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On the Fourth Day of Christmas

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The fourth day, read and find out. Sorry if the rating's wrong, I'm not really sure what to put it as.

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Disclaimer: I don't own any of the artists or music. I don't own Life On The Murder Scene. It didn't happen. Bummer.

It was 6 o’clock in the morning and Jared Leto was once again sitting in his band’s dressing room on his own, this time strumming on a guitar and quietly singing to himself. He was fairly awake considering the early hour, although he was slightly grouchy at having to leave the warmth of his and Shannon’s motel room just on the off chance a certain lead singer decided to pay him another visit. Still, he reasoned with himself, Gerard Way was definitely worth it.
At exactly half past six, right on time, there was a knock on the door and Gerard pushed it open, walking into the room without waiting for an invitation. Jared coughed pointedly, keeping a calm exterior despite being secretly thrilled at Gerard’s arrival.
“What?” Gerard scowled, slamming the door and sitting down in the same chair that he had the day before. “I knocked.”
Jared sighed and rolled his eyes at Gerard's childish behaviour.
“I suppose. Good boy, you’re learning. We still need to work on the manners though.” He said as he fought back an urge to ruffle the blond man’s hair, knowing it would be pushing too far.
“Stop being so fucking patronising!” Gerard hissed. Jared smiled and leaned back on the sofa with the legs crossed, the ultimate image of relaxation.
“Well, you were asking for it. Anyhow, to what do I owe the pleasure?”
“I came to…” Gerard trailed off, searching for words.
“I’m assuming there is actually a reason you came?” Jared smirked.
“Yes!” Gerard snapped, standing up. “I came to figure out how I feel about you after what you did yesterday. And that sounded fine before, but now I’m saying it to you it sounds like a load of crap! I hate that about you, you confuse me so much! I was sure I hated you, now I don’t know. And I knew what I was gonna say before I came, but now I’m blathering like an idiot! And I really wasn’t going to tell you that! I don’t fucking know why I’m even fucking here!” Gerard’s voice was both desperate and angry as he shouted.
Jared waited until he was silent, then he stepped over to Gerard and pressed a hand under his chin. He smiled patiently as he began to talk.
“Look, I know you’re an adult, you’re…”
“You’re 29, but there are still some things that you need to learn. Now I’m going to teach you a little lesson.” He leaned forward so their lips were a hairs width apart, a smirk spreading over his handsome features.
“You came here because you need me. And we both know that.”
“I don’t need you! I don’t even like you!” Gerard protested. Jared just smiled.
“Well then, if that’s he case, here’s your chance to prove it.” He moved forward and forcefully claimed Gerard's lips with his own. Gerard struggled for a while but slowly began to respond. Jared broke off, smirking.
“You’ll learn I’m right.”
“Shut the fuck up, Jared.”
A mixture of happiness and surprise spread over Jared’s face. He slipped his hand round the back of Gerard’s head.
“You called me Jared.” He smiled. Cupping his other hand round Gerard's cheek, he leaned in and kissed the younger man.
Gerard couldn’t help but kiss back. He had surprised himself at calling Jared by his first name, he definitely hadn’t intended to. He had probably just encouraged the older man further. Giving up on his thoughts, he allowed himself to be overcome by the intoxicating feel of Jared’s lips. Damn, but that man was a good kisser.
And, he thought as Jared forcefully pushed his tongue unto his mouth, didn’t he know it. He met Jared’s tongue with his own and a fierce battle for dominance ensued. Eventually Gerard backed down and let Jared take over. Once again, Jared pulled away, looking smug, and moved his head so his mouth was right next to Gerard’s ear.
“Good, you’re slowly getting it. You… Can’t... Win.” He breathed. Gently biting down on Gerard’s earlobe, he snaked his tongue out to taste the sensitive flesh. Gerard shuddered slightly and closed his eyes.
Jared grinned and took the chance to slip his hand up Gerard's shirt; tracing intricate patterns on the soft skin and earning himself a catlike mewl from his captive.
Smiling, Jared let his mind wander as he absentmindedly stroked Gerard’s chest Gerard was actually very similar to a cat. He had the same feel about him, that air of authority that all felines have. He carried himself with the grace and dignity of a cat, and he was captivatingly beautiful. He also had that superior, fiery spirit that you’d expect from a tiger, but a tiny flaw showing his vulnerability, showing that eventually he could be tamed.
Jared came out of his thoughts and pushed firmly on Gerard’s chest, walking him back against the wall and pulling his shirt off in the process. Continuing to draw gently on Gerard’s skin, he began to also suck at a spot on his neck, just under his chin, drawing up a lovely purple bruise.
With what thinking power he had left, Gerard sighed inwardly. How was he going to explain this one? And wasn’t he supposed to the vampire-like one here?
He lost all train of thought, however, when Jared’s fingers traced ever so lightly over the skin just above his navel. Shuddering violently and screwing his face up, he let out a little cry. That place had always been his sensitive spot, and he had a feeling that Jared was going to use it to his advantage, like the clever, manipulative, gorgeous man he was. Wait, did he just think gorgeous? No, he didn’t. Shut up.
He was right though; Jared had just found his ultimate weapon and wasn’t about to let it slide. He slowly tickled the one place, smirking as Gerard gradually turned into a mess of moans under his hand, until one word unwillingly slipped out of the blond’s mouth.
That one syllable was desperate, begging, and Jared wanted more.
“Please what, babe?”
“You will have to tell me what you want. Actually, wait, I’ll have a guess. Could it be something to do with… this?” Jared teased, gently placing a hand on Gerard’s crotch which was now bulging underneath his jeans. Gerard let out a load cry at the contact, moaning fervently.
“Do you need me to give you a hand with that?” Jared smirked, giving Gerard long, drawn out strokes as he talked. Gerard tried to answer but found himself incapable of speech as Jared proceeded to pay him attention. He responded by making a noise that sounded something like “Ngh”. Jared laughed and shook his head.
“You know, I’m not doing anything until you say you need me to.”
Gerard squirmed underneath him.
“I do, please.”
“Nuh –uh. You know what I want to hear. You just have to say it to get what you want.”
Gerard internally argues with himself. He really didn’t want to admit to Jared that he needed him. At the same time he wanted the older man so badly. His mind was made up for him by Jared’s hand, which had cupped around his erection and was squeezing lightly.
“Jared, I need you.”
Immediately, Jared stepped back from Gerard, his victory shining in his eyes.
“Very good! Good boy. You see, you can learn. And you know, you’ll never be able to take those words back. Because you know they’re true, don’t you?” he grinned contentedly. “And I think I’ll leave you to sort yourself out. You’ll probably agree I’ve taught you enough for today. Oh, and by the way, don’t come tomorrow: your friends will get suspicious. Some other time, okay?”
With that he turned, and smiling charmingly, walked out of the dressing room, leaving Gerard stunned at the quick turn of events.
Cursing himself, he knew he should have realised that Jared only wanted to know that he was in control. But then, he admitted to himself, he would never have been able to deny that for long. No matter how much he hated it, Jared was in control. And even though it was odd, he had a certain respect for the way the older man had played. Fair and square, Jared Leto had won.


Shannon glanced up from playing Fifa 06 on the Playstation 2 he had had persuaded the roadies to install in his motel room as his younger brother entered the room. Straight away he noticed that something was different about Jared. His grin was the little bit wider and his swimming pool eyes were shining. He had a general air of triumph about him.
Pressing pause, Shannon smiled fondly.
“Well don’t you look like the cat that got the cream.”
Jared gave Shannon a self satisfied smile and lay down on his bed, stretching out and folding is arms underneath his head as an extra pillow, practically radiating smugness.
“Actor that got his man, more like,” Shannon corrected himself, watching Jared smile happily at the ceiling.
“Mm-hmm.” Jared nodded. “I think our blond friend had finally realised that he had to step down for this one.” He closed his eyes and allowed himself to bask in the glory of his victory. Shannon quickly went back to playing to his game, muttering quietly at his players.
A moment later Jared opened his eyes and sat back up, looking at the television.
“Fifa 06?” He asked in distaste. “Shannon, I’m disappointed in you.”
“Don’t blame me, Matt was the one who brought it along.” Shannon defended himself without looking away from the screen.
Jared watched him grow steadily worse for a few minutes until he was almost bored out of his mind. Getting to his feet, he stretched and faked a yawn.
“No offence, dear brother, but I’m off to see if our lovely Panic! friends are any more interesting than you.”
Shannon nodded in response, still glued to the game.
“Oh, and Shan?”
Shannon swore as he lost his match and turned to look at Jared.
“I’d stick to Mario Kart if I were you.”
Shannon glared.
Jared grinned cheekily and stepped out of the door, closing it behind him.

He headed through the motel to Spencer and Ryan’s room. Knocking, he opened the door, but stopped in surprise when he saw it was empty. Frowning slightly in confusion, he knocked on the door of the room opposite; Brendon and Jon’s. A small chorus of “Yeah?”, “Hello?” and “Come in,” responded. He walked inside.
“Well if it isn’t the Leto!” Brendon greeted him from the bed that he, Jon and Spencer were sitting on.
“Hey Jared.” Smiled Jon. Spencer smiled and nodded.
“Heya guys!” Jared said, joining them on the bed. “Hang on, where’s our Ryry?”
“We sent him off to get a coffee. We’re trying to keep him busy so he doesn’t have too much time to be upset.” Spencer answered.
“Why’s he upset?” Jared asked in concern. Spencer sighed and started his explanation.
“I don’t know if you noticed, but when you introduced Mikey to us, Ryan just fell in love with him. Typical Ryan. Anyway, we were out in the city yesterday and we saw him hugging and holding hands with this blond man. And you know Ryan’s quite pessimistic because he’s had a bit of a… dodgy history with relationships. He assumed that they were together and he won’t let us tell him otherwise”.
Jared groaned and put his head in his hands.
“That other man, could he have been Gerard Way?”
“I don’t know, we couldn’t see his face.” Brendon chipped in.
“Then I can pretty much assure you that he was out with his brother. They kind of have a very… physical relationship. Anyhow, I think someone needs to talk to Ryan. Because Mikey fancies him like hell too.”
“They are really cute together.” Jon smiled.
“Definitely!” agreed Jared. “Ryan needs someone to look after him, and Mikey needs someone to care for. Plus they’re both really sweet guys. They fit.”
“Well, I have to admit that they are very cute.” Said Brendon. “But right now Ryan is down at Starbucks with his heart broken, or fixing, and beating himself up because of what happened yesterday.”
“Jared, could you get Mikey to go and meet him? But don’t tell him why.” asked Spencer. Jared nodded and got up, exiting the room and running round the motel ‘till he reached Gerard and Mikey’s room.
He didn’t even bother knocking, just went inside. Gerard looked up from his sketchbook, blushed, and looked down again.
“Hypocrite.” He mumbled into his drawing. Jared smiled affectionately.
“Well you know babe, usually I would. But right now I’m kind of in a rush and I’m sick of knocking on everyone’s doors like I’m room service. Where’s Mikey?”
If Gerard was surprised by the random statement, he didn’t show it.
“He’s in Ray and Frank’s room. Next door on the right.” Jared made a frustrated noise.
“God, why can’t anyone just be in the right place today?” he sighed. Gerard looked at him in confusion. “Don’t worry. Sorry. I’m off to find Mikey. Love you.”
Gerard almost smiled and went back to drawing. Jared exited the room and knocked on the door of the room next to it, number 615. He looked at the door to Gerard’s room and couldn’t help laughing softly. 616. The real number of the beast.*
Opening the door of 615 he went inside, and then stopped dead at the sight of Ray sitting on the sofa with Frank lying in his lap and holding his hand. They jumped as Jared entered, and Frank sat up, clearly embarrassed.
“Hi Jared, can we help you?” Ray asked, squeezing Frank’s hand to try and stop the younger man attempting to hide in the sofa. He was clearly unruffled.
Uh, yeah. Mikey?” asked Jared, too shocked to form a proper sentence.
“He went off to the coach a minute ago, sorry.”
Jared almost growled in frustration.
“Okay, thanks.” He backed out of the room, and taking on last look at Ray and Frank he firmly shut the door. Walking off with his eyebrows raised he smiled. For a band of five men, My Chemical Romance really were one action packed ride.


When Mikey entered Starbucks, Ryan was sitting at a table on his own, stirring a coffee and staring vacantly into space. Mikey slid into the empty seat opposite him, smiling.
“Hi!” he greeted. “The others said you could use some company, so I came to meet up with you. You okay?”
Ryan looked at Mikey, smiled weakly, nodded, and looked back down at his still full cup, continuing to stir.
Mikey frowned, concerned.
“Are you sure? Have I done something to offend you?” he asked. Ryan snorted and shook his head.
“Well, you only… no. It doesn’t matter.”
“Yes, it does.” Mikey insisted. He paused and made a big decision. “I don’t want to upset you: I really, really like you. Not friends wise.” He cut himself off, hoping that Ryan wasn’t mad at him and wouldn’t hate him forever, and unsure of what he had done in the first place.
“It’s just…” Ryan began. He stopped, gathered all his courage, and against his conscience continued. “It’s just I saw you yesterday in here with a man and … and I wanted it to be me.” He blurted the last bit out, blushing heavily and stirring his coffee faster and faster. He looked up as Mikey placed a hand over his own, keeping it still.
“You’ll wear out that poor cup.” He smiled gently. “Can we go for a walk?”
Still holding Ryan’s hand, he led him out of the door and onto the street. The coffee lay forgotten.
The walk was quiet and awkward. Ryan was freaking out about how Mikey was going to react and wishing he hadn’t said anything. Mikey was over the moon and wondering how he was going to explain himself to Ryan, all the while slightly fearful that Ryan was going to turn to him and shout “Tricked you!”
They ended up sitting on a bench just outside a children’s park. Mikey gathered his thoughts and, taking a beep breath, turned to Ryan and started to talk.
“Ryan?” Ryan faced him, worry in his eyes. Mikey felt his heart skip at just how beautiful the younger man was.
“I wish it was you there too. In Starbucks, I mean. I really like you, I think you’re amazing.”
Ryan looked up at Mikey, his eyes wide. His entire face had lifted and he was beaming.
“Really?” he paused and his smile dropped. “But what about that man yesterday?”
Mikey sighed, trying to find the right way to phrase his explanation.
“Okay. That man was my brother. I don’t know how much you know about this, but Gerard and I have had a lot of shit happen to us. Basic story goes: Gerard suicidal, grandma dies, Gerard alcoholic and suicidal, me suicidal, and throw in a few messed up relationships here and there for good measure. Us Ways have screwed up nicely.
“Anyway, Gerard and I have become pretty close through that. I guess we needed to so we could get through it. But we have quite a physical bond because it lets us know that we’re there for each other. I think, but I might be completely wrong, that it’s a bit like what you have with Spencer. That best friend thing where you’re more like brothers? Gerard and I are brothers but more like best friends. You know?” Mikey trailed off, hoping he hadn’t said too much and confused Ryan or scared him off by being too deep.
Ryan took Mikey’s hand and gave it a squeeze, smiling understandingly.
“You’re pretty special. And I’m sorry I overreacted, I’ve just had a bad past when it comes to relationships.
Mikey squeezed Ryan’s hand back.
“Hey, I spilled my guts for you. You have to return the favour. No, wait, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. It’s up to you, only say anything if you feel you can.”
Ryan felt a strong love and respect for Mikey wash over him. He smiled gratefully.
“Thank you. Just for that, I’ll tell you. I’m the usual: closet gay whose life becomes hell when he comes out, after getting back on track I met this guy called Bill. Amazing guy, everything I had been looking for. He made me feel okay with myself. Anyway, he turned out to be a drunken abuser. Add that to a childhood with a drunken father and pretty much family rejection when I came out and you have my story.”
“Looks like we’re both as messed up as each other.” Mikey half chuckled. Ryan gave a lame smile. They sat in silence for a minute. Ryan was the first one to break it.
“You seem like a whole different person now.” He paused and laughed. “Well, now that we’ve had the story exchange, fancy another go at an introduction?”
“Why not?” Mikey grinned. “I’m Mikey Way. Pleased to meet you.”
“Mikey… short for Michael, right?” asked Ryan.
“Yeah.” Mikey replied, a little taken aback. “But everyone calls me Mikey. Have done ever since I was a kid.”
“I like the name Michael. Do you mind if I call you Michael every now and then?
Mikey smiled, still slightly bemused.
“Sure, it’ll be a cool change. Go ahead.”
“Right then, Mr Michael Way, I’m George Ryan Ross III.”
“George Ryan Ross III? No offence, but does that mean you’re a posh as you dress?” Mikey asked in surprise.
“None taken. And no, we’re nowhere near. My family is completely average. We just, I dunno, want to look posher than we are. I ditched the George and the III because they were just taking it too far. And I wear the clothes cos I find them more comfortable. Like I’m in a costume. It’s easier for me to act like I’m putting on a show. It hides all the shit that I'm made of.”
“Don’t say that.” Mikey’s voice had turned firm. “Mr. George Ryan Ross III, no way are you average. You are an amazing person, and that includes every part of you. Things may have happened to you that are bad, but they happen to everyone. You are a beautiful, clever, talented, lovely musician and don’t let anything make you think otherwise.”
Ryan looked up at Mikey, thinking that perhaps that was the nicest thing anyone had ever said to him, with the obvious exception of Spencer.
Mikey smiled back don at him. And, because he felt it was the right thing to do, and seriously hoping that Ryan felt the same way, he leaned in and pressed their lips together.
The kiss wasn’t filled with passion and lust, it was simple. Basic, completely innocent, and completely pure, it was exactly what they both needed to show the love and admiration they felt.
Ryan pulled back and hugged Mikey.
“Thank you so much. There’s something about you that lets me be different. Usually when I'm around people who I’m not good friends with or I don’t know well, I just clam up. But I'm not shy around you, I'm full of personal confessions that I wouldn’t usually tell anyone but I feel like I can tell you. And I can talk without stuttering!” he laughed.
Mikey smiled.
“I feel like I can talk to you too. Like I can trust you with anything. I think I possibly might just love you, Ryan.”
Ryan ducked his head and blushed.
“Maybe, Michael, maybe I might just love you too.”


The five members of My Chemical Romance were hanging out on their coach and playing around with music and special effects on Ray’s laptop. Gerard had just had the ingenious idea of speeding up Newport Living by Cute Is What We Aim For, and they were all cracking up at the result.
Then, to their surprise, Brian walked in.
“Brian!” Frank pretended to fall of his seat in shock.
“Where have you been for the last, what, three days man?” asked Ray.
“I found some of the other guys- you know, managers- here and we’ve been pretty much living together, catching up and all that.”
“Cheers for telling us.” Said Bob. Brian shrugged indifferently.
“You know you love me really. Anyway, that’s not important. I came to ask – what do you think of making another DVD?”
“What, similar to Life On The Murder Scene?” asked Gerard.
“Exactly!” Brian replied.
“Yeah, sounds cool.” Mikey nodded.
“Why not?” was Ray’s response.
“Sure.” Bob said.
Frank just grinned and nodded enthusiastically. Brain smiled.
“Great! Anyway, I was thinking we should shoot some stuff tomorrow to put on. I filmed your performance, but some backstagey, behind the scenesy stuff would be cool too. You think?”
They all agreed.
“Oh yeah, one more thing.” Brian added. “Bob, there’s a redhead called Jess waiting for you outside.”
Pandemonium ensued as Gerard, Mikey Frank and Ray went about their own separate ways of trying to extract more information.
“Who’s she, huh?”
“Who’s the redhead?”
“Were you planning to tell us about this?”
“Yeah, start talking Bryar!”
Bob silenced them all with a stony glare.
“Guys, don’t. Just stay out of this one, and maybe I’ll tell you later. But leave it, okay?”
With that he walked off, leaving everyone else in a bemused silence that lasted a minute before Frank broke it.
“Hey Brian, have you ever hear Shaant Hacikyan sped up?”


Later on in the evening, Gerard and Mikey left Ray, Frank and Brian and went to search for Bob. They found him hading back to the motel after what he insisted wasn’t a date with Jess.
Switching into ‘we-could-be-indentical-twns-apart-from-the-age-difference-and-different-hair-colour’ mode, they ran up to Bob.
“Hey! Walk and talk with us!” said Gerard. He stood one side of Bob and Mikey stood the other, sandwiching the poor drummer.
“We were thinking, you know Brian wants to do the recording tomorrow…” began Mikey.
“Well, wouldn’t it be good to try and catch Frank and Ray out?” Finished Gerard.
“We could make the setups look like part of the video.” Mikey said.
“Yeah, good idea.” Bob nodded slowly, slightly unnerved. “Guys, you’re doing it again…”
“Doing what?” Gerard and Mikey asked in perfect unison. Bob frowned. He was the ‘no shit’ guy of the band, but it really freaked him out when people did the same thing at the same time – he found it unnatural. He didn’t, however, want to come across as soft, so he shook his head, wondering how much longer he could stand it.
“Nothing. Sounds great. Tomorrow.”
“All right!” the two Way brothers chorused, somehow managing to do a perfect high five over Bob’s head as they walked along. They stopped and launched into a full scale handshake that they had made up a while ago. Bob squirmed, slowly backed away, and then turned and high tailed it towards the motel.
Gerard let out a laugh as Bob fled.
“I love doing that to him. It’s the one thing he can’t take, and even better, he won’t admit it. Although I bet we could scare most people.”
“It was own his fault for not telling us about that Jess girl. He brought it on himself,” smirked Mikey.
“Anyway, everyone’s briefed and we’re all set now.” Gerard grinned.
“Operation Uncover Ray and Frank starts tomorrow!”

Beta’d by Michiko

*In general knowledge, 666 is the number of the beast, but really, 616 is. This is very unfortunate for busses that changed their number from 666 for no reason. One even changed from 666 to 616. Poor thing. And I learnt this on Mock the Week.

I know the link for sped up Newport Living isn’t that great, but it’s the only one I could find. If you want it to sound better, download it and then speed it up on windows media or something like that. It’s good, honestly.

Anyhow, I'm not sure if I like this chapter as much as I like the others, and it was a bitch to write, but please read and review, and I hope you like it. xxx
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