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A/N: I own none of this. Would like to, but it isn't to be.

A/N2: Just to make it clear, Tom is getting Harry's magic.

Harry Potter and the Power He Had Not.

Chapter 5 - Void

He floated, alone in the universe. There was no up or down, no dark or light, just a frictionless, tasteless, odorless gray nothing.

It was also painless. This was good, a major improvement over the previous universe of pain that he had been the sole inhabitant of for approximately ever.

Unfortunately it was also boring. This was bad. Boredom led for a longing to not be bored, even bringing happy memories of the time of pain, because at least is wasn't boring.

Ok. Focus. Concentrate on what you've got. Time for an inventory.

He searched for his body. Feet? Nope, no pain, not even an itch, the same for his legs, arms, hands, torso, head, ears, even the dangly bits seemed to have taken the day off and hadn't left a forwarding address. Ok, the outside isn't working. Try inside.

Heartbeat. /Can I find a heartbeat?/

Nope. Not there I guess I've dead. Passed on. Shuffled off the mortal coil. Pining for the fjords, tired out from a prolonged squawk.

/ /

/I wonder if I have beautiful plumage./

/ /

Where the hell did I come up with that from? Oh yeah, TV show.

/ /

Ok, I'm dead... Nice day for it. Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam...


Oh thank God. My heart is beating. No more TV show flashbacks. I had a nasty suspicion that The Good Life was next. Sure Felicity Kendal /was a babe but.../

/ /


/ /

Ok, ok. Heart's beating. That's always good. What else... Hey I've got to pee. Fantastic.

Wait. I've got to pee. I can't move. I'm going to soil myself.



Poppy frantically waved her wand over Harry's body, absolutely nothing. She did the same over the body of one of the mediwitches assisting her. A reading. Her wand and magic were working perfectly (she made a mental not to make sure Phyllis knew she was pregnant later)

Harry's magic potential had fallen below that of a squib last night, and she had spent the last 20 minutes confirming that his magical potential had actually fallen to nothing. Every instrument at the hospital's disposal showed that he had absolutely no magic left in his body.

This wasn't possible. Every living thing had a detectable magical potential. Plants, animals, everything. The research department had instruments capable to measuring the magical potential of bacteria. Those same instruments register an absolute zero when directed at Harry Potter. Before her diagnostic tools stopped working she had confirmed that his magical core was intact, but still the drain on his magic continued until it was completely gone. There was absolutely no way for him to be alive. Yet Potter's heart still beat. With no magic in him, no magical healing tools cold be used, the instrument's had nothing to interact with. Out of her bag, Poppy pulled amuggle stethoscope. Time to teach these children how things were done in the old days.


Hey, the grey is lighter in that direction. Is that up? Can I move? Come on Potter push. Push your lazy ass to that brighter spot!


Poppy pressed the diaphragm of the stethoscope against Harry's chest, and was startled by his sudden intake of breath. To her amazement Harry forced open one eye and whispered "Damn things cold. Get it out of the freezer?"

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