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My first entry

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When Tune is shipped off by to live with her uncle, she finds that the diary she had bought before her trip was not any orinary diary

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Dear Diary,
I’m not one for writing in journals but my therapist says that I need to write out my anger. I bought ‘you’ at a new store in the mall. It’s made for witches, Wicca’s, and Magi’s, I guess. I only choose this book because I liked the symbol that’s on the front of ‘you’. I really couldn’t tell a book just why I’m angry all the time; I guess it’s just hard for me, with my mom being dead and all. I don’t know if I should sign this ‘entry’? It’s not like anyone is going to write back. But I guess I could sign it. Just in case I lose my mind completely and forget my name. ^_^

Tune *;)

Carmon, better known as Tune, slowly closed the leather claded diary and sighed. She traced the symbol lying upon the cover. Shaking her head, she turned out of her desk chair and made her way to her stereo. Pushing the power button, a loud blast of ‘Evanescence’ rang through the room. A loud crash came from down stairs and Tune suspected that her paranoid step mother had dropped yet another one of her mother’s good dishes. Lisa, her step mom, wasn’t quite used to Tune or her brother. Sam and Tune were as close as any adoptive siblings could be. Sam had known since he was 3 that he was not really part of the Martin family. Once Tune was born, her mother wasn’t able to conceive anymore children, so her father and her mother adopted a boy the same age as Tune from China. Sam was the only one that kept Tune sane now living with 3 step siblings and a step mom who knew nothing of taking care of children, even her own. Tune’s head quickly turned to the door as a knock came upon it. “What?” She snapped. “My mother said for me to tell you that you need to turn down the music” came the voice of Lindsey, the biggest prep Tune had ever met. “Tell her that she can go fuck herself.” Tune stated and proceeded to turn her stereo up even louder. Tune knew just what would happen, Lindsey would tell her mother, her mother would tell Tune’s father and then Tune’s father would yell at her for using such horrible language. Really Tune could care less. She turned to her laptop and began typing on her midterm paper when the door opened wide. But to Tune’s surprise it wasn’t her father. “Hey Sammi” She smiled and turned leaning on the back of her chair. “Hi” He said in his mellow voice, which would make anyone think that he was high. “So sup with you” She asked him as she rose to her feet and placed her hand on his forehead. “You sick or something?” Sam simply shook his head and leaned back on the silky black bed spread that made up Tune’s round bed. “I hate this house” Sam mumbled against Tune’s favorite pillow. It was funny really, to sleep with a pillow case with Daniel Radcliff’s face on it. “Yeah me too” Tune said and sat down beside him. “Its stupid Carmon,” Sam said and rose to sitting position. Sam was the only one that Tune actually let call her Carmon. “Lisa is so vial and Dad doesn’t see it. She acts all nice and paranoid around him. Like being paranoid is going to keep him home. And then when he’s gone she tries to control us. And her kids are like her little minions” He said as he began fiddling with the end of his Marilyn Manson shirt. Lisa really couldn’t stand either of the kid’s choice of clothing. Sam had always worn baggy jeans and a black band shirt, no matter how many nice dress clothes Lisa used to buy him. Finally she just gave up but would continue to steal his wrist bands and try and hide them from him. It never worked, he always found them. She especially didn’t like the way Tune dressed, with a pair of jean pipes, a black long sleeve shirt (even in the hottest of weather), a studded belt, and as many piercings as she could handle. Tune loved to make Lisa angry so as soon as she turned 14, she began to dye her hair black, pierced her tongue, nose, and belly button, and both of her ears (5 times) and began to slack off in school. Sam had done about just the same, letting his already natural black hair grow out to the end of his face and got both his eye brow and left ear pierced. The brother and sister had gotten their bottom lip pierced together on mother’s day, just for Lisa.
Tune looked up as another knock came at the door, Sam slowly rose from his seat and opened the door. He quickly exited the room, swooping past his father. Tune rolled her eyes as her father entered her room and took a seat in her desk chair. "Carmon we need to talk." Her father said in a suddle tone. "Okay talk away" Tune said, as she leaned back onto her Daniel Radcliffe Pillow and began analyzing how she was going to ruin her father and Lisa's marriage. "Tune I think that it would be best if you learned to accept Lisa." Tune simply nodded, she had heard this bit before, she was very skilled at tuning things out, and hence where she got the nickname. "And I think that you should try and understand just where Lisa is coming from." That’s when Tune jumped up from her bed. "Try and understand?!" She snapped. "Now don't go getting defensive." Her father said in the tone that always drove Tune crazy. "Don't get defensive! You're never here Dad; you don't see what happens when Sam and I are here with her and those demons that she calls kids. You're NEVER HERE!" She screamed and turned her back to him. "Now Carmon..." Her father started. "It’s Tune!" She said and snapped around. "Now listen here, I'm not going to take you and your attitude any longer." Mr. Martin stated. "Now here’s what’s going to happen your going to go live with your Uncle Kaleb and his fiancée Ariel in Salem, Massachusetts." Her father stated and then stormed out of the room, slamming the door. Tune felt like a bullet had just went straight through her heart. She stumbled back until she fell into a sitting position on the bed. The tears came suddenly and as soon as they appeared, they never stopped.
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