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A/N2: Does it seem odd to anyone else that I got 6500 words into this tale before the title character uttered a non-canon word?

Harry Potter and the Power He Had Not.

Chapter 6 - Aftermath

St. Mungos

Waiting area:

"Less magic than a Muggle? What does that mean?"

Poppy Pomfrey didn't even try to make eye contact with the questioner. It had been a long 3 days. She hadn't been awake this long since her apprentice days. Harry asked her to explain to his friends because they would ask questions that he didn't know the answer too. The questions had been coming for more than an hour.

"Simply put, every living thing on the planet has what we call 'magic potential'. It has long been theorized that this 'potential' is what life actually is. Then Harry comes along. Leave it to Harry Potter to completely change what everyone believes. His body now has absolutely no magic potential. The flora and fauna in his gut don't either, it's as if his entire body has become an area of null magic. He is alive, even healthy, getting stronger physically all the time recovering from his ordeal. But he has no magic.

Neville Longbottom hesitantly raised his hand. "Would it be possible to give my magic to Harry? We need Harry." /No one needs me./

Poppy smiled at him. "No Neville. One of the Apprentices tried that last night when I tried to get a nap, I found her after she had been trying for 20 minutes and she had practically drained herself into magical exhaustion. She is a firm believer in the Chosen One and was willing to do anything to help him, even suggestion a few arcane rituals that people your age shouldn't know about. I chastised her for her attempt; there will be a note in her personnel file."

She sipped her tea. "If she had made the offer you did, Iwould have hugged her. She wanted to heal the Chosen One, you wanted to heal Harry."

"Harry doesn't need Healing" Luna Lovegood spoke up. "He IS the Chosen One. He has the Power the Dark Lord knows not. No one said it was his magic that would let him win."

The Blonde Ravenclaw got horrified looks from everyone in the room. She didn't care.

"Madam Pomfrey, please don't take offense, but is there anyone else who could see Harry? I mean you're great at school, but this is so far outside of the injuries that you would normally see..." Lavender Brown blushed.

Poppy started to answer but from the back of the group Hermione's said "Madam Pomfrey's full title is Senior Master Healer. She isn't a school nurse. The European Magical Medical Society lists her as the leading Curse Diagnostician in the world. She is also a fully qualified Muggle Doctor, Diagnostician and Surgeon. She is at Hogwarts so that we have the best of the best in medical care. If Poppy Pomfrey can't find what is wrong with Harry, no one can, until we beat the information out of Tom Riddle." Her voice was determined. There was no doubt in the minds of the listeners that Riddle was in trouble if she got her hands on him. "What's important is Harry's alive. The news couldn't be any better. If you had seen him when the curse attacked his body you would know what I mean."

"Well, thank you for that."

The bushy haired woman just shrugged "I looked your qualifications up first year, the first time you tended to Harry." She looked a little embarrassed. "I had the same question then that Lavender did now."

Poppy laughed, so did the small crowd. "Well if there are no other questions, Harry would probably like some visitors. Same rules as last time, 3 of you at a time, no more than 15 minutes per group.

St. Mungos

The Hallway leading away from Harry Potter's Private Room:

George followed his twin and sister as they left Harry's room. He was concerned for his 'silent partner' and had resolved to do what ever he could to help. He was more concerned about Ginny's reaction to the news that her boyfriend was no longer a wizard.

As he passed a storage closet the door wiped open and he was dragged inside, where he found himself presented with a most pleasant armload of female form, who had her arms around his neck and her mouth sealed to his, with her tongue attempting to massage his tonsils and grinding her pelvis into his like a woman possessed.. This armload of woman had bushy brown hair. /Hermione?/

/ /

She broke the kiss "Oh Freddy, it's been so long. I love you so much"

/Freddy? She thinks I'm Fred?/ "I'm G..." she covered his mouth with hers again.

"Freddy, I've been so stupid. I know that we decided to wait until I get my NEWTs but ..." she started to cry into his chest, and then kissed him again.

He thought he was going to pass out when she broke the kiss again. "I must have buggered up the Contraceptive Charm Freddy, I'm pregnant. Poppy says I'm at 26 weeks. I'll be showing soon. We have to move up the wedding."

/Pregnant? Wedding? She thinks I'm Fred?/ "Hermione, I.." she kissed him again.

"Oh Freddy, you're so good to me. I was SO worried when that Prophet article mentioned you; I thought that you would be SO mad. Though it was kind of funny that someone saw me with you and thought that you were George. My Daddy is SO angry at you for giving me that firewiskey the first time." Another kiss. "He thinks you took advantage of me, I told him that he doesn't understand love, but he still wants to talk to you 'alone'. I know he won't intimidate you." Another kiss that curled his toes. I could be Fred. I could be a better Fred than Fred could. She broke the latest kiss and squealed "Oh we could have a double ceremony with Bill and Fleur. It will be SO romantic. I've got to tell Mum and Daddy!" she apparated away.

George continued to stand in the storage room, working his jaw, trying to say something, anything despite being completely alone.

Sweet Merlin's Baggy Y-fronts. What the hell am Igoing to do now?
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