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Chapter 2 : His Reaction

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James Potter, Remus Lupin and Sirius Black meet three girls,love at first site , but poor James the girl he likes is playing hart to get

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Ok this is the Second chapter but i deleted the first by mistake so i have to redo it again T.T cries ...sorry


Hatomi and Charlie were walking back from the bathroom when they met up with Remus.

"Hello girls" he said

"Hi" they replied

"Uhmm Charlie can I talk to Hatomi for a moment?"

"Ah yeah sure" she said and walked away

"Hatomi I have a gift for you" Remus said and handed her a small box , she took it and opened it there was another small red velvety ring box in it , she opened that and there was a with her birthstone in it. Remus got down on one knee

"Hatomi , will you be my girlfriend?" he said with a huge smile across his face

She just stared at him then the ring , she held her stomach then looked at him ,

"Yes" she said and kissed him , they walked back to the Gryffindor tower hand in hand .

"Well look who decided to join us" Sirius said and walked up to Remus "did you have fun?" he laughed

"Why yes, the ten minutes that I was gone I had loads of fun" Remus said sarcastically and sat down on the couch with Hatomi.

"I'll be right back" Hatomi said and motioned Charlie and Rose to come with her, they followed her up to their room.

"Did you tell her" Hatomi asked Charlie

"No" she replied

"Tell me what" Rose asked

Charlie and Hatomi looked at each other then Hatomi nodded

"Well you see" Hatomi started off "Charlie you tell her I need a glass of water"

Hatomi went to go and get a glass of water by her bed side table

"Okay, well you see Rose , Hatomi she ... she , shes going to have a baby!" Charlie finally got it out

"What" Rose said jumping up and down

"Yes I know isn't this exciting?" Charlie exclaimed

"Yay, baby shoes!!" Rose said "who's the father , Oh oh let me guess , uhmm is it that really cute Asian guy who's in Hufflepuff , oh that really tall blonde haired guy hangs out with .."

"It's Remus" Hatomi interrupted


Hatomi nodded

"Remus, Remus Lupin Our Remus Lupin?"

"YES!!" yelled Charlie

"Okay, just checking" Rose said and sat back down on her bed

"You have to keep this quiet Remus doesn't know and I don't want James and Sirius to know about it either ... I'll tell Remus when the time is right Hatomi said "we better get back down there , if they ask what we were talking about just tell them that we were talking about the ring that Remus gave me"
"What he gave you a ring" Rose exclaimed

"Yes I'll show you later but right now we have to go" she said and they walked downstairs and found that the three of them were sleeping.
Over the nest couple of weeks Rose and Charlie began seeing changes in Hatomi , and they were scared.

"Hatomi, have you told Remus yet"Rose asked

"No, not yet , I'm scared of what he's going to think" she said

"I'm sure he will be okay with it, but if you keep this from him any longer , who knows what he's going to do"

"Yeah I suppose .....Okay I'll tell him tonight when we are on our date" She said " But first I really have to go to the bathroom"

They laugh as she ran to go to the bathroom
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