I know she wants you back.”
“That doesn’t mean I want her.”
“Well you’re hardly fighting her off with a stick are you?”
Mikey turns and walks to the living room where Charli has sunk to the floor, looking lost amongst the debris of all her hard work. She looks up and sees me.
“We have an exam later and I need this and he’s gone and f*cked it all up.” I gather some of the papers together and help but them all back in order.
“Do you want to talk?” I ask her when we’ve finished.
“There’s really nothing to say.” She says, sitting cross legged in the middle of the floor as I stretch mine out and lean back against the settee. “I just get jealous. Who doesn’t? It does seem a bit of a coincidence that just as we start going through a rough patch he starts seeing more and more of Katie.”
“He wouldn’t cheat on you though would he?”
“I don’t know Amy.” She says honestly. I move closer to her and give her a hug. We break apart and look at each other.
“You and Mikey are amazing. Maybe you should just tell him how you feel?”
“He’d just start shouting again.”
“What have you got to loose?” I persist.
“Ok point taken. I’ll try but I’m not sure how far it will get me.”
I leave her then so I can get some breakfast. Bob and Mikey are looking thoughtful at the table. I try hard not to feel like an intruder. I was hungry.
“Is she Ok?” Mikey asks me after a few moments of us sitting around the table in silence with just the sounds of me munching on my cereal.
“Kind of. I think she just wants to talk to you. Explain why she’s messed up right now. Please give her a chance.” I add on the end. He nods and leaves the table in search of Charli.
“Relationships seem pretty doomed at the moment.” Bob says as I take a sip of tea.
“Me and Tom seem Ok.” I say. He looks uncomfortable for a minute ten explains. “Well about that. He called earlier. He’s coming round this afternoon so you two can talk a few things over.”
“Oh.” I sat knowing full well that that was what Tom said when he meant he was going to call off a relationship.
“You Ok?” Bob asks me. Obviously he understood Tom speak too.
“Yeah. I saw it coming.” I reply running a hand over my face.
“You did?”
“I heard you guys talking in the cinema yesterday.” I decide to be completely honest. “Frank said about the rumour. Then me and Tom had a row and I bought it up. I thought we’d made up but…”
“You sure you’re Ok?”
“I’m fine. Have you got an exam this afternoon?”
“Yeah. Tom’s coming round in the middle of it though I’m afraid.”
“It’s Ok. Could I maybe spend some time with you guys tonight? If you’re not all busy revising.”
“Sure. That can be arranged. As long as you don’t mind being around Frank of course.”
“I’ll live.” I reply.

Charli’s POV- ‘ I want to understand so I can forgive and be willing to love.’
When Mikey walks in the room I’m not sure what to do or say. I know that this is the perfect chance to take Amy’s advice and talk things over with him but I can’t think of the words to say. He comes and sits next to me. For a few moments he doesn’t look at me, when he does it’s like falling in love all over again. “I’m really sorry for loosing it with you and for throwing your notes.” I latch my arms around his neck and we just sit there for a while drinking each other in. I feel so safe in his arms.
“What’s been up recently?” He asks and now there are too many words and I can’t get them all in the right order. “Since Amy and Frank all we’ve done is argue, that sucks, but it isn’t made better by you running off to Katie every time we fight.” I didn’t mean for it to sound as defensive as I didn’t want to start an argument.
“That’s not what it’s like.”
“Then tell me what it is like. Please, I really want to understand. I want to be able to love you like I did before.”
“I just… We were arguing all the time about Amy and Frank and stupid little friends and she invited me over one night so I said yes because you were sleeping over here with Amy anyway.”
“Did anything happen?” I have to ask if we’re going to move on after this.
“No.” He doesn’t say it defensively and I love him for it.
“Has anything ever happened?”
“No. I promise you. I love you.” I look at him, really look at him, and realise this was the first time he’d actually said it to me.
“I love you too.”
“I don’t intentionally go to her after fights. She just listens.”
“Because you’re giving her hope, that’s why.”
“I know.” He looks ashamed and suddenly takes great interest in a frayed piece of his jeans.
“Please stop running to her? Talk to one of the guys… or me.”
“Ok.” He agrees. This is almost too good to be true. “Look Charli I need to tell you something.”
“What?” I ask. My heart and stomach both clenching sickeningly.
“When me and Katie broke up it was a mutual decision but she had second thoughts and tried to get me back. When it got obvious that I wasn’t going back she… she tried to top herself.”
“She’s been threatening again lately.”
“Is that why you went round that first night?” I’m not sure how I make this connection but he nods his head in agreement. “Why didn’t you tell me this?”
“I don’t know…”
“Well if it’ll keep her alive I suppose you should keep going around there.” I hate myself for giving her what wants but I don’t want a suicide on my conscience.
“No. She won’t anymore. I know she won’t.”
“If you’re sure…”
“I am.” He says with a nod.
“What about the arguments? How do we stop them?”
“We just work on it I guess.”
“I really can’t loose you Mikey.” I’m back in his arms again and he is stroking my hair comfortingly.
“I know… I know…”
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