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Chapter 11

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It was the first day that tourists were on Luna, and Harry was in the main shopping area, watching as people wandered around, pointing at all the new things there were seeing, or staring open mouthed up at the sky and the half-Earth.
He has seen quite a few people that he recognised from so long ago, at least from his perspective. He pretty much just ignored them all, and they didn't even see him. There were a few people that were unhappy with him, because he didn't take any security with him on with wandering. He never had to worry before, because the people on Luna were very happy with his leadership, and for helping a lot of them from getting away from those governments that labelled them creatures.
But his security heads wanted him to take guards with him today; because of the number of tourists and that there were quite a few of them who might wish him ill. But he was able to wave them off by wearing a tracker and health monitors, so that he could be transported away in case of attack or emergency. He was also quite capable of defending himself from attack.
After about twelve minutes of just watching, a group of about eight people walked past him, and there were quite a few that he recognised... And that cause him to frown and start to follow them.
He didn't need to follow them far, as they were just going to the bank. Harry let himself smile as he saw the business that the Goblins were doing. If things kept up like this, he'd have no worries of the Goblins betraying Luna for profit. But the leader of the group that Harry was following didn't seem to care for the Goblin's business and started pushing through the long lines towards the service counter, amidst loud and angry shouts of tourists and citizens.
Goblin, Human, Werewolf, Vampire, Centaur were all employed by Gringotts in many different positions. Right now, the impatient group met those who were employed as guards as twenty people of varying shapes appeared and started escorting the group away from the counters to the happy cheers and clapping of the customers.
They were pulled towards the doors to the bank, close to where Harry was while a bank manager walked over to deal with the group. The manager knew that Harry was present, but the group didn't.
“Do you have any idea who I am, goblin?” the man who seemed to be leading the group yelled.
“Someone who was never taught manners. Your name? No, I don't, and I don't care. If you cause a similar disturbance in this bank again, you will be banned and we will be filing a report with the security services. You will wait in line like everyone else.” the goblin turned away as he finished, but the man grabbed the small creature by the shoulder and turned him back around.
“My name is Lucius Malfoy, and I demand to be served immediately!” the man yelled loudly.
“Only those with a personal account manager are able to bypass the line” was the reply.
“Then, I demand to see a personal account manager!” came the loud demand.
“Only the accounts of citizens with a quarter of a million credits, or half a million of your galleons get a personal account manager. And that's not you. If you are unable to keep your voice at a respectful volume, then you will be removed from the premises.” the Goblin informed.
“Well, then simply transfer 500,000 galleons from my vault in London,” was the haughty reply, with a quivering voice as he fought to keep his voice lowered.
“As I said, it is only available to Citizens.” seemed to be the last the Goblin would say, as he turned to walk away. Lucius looked about ready to draw his wand to curse the Goblin, but a look at all the guards staring at him kept him from doing so. With no other choice, Lucius and his group joined the end of the queue.
While all that was going on, Harry had used the black communicator attached to his ear to call for some members of the security forces, who arrived soon enough. Harry started to fill them in on what he had found, and spread them out at all of the exits so that no one could escape. He waited until the group was finished at the bank and were leaving before he stepped out and stopped them. Six security officers also stepped out and pointed boxy looking weapons at the group.
When the group came to a stop, and took a glance at the weapons (they assumed) pointed at them, Harry spoke up. “Hello, Lucius… Draco… Narcissa, Pansy. Are you enjoying your stay here on Luna?”
Malfoy Sr. and Jr. both sneered, and Lucius spoke, “Potter! I should have known you would be involved in the rudeness of those creatures. Why are you bothering us?” he asked as he struggled to stop himself from drawing his wand once again.
With a smile, Harry replied, “I’m afraid that your group is about to shrink slightly.” He held up his hand to stop Malfoy from commenting, and surprisingly it didn’t take any spells for it to work, so Harry continued, “Rudolphus, Rabastan, and Bellatrix Lestrange. Antonin Dolohov… You are all under arrest for fraud in using false passports to bypass Luna Security. Anything you say can be used against you in court…” He stopped as the four people were struck by energy beams from the guards holding guns around them. “Including those spells,” he mumbled and turned to the four other people of the group and informed them, “If you don’t put those wands away at once, you will be arrested as well. As it stands, I can’t charge you with anything, as much as I want to. But it should be noted that this will come up at your citizenship hearings.”
The Malfoys, including Draco’s wife Pansy put their wands away slowly, but looked very unhappy and about to say something when Harry spoke up once again, “Of course, I might still be able to charge you if we find that you had a hand in those four acquiring false passports. Now, I’d suggest you leave the area. You’ll be able to visit these four tomorrow if you wish.”
And so the Malfoys left the bank in a huff. It was at that point that Harry saw a group of redheads, a brunette and a very old white haired person making their way over to him. With a roll of his eyes, he instructed the security officers to take the prisoners to the security station, while he turned and started to exit the bank as he heard a voice call out “Harry, wait!” from behind him.
Yeah… Right!
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