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The Eighth

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Evangeline Smith is like an Angel. She lives a normal, school-girl life by day and by night, she is the Angel. A superhero. Only few people knoe her secret. But could someone else?

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Evangeline Smith has always been different. Every day she would brush her teeth exactly 50 times on each side and then for 50 second all around inside the mouth; she would wake up at 5 am and run around the city, then work out for and hour until it was 7 am. She would have a power bar and an egg drink for breakfast, and then go to school or weekend classes for additional research on her habits and blood. Every Sundays Evangeline would go to the gym for 10 hours beginning at 9 am after running through the city several times. She would then go to her specialized doctor and have her blood examined for traces of poison. During her school hours, she would listen and learn in class as a normal student should, learning at super speed ability and having no need for corrections on every exam. Every question was always answered correctly. Evangeline would nor has ever made a mistake or given an incorrect answer. That was life number 1.

Life number 2 was far more complex. Every morning during her run, Evangeline would check out police records and the jails for any possibilities of escapes from the criminals. She would run into the darkest allies and look for crime to solve. During her classes she would still be pondering the questions given by the teachers and using them in a crime situation. After school, there were never any co-curricular. She would immediately roam the streets for theft and possible criminals and bring them in. Frequently she would save an old lady from a group of youngsters and have them tied up by the time the police arrived. ON weekends she would not go to a therapist for help, but go to the doctor and check out any wounds or injuries of any kind. She would go to a boxing ring and beat the crap out of contestants who attempted to mess with her. She could get a massage if she felt like it, but Evangeline never felt anything. She was merely a robot person, built and engineered for fighting crime. Figurate speaking, of course, but that was no matter to her. She was a woman built for fighting crime by the Gods themselves.

Evangeline was the Angel.
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