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The Undergdogs

by x_Charlie_x 3 reviews

'We are the outcasts. We are the broken. We are the helpless. We are the misfits.' First poem on here. Don't eat me.

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The Underdogs.

We are the outcasts
We have the hair that’s not quite right,
And the clothes that are all the wrong fashions.
We’re not skinny enough, not curvy enough.
Our music taste is shot.
We look in the mirror and see a ghost.

We are the broken.
We have scars that won’t fade.
We have pasts that won’t lie forgotten.
We have parents that yell, siblings who hate us.
Cuts and bruises.
We love the posters on our walls more that we love ourselves.

We are the helpless.
We can’t fight back because we know you’re right.
We take it all because it’s easier than making a scene.
We’re not tough enough, not angry enough.
We feel nothing because we are nothing.
We look at you and wonder what we ever did wrong.

We are the misfits.
We walk the streets with our heads hung low.
We search for something inside ourselves that went missing long ago.
We’re not hip enough, not prep enough.
We look around at the town we live in where we could never belong,
And we can’t wait to escape.

We are the outcasts
We are the broken
We are the helpless
We are the misfits

We’re the freaks and the geeks and the nerds.
The history boffs and the music whores.
We’re the invisible kids,
We’re the hippies,
We’re the same sex lovers,
We’re the angry kids,
We’re the ones no one cares about.
We’re the ones no one sees.
We’re the ones who get sick to much.
We’re the ones who don’t breathe or see or hear right.
We’re the ones who drink in every word you say
One day we’ll shoot them right back at you.

We are united.
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