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Another night and ill see you

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Why the fuck do I even bother?
I sat, waiting patiently in the Way’s front room, for Gerard to get his ass home. His parents were out of town for a few nights, and Mikey was out with the guys.
Since Tyler was born, I hadn’t got much chance to go out, so I had made it quite clear to Gerard that I was leaving Ty at home, and coming over to his whilst his parents were away.
I’m pretty sure it didn’t sink into his thick scull though. It probably just floated around in all of the fucking alcohol his brain had absorbed.
One month ago he was all “oh yeah ill be by your side through it all” and now he can’t even speak properly. Whenever I see him he’s always either asleep or pissed out of his head. Mikey says that every time he comes home he’s never sober.
Donna and Don must be seriously pissed with him.

I had been waiting for 3 hours now. Just waiting for my sad ass boyfriend to come home and maybe, just maybe ask how I’m feeling or how his son, who he has only held twice in the month he’s been alive, is doing.
I needed love. Affection. Somebody to make me feel special and alive again.
We hadn’t had sex in ages. Since Ty was born, Gerard has gone downhill. He has done fuck all for me or Tyler, and I’m beginning to doubt he ever will the state he is in.
Fuck, I need him. Why cant he see that?

“Gerard? I’ve been waiting for you for 4 fucking hours!” I yelled to the body emerging through the front door.
“Sarah? What the fuck?” Mikey strolled into the room and placed himself down beside me on the sofa, “What are you doing here?”
“Waiting for your motherfucking brother to get his ass in gear,” I replied, picking at the chipped black paint on my nails.
“Oh. I doubt that will happen. He’s probably lying in a gutter somewhere. Beer?” Mikey said, standing and heading for the kitchen.
“Doesn’t it bother you?” I asked.
“Yes. It does fucking bother me. It bothers me a lot. I can’t sleep, worrying where he is. It doesn’t help that...” he trailed off, “Ill just get the beer shall I?”

“Talk to me.” I said as he handed me a beer and sat back down beside me once more.
“What?” he pretended he didn’t have a clue what I was talking about.
“Tell me what you were going to say, Mikey. It doesn’t help that… what?”
I patted his knee, comforting him as a single tear rolled down his cheek.
“Cassie broke up with me tonight,” he snivelled.
“Oh my Mikey, come here,” I pulled him into a hug.

After the eighth beer, Gerard still wasn’t home.
I was beginning to worry.
“Where is he?” I groaned, rocking back and forth.
“You don’t deserve this, y’know,” Mikey smiled weakly, “Why do you put up with him?”
“I love him, that’s why,” I said. It had been ages since those words had rolled off my tongue.
“But does he love you?” Mikey asked, moving his glasses up.
“I don’t kn…” I began, but was interrupted.
“You deserve somebody who will love you and care for you. Somebody who will be there for you no matter what,” he slurred his words a little.
“Well, if you can find me somebody like that, give me a call,” I laughed, making a joke of the situation.
“Somebody like me,” he said, running his fingers down the side of my face.
Before I knew it he had pulled me into a kiss.
Damn he was such a good kisser. It must run in the family.
It was just like at the spin the bottle game. So good.

It felt wrong at first, but me and Gerard hadn’t even kissed in a whole month, so I wasn’t about to say no to anything now.

His hands wandered around my body, touching my skin, examining every curve. I ran my fingers through his hair, taking off his glasses and putting them onto the floor, along with his shirt.
It felt so good to be held by somebody after being deprived of affection for this long.
“Mikey,” I chanted in a hushed voice.
The kisses grew more passionate, and more and more of our clothes found themselves in the same place as Mikey’s glasses.

I couldn’t quite believe what was happening, as he pulled off the remaining item of clothing left on my body.
Was I actually about to do this?
My heart raced, as he entered me.
Screaming for more, I moved my hips in time with his, so the pleasure was even more intense.
For a moment, Mikey realised what he was doing and what might happen as a result, and he pulled out. I craved the feeling of him inside me.
“Mikey, don’t stop,” I moaned.
He entered me once more, plunging deeper and deeper inside of me, harder and faster than before.
Our lips collided and our tongues met for one last time, before we both exploded with pleasure.
Breathing heavily, we lay together giggling in a heap on the sofa.
“Wow, you’re good,” I laughed, as Mikey hung over me and slightly off the sofa, and then scrabbled around on the floor looking for his glasses.
“You’re not too bad yourself,” He giggled, after finding his eyes and lying back down beside me.
I rested my head against his chest and listened to his racing heartbeat.
“I’m good cause I’m the only person you’ve done,” I laughed, stroking his arm with my fingertips.

It was then that I realised what we had done.
I was Mikey’s first.
Holy hell.
“Mikey.” I sat up sharply and looked him in the eyes, “what have we done?”
“Well..” He began, but I silenced him with my words.
“Im not joking Mikey. I have a baby with your brother. What the fuck have we done? You’re his brother. Shit. Im your brother’s girlfriend…” I gasped.
“Sarah... I… Oh Shit,” he groaned.
“Yes shit. What if he finds out? Oh my god. He can’t find out. Never tell anyone about this.” I warned, “but what if he does find out. What the fuck are we gonna do if…”
Mikey’s eyes widened, and he looked scared, “No. None of us say a word about this and, as for the other thing, well, let’s not go there unless we have to…”
I could see in his eyes that he regretted this slightly, but he was still overwhelmed that it had happened.
He was worried. Worried that the same thing had happened twice.

We quickly dressed and sat down together, watching a film, acting like everything was normal and nothing had happened.
I placed my hand on his shoulder.
“One last kiss,” I whispered before my lips crashed onto his.
“One last kiss,” he repeated, when the kiss had ended, “no mention of it to anyone.”

It was then that the door flung open and a very drunk Gerard fell in.
“Gerard. Are you okay?” I said, concerned that he couldn’t even stand up straight.
He spoke, but he was that drunk I couldn’t tell what he was saying.
He turned around sharply, to go to bed, and something fell from his pocket.
I picked it up.

Fuck, Gerard.
It was…

[Reviews please! All apreciated very much. I figured that the baby bit would be boring, so i skipped it and went straight into the interesting bit. Scenes like this are always awkward though.]
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