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Chapter 10

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Politics.. Woe is me.

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AN: Here's the next chapter. It's mostly dialouge. Hope you enjoy it. Remember, if you have an idea, leave it in a review. I might use it in later chapters. Might not, but you never know.

Harry was sitting at his desk, reading reports, with advisors sitting on the other side. After taking a few minutes to read the report infront of him.
“Is he even trying to hide that he took pay offs?” he asked his Head of Intelligence.
“Oh, of course he's denying it. He's saying that if the Magical World is going to survive, then they need to move on, and issued pardons for anyone who was at Azkaban, other than Voldemort. They're keeping him locked up in the Department of Mysteries, trying to work out what you did to him. Not the smartest thing to do, with the number of things that are dangerous in there, even in the hands of muggles.. but he seems secure enough where he is, and shouldn't be able to get away unless someone in that department actively helped him.. and since he now has no magic, and his ancestry has been proven to everyone, none of the Death Eaters would have much interest in him.. except maybe killing him to prevent him from talking, or torturing him in revenge for all the crucios he used.”
Harry shook his head as he moved onto the next report, detailing the actions of all those marked and tagged. A moment later, he said “River, keep an eye on their movements. Kara, I want a TAR team on Serenity at all times, ready to be deployed within five minutes. If they meet in a group larger than twelve, send the team in and grab them, unless... Sadly, none of those who were marked and were on the body were removed from the Wizengamot, so exclude those meetings. We'll work on that diplomatically.”
The next report caused him to frown and growl slightly. “He couldn't save himself completely, but he managed to keep his grip on the school. Very well, send a message to Fudge and CC Dumbledore.. Minister Fudge. We do not agree with your decision to allow a man who appears to be growing increasingly senile to remain in control of Hogwarts. However, as he has been removed from the Wizengamot, we will allow the matter to drop. As stated in your meeting with Remus Lupin last week, with Albus Dumbledore remaining in place, we will not be giving anything to the school for the damage sustained. Signed Harry James Potter. President, Luna.”
As he spoke, a secratery wrote everything he said down on a palm sized computer, and then finished about ten seconds after he did. Another ten seconds later, a copy had been printed and placed in front of him.
He signed it, and handed it back, saying casually, “Thank you, Jennifer. Please have that sent out with the next transport and delivered as soon as possible.”
Harry let out a quiet “Let's see here..” as he moved onto the next report.
“That was fast.. Embassy completed two days ago.. Fourteen hundred britons seeking entry visas for between two weeks and ten months.. Five hundred seeking citizenship.. Well, look at this.. Almost... No, every marked and suspected non-marked Death Eater is seeking citizenship, except for those who escaped Azkaban. They weren't charged or found guilty of anything, so we can't deny them outright. Inform them that they can request a three month visa if they want to seek citizenship, during which time that they will need to take a number of aptitude tests, have an interview before a citizenship committee, and answer some questions.. Oh! And inform Mr. Malfoy and those like him, that there are no heredatary titles, lands or privelidges on Luna. Everything worth having here is earned. And that 'blood purity' is not something that we subscribe to. What's next?”
The Head of Domestic Security spoke up, “Albus Dumbledore has requested a two week visa along with most of the Weasley family and Miss H. Granger. What should we do?”
There was a deep sigh from Harry before he answered, “I'm not going to get involved with their case. That will just spell trouble politically. Treat them like anyone else, but be sure to send Mr. Dumbledore a full copy of our laws. “The Greater Good” or his name will not make him above our laws like it does in Britain, and that he won't be meeting with me.”
Next came from the Head of Tourism, “All the Gringotts branches have the Credit Pads ready to be distributed. We've done a lot of testing and our best coders can't have them, so they'll be safe from Wizards and Witches. We've settled on a limit of one thousand galleons per week. Will make a lot of the richer people unhappy, but it's a security decision. The Goblins know that if they have been given a very lucrative monopoly here, so they won't risk it by breaking the agreement. The Tranquility Base Museum is ready for an influx of visitors and so is Luna World. Everything seems to be going smoothly and is ready to go next week.”
With an incline of his head, Harry indicated that his Earth Advisor should begin, “The rest of the world's Magical governments are of mixed mind about us. The US, Russia and their closest allies are objecting to our joining Inter-Con-Wiz, while most of Europe, Asia with Australia and New Zealand are for our inclusion and looking to the future. Britain is trying to go unnoticed, and are looking pretty bad with a lot of stories about Dumbledore's dealings coming out, as well as their almost starting a war with us.. China, the Middle East, most of South America and Africa are waiting to see what we're about. In terms of numbers, we have about thirty five percent for, fifteen percent against and fifty percent in the middle, waiting to see. We'll be meeting with the ICW in two weeks after we open the borders.”
Harry nodded along as he thought on all the information. “Okay.. is that all today?” No one spoke up. “Right. We'll have another meeting next week after the Brits come in. I'll see you then.”
Everyone filed out, leaving Harry alone with a large stack of paper in front of him.
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