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Chapter One :The Test

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.........James falls in love

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Chapter One: The Test

Charlie,Rose,and Hatomi were walking down the hallway to

there first class of the year when all of a sudden 3

extremaly good looking guys came out of no where.

The first one was tall,skinny,black hair, brown eyes,

and a very attractive smile.

"Hello, I'm Black, Sirius Lee Black "he said and winked

at Rose.She blushed and looked away.

"Sorry about him , hes kinda mental. Seems his mother

has dropped him on his head one to many times" said the

tall red head guy "oh and by the way im Remus Lupin " he

said as he shook Hatomi's hand, she blushed too.

"Oh and I'm James Potter" He said and tried to shake

Charlie's had but she turned away.

"You guys don't you think we should get to class?"

Charlie said as she grabbed Rose's and Hatomi's hand and

walked away.

"Wow James that one that you where looking at she has

pretty big...." He said as he held his hands out in

front of his chest.

"Shut up, man is that all you look at ?"

"No.... I look at the ass too" he laughed as they

started to walk to class.

"Mr.Lupin , Mr. Potter and Mr. Black... Late again I

see" Said Professor McGonagall

"Sorry Professor we got a little side tracked" Sirius


He turned his head and guess what he saw, it was Rose,

Hitomi and Charlie.

"Hello ladies" he smiled and sat down beside rose.

James and Remus followed him.

When class was over it was time for lunch, Rose, Charlie

and Hatomi. went and sat down in the middle of the

Gryffindor table.Sirius,James and Remus followed them

and sat down right across from them.

"Do you like following us around every-where we go ?"

Charlie bellowed

"Yes of course we do you girls are just so damn

beautiful" sirius said as he looked a Rose.

And once again she blushed , " Thank - you "she said

staring at him . Charlie just rolled her eyes and walked


"What's her deal anyway" James asked

"Who Charlie? She broke up with her boyfriend of 2 years

and she said that she would never like another guy
again" Hatomi said

"So she will never give another guy a chance, not even

if thins one is different ?"

" I don't know she's very complacated "

Well I'm going to get her to like me James thought to

hiself as he finished him meal.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

For the past 3 weeks james has been trying to get

Charlie to fall in love with him and so far no luck. By

the end of the 5 week he was about to give up, but then

Charlie send him a note saying that she would like to

meet him at the lake at 7 o'clock pm , and James was

looking forward to it .
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