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Chapter 8

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Harry is rescued from Azkaban by.. Himself? A story of Technology, Magic and Terraforming. Not a crossover.

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Those in the office were temporarily blinded by the flash of light, which was followed less than a second afterward by the ground shaking under their feet and an amazingly loud crack of thunder.
The shaking continued by for roughly ten seconds and was accompanied at about three seconds by a rumbling sound.
Everyone in the office seemed to be in shocked silence. Half a minute after the commotion a female voice came from Harry's direction.
“Target has been destroyed, Mr. President. However, we miscalculated the resistance from the atmosphere and over-powered the beam by approximately seven percent. The beam continued into the earth of the school. According to the map you supplied, a large part of the dungeons including the potions labs were also destroyed. We have used this data and compensated for the density of the atmosphere. It is highly unlikely that a similar mistake would happen again.”
Nodding his head, Harry responded to the air, “Understood, Admiral. Target the Great Hall next, and wait for my order.”
There was a collective gasp at first the news of part of the school being destroyed, then the report of how powerful the weapon was, and lastly at Harry's command to target the Great Hall. Snape was on his feet, gesticulating wildly and screaming silently at the news of his labs being destroyed.
Dumbledore quickly jumped to his feet, “Harry! Stop this nonsense! Think of what you are doing!”
“I have thought about what I'm doing old man. It's you who should think of their actions. My kidnapping was an act of war. I am behaving as the leader of a nation at war should. I'll be leaving this castle by the end of the day, Old Man. Either you'll allow me to leave, or my people will destroy the castle piece by piece until the wards fall and I can leave on my own.” He turned his head slightly to look at Fudge, “And then we'll move on the Ministry. Think of this as your one chance to sue for peace.”

Fudge turned wide, panicked eyes towards Dumbledore. No one was fooled about who was really in control in Britain. The Old Man hung his head and shook it slowly. “You're free to leave, Harry. Please remove the silencing spell on Severus before you do,” he said with an air of resignation.
Harry simply smirked and turned towards the door. The crowd of people there parted to allow him through, and Harry stopped beside Fudge, who he turned and spoke to. “Some of my diplomats will come to the Ministry tomorrow to discuss the formal terms of the surrender,” he shot a glance back towards the Headmaster and continued, “As his removal from his positions will be part of those discussions, he will be permitted to attend. He is, however, to remain silent. Goodbye.”
There was a wave of the hand, which was accompanied by the sound of Snape yelling, and then Harry left the office.

He got to the entrance hall before he was stopped by a shout from behind him, “Harry, stop! Please wait and speak to us!”
Harry let out an exasperated sigh as he turned to look at the bushy haired young woman who yelled after him, and the group of red heads behind here. He noticed with an ever so tiny amount of interest that the two eldest weren't in attendance.
“What is it you want, Granger?” he asked with a slight growl in his throat.
“Please can't we talk?” she asked desperately.
“No. I have work to do and talking to you isn't part of that work,” was the answer.
“Well.. Maybe we could come to visit you on.. Luna?” she asked hopefully.
“Commercial flights to Luna will be commencing in two weeks. You're free to apply for a visa to visit. I won't expend any effort for or against your application. If you do come however, you won't be there as my guest. And tourists aren't invited into my home or office in Government House. So you would be visiting Luna and not myself.” He spun on his heel and walked off, not giving anyone else a chance to ask him anything.
He was soon out the school's gates and away from the wards preventing him from leaving. He pressed a finger to his ear and said, “Beam me up, Kara.”
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