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Im just the way that the doctor made me

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“Okay, I’m gonna take this week off work, yeah?” Gerard said down the phone.
“Yeah. Thanks.” I replied simply. I was laid out on my bed. I felt like shit.
My due date was in 4 days and I was already feeling uncomfortable.
I was shit scared, and I just needed people around me. The only problem was that when I had people around me, I seemed to scare them away.
Frank had just pissed off because he said I was shouting at him too much. I can’t help it. Really.
“Come sit with me. I’m lonely,” I whined down the phone to Gerard.
We had been talking for over 2 hours now, and I missed the presence of his body beside me.
“Alright. I’ll be there in 10, I love you.” he said before hanging up.
“I love you too,” I whispered to the sound of beeping on the other end of the phone.

I heard muffled voices downstairs.
I waited patiently for Gerard to come upstairs, I missed him so much.
“Hey,” Gerard smiled, entering my room clutching a huge bar of chocolate and a bottle of vodka.
“That was for my dad but I’m thirsty, so..” he smirked, waving the vodka in the air, “how are you feeling.”
“Hungry,” I replied honestly.
I had been going on at him for ages about how much I wanted some chocolate. I’m surprised he didn’t hang up on me earlier. Damn I must have been annoying.
“Hungry for me or chocolate?” Gerard laughed, handing me the chocolate and sitting down on the edge of my bed.
“Both,” I smiled, sitting up and pulling the wrapper off the milk chocolate I craved so much, “how about you covered in chocolate.”
“That would be good,” he smirked, taking a large drink of vodka.
I sat and thought to myself for a moment..
Why did he still love me?
I’m all fat and horrible. My hair is a mess, and my face hasn’t seen makeup in weeks. I must look awful.
So why does he still want me?
Why didn’t he run away when he found out that I was pregnant?
“Do you really love me?” I said out loud.
“Of course I do,” he leaned forwards and ran his fingers across my face, “I always will.”
I broke off a piece of chocolate and placed it in between his lips, “never leave me.”
“I would never even dream of leaving you. I promise.” he said after taking the chocolate into his mouth.
I smiled to myself.
Ive finally found him..
I used to think all the guys in school were jerks. Not one of them said anything nice to me. They all said I was weird. All the popular girls would laugh at me, then go make out with the nearest dude they could find. I said I hated boys, but I secretly wanted to be held in somebody’s arms.
Now ive finally found that somebody..

“I love you,” I whispered into Gerard’s ear as he kissed my cheek.
It was then that I felt it…

“Fuck Gerard!” I shouted, clutching my stomach, “oh my god!”
“Holy shit!” Gerard screeched, “okay, breath... stay there..”
“I’m not going any fucking where, idiot!” I screamed as he flew out of my room and down the stairs.
“Holy hell! She’s…Oh my, mother of Jesus!!” I heard him shout to my family downstairs.
I laughed quietly to myself at his choice of words.

I screamed my lungs out.

The next thing I knew I was being carried down the stairs and outside to the car by my dad.
Gerard was on the phone to Mikey, “Oh my god bro! I’m gonna be a dad!!”
I could see Frank clapping his hands and jumping around, chanting “Uncle Frank, Uncle Frank!”

It finally hit me what was happening as I was lifted onto a bed in the hospital.
Fuck. I don’t want to do this.
Can’t it wait for a few more days?
Hell no!
I hate pain.
Will it hurt much?
Oh my god where’s Gerard…

A million thoughts ran through my head as doctors moved my family out of the room.
“One of you can come in and be with her,” I heard the doctor say, “Either the father, or a parent, seeing as she is only young.”
“Why can’t we all be there?” My dad questioned, “We are her family for Christ’s sake!”
“I’m sorry sir. It’s just, we don’t want it to be crowded in there, but we will allow one, and only one, person in there with her.” The doctor tried to calm my dad down.
I screamed as another contraction came along.
“Look, one of you go in. I’m sure she would want you to be there,” Gerard said to my parents.
“No Gerard. You’re the father. You should be in there with her,” My dad said.
“But…” Gerard stuttered.
“It’s only fair that you get to see your first child being born,” my mum said, giving Gerard a little push towards the door.

“Gerard!” I screamed, squeezing his hand, “make it stop!”
“Just breathe honey. Breathe...” He kept a tight grip on my hand as tears rolled down my face, “you can do this.”
“I can’t!” I yelled, “This is all your fucking fault Way!”
“Its you’re fault for letting me fuck you in the first place,” Gerard mumbled.
“Keep pushing,” The doctor said calmly, trying to stop me from whimpering.

“It’s a boy!” Gerard yelled to my family, waiting outside the door.
I clutched the bawling bundle in my arms.
It felt so surreal.
I was holding a tiny human being in my arms.
He has my blood running through his veins.
“He has you’re eyes,” I grinned at Gerard, who came over an knelt beside the bed.
He has tiny fingers and tiny toes.
He is alive.. and I was the one that made that happen.
I was so overwhelmed, and so shattered.

My eyes began to close the second the nurse came and took my baby from me. Gerard kissed my lips softly and left the room.

Today has been one hell of a day…

[Sorry if this was boring. The story will get more exciting soon, I promise. I have loads of ideas! Review and let me know what you think. Thanks..]
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