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Tune is shipped away to Salem, Mass.

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Dear Diary,
Well I guess it didn’t take me long to write again. Well when you’re sitting on a train heading to Salem, Massachusetts, writing in a diary doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Last week my father told me that I was going to live with my uncle Kaleb, and it didn’t blow over well with my brother. Dinner was even more quite than usual that night until Sam slammed his fork down on his plate cracking the plate slightly. He yelled at my dad saying that it wasn’t fair to make me leave just because the bitch couldn’t handle me. Dad had sent him to his room and I bet that soon he’ll be shipping Sammi off to my Aunt Lucy’s in Florida. I wish Dad had been nice enough to send me to his sisters (Lucy if you didn’t already know), instead of my mothers brother. But anyway the trains about to stop and most likely I won’t be writing much or maybe I will, since summer is going to suck. Well hope to, well write to you soon.

Tune slowly piled off of the train, her backpack slung over her shoulder. She watched as many teens piled off and ran towards their families. Looking around, Tune could not spot out her uncle. “Carmon?” Came a delicate voice. Tune slowly turned around to face, a women with long fiery red hair with black streaks. She wore tight jeans and a red tank top. Her whole left arm was full of tattoos and her eye brow was pierced. “Uhh Ariel right?” Tune questioned. “Oh thank god” Ariel let out a sigh. “I thought I had the wrong girl” Her voice turned from being delicate to hoarse and raspy, it was a better change, Tune presumed. “So tell me you go by Carmon?” Ariel asked as she grabbed Tune suitcase standing up beside her. She picked the heavy bag up with no hesitation and made her way out of the station. “Um no I go by Tune” She answered as she ran to catch up with Ariel. “Huh, that seems more you” Ariel said and smiled. ‘How does she know what’s more me?’ Tune asked herself, as they came up on a 2006 black mustang. “Is this your car?” Tune asked, but cringed at how stupid she sounded. “Hell yeah this is my baby” Ariel stated. “Well other than my real baby Brian” Ariel shrugged. “Brian?” Tune asked. “Oh Brian’s my son.”Ariel said and piled Tune stuff into the back seat. “Hop in” Ariel smiled. “I have to swing by my shop, before we head to your uncles. Hope that’s okay” Ariel stated. “Oh yeah sure” Tune said and closed her door. The car ride was anything but boring. The spent twenty minutes listening to Paramore, one of Tune’s favorite bands. And talked about stuff that Tune was interested in. “Well I was in a band before dad said that we made to much noise and hurt Lisa’s ears. So the band had to quite coming to my house and that was the only place we had to practice.” Tune said and slowly turned the song ‘Misery Business’ up just a bit. “Well Brian has a band, and from what I hear they need a singer” Ariel smiled. “Really?” This made Tune happy; she always wanted to have a band where they could actually accomplish something. “Oh yeah and my shop is having a talent night the boys want to play Paramore but they don’t have a girl singer” Ariel smiled and pulled in front of a shop at the end of the corner. The shop was called “Define Normal”. The outside looked like just any plain store but when you walked in, it was filled with anything and everything. It was a Goth, Rocker, Skater, and Emo’s paradise. It had guitars and drum sets. Decks on the right side of the room. Clothes for all kinds of Goths and Emos and even if you looked closely deep in the back were spell books, candles and incense.
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