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Part 10

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Part 10. Party time.

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Part 10
Frank’s POV- ‘And I’ll panic as you kiss her, and I’ll panic as you make out.’
The guys decided about a week ago that as it’s Amy’s prom night it gives us the perfect excuse to have a party. Bob’s parents are both out of town for a wedding and like nice people we’ve pre-warned the neighbours. Me and Mikey have come to Bob’s to help him rearrange the place so that hopefully it won’t get wrecked during the party. Charli’s round too, helping Amy get ready for prom. I can’t wait to see her, Amy I mean, I bet she’ll look stunning.
At 6.15 some of her mates arrive. Amanda and Emily are amongst them. They’re all decked out in dresses and heals and I feel rather short. The limo’s due in about quarter of an hour. It will pick all the girls up and take them to the naval base where the prom is held every year.
I’m just taking down some ornaments and photos when Amy comes down the stairs. She’s wearing a long deep red dress that’s plain except for the small gathering of material under her boobs that leads off to the side to hang down. Ok I can’t describe dresses but it looks amazing on her. I can’t help but notice that her waist has gotten smaller though. She’s curled her hair, well Charli has, and it falls down onto her shoulders like ribbons. She’s wearing a necklace and matching earrings. She really does look amazing.
“How do I look?” She asks me as she approaches.
“Beautiful.” I reply. Awe-struck.
“Haha. Sure. Have you seen my shoes?”
“They’re over here!” Amanda calls out, not that she’d been listening in or anything. Amy walks away from me and over to the promise of her shoes. Next thing I know she’s grown about 3 inches. After catching her devilish smile and replying with a shake of my head I return to the living room and leave the girls in peace to talk about earrings and bags and boys.
3 hours later Gerard finally arrives with the booze. Once me, Mikey, Bob and Charli had waved Amy off to her prom we’d finished up hiding the breakables and just sat around running through the people that were meant to be coming and guessing who we thought would pair up. Bob greets Gerard, and Ray who Gerard had picked up apparently, at the door and lays the booze out on the side. Most people would be bringing their own but we needed some and there was extra for people who hadn’t managed to get hold of their own.
I’d already decided not to get too wasted tonight. I want to keep an eye on Amy and also prove to her that I wasn’t her Dad. I turn down a beer offered to me by Gerard and I swear a look of appraisal passes over Bob’s face. Mikey of course is too wrapped up in Charli and Ray is too wrapped up in watching them… strange guy.
“I’m going to go put the music on.” I say to no one in particular and go to the Living Room where the best speakers are. I’d put together a CD if ‘party music’ that had gone down well with the guys so we’re playing that tonight.
Shortly after that people start arriving. I mingle and get talking to a boy I used to know at Junior School. Half an hour later Amy comes back looking flushed and happy. Some of the girls gather around her to tell her how amazing she looks and to quiz her on how the night went and then she disappears upstairs to get changed back into normal clothes.
While she’s gone I pour myself a glass of coke and get talking to a small group of people I vaguely recognise. I must miss Amy coming down stairs because the next thing I know she’s stood in front of me, Smirnoff in hand, smiling drunkenly.
“Hey. How was the prom?”
“Good. Someone managed to get drink in so it was all good.”
“Any good music?”
“Yeah! Oh my God! They played Madina Lake! You should have been there! I totally freaked.”
“Haha, I can imagine.” I reply feeling disappointed for the first time that I hadn’t been able to go.
“Well I’m meant to be getting Gerard a drink so I’ll come see you later?”
“Sounds good.” I reply. Happy that she was with one of us guys, especially as she already seemed pretty drunk. “Amy?”
“Yeah?” She turns back around to answer me.
“Be careful tonight?”
“Yes Dad.” She rolls her eyes and walks away with a smile.
I go back to talking to people I vaguely recognise until I find Mikey and Charli. “Hey guys.” I say, sitting down on the floor with them.
“Hey” They both greet me.
“Enjoying yourselves?”
“Yeah I guess. You?” Charli replies.
“Suppose so. It’s a bit odd though.”
“How come?”
“Well with not drinking much.”
“Ah right. See what you mean.” An almost uncomfortable silence comes over us. I decide I may as well go and track down Amy and Gerard. I leave the kitchen/ diner and head down the hall. There is a couple there making out against the wall, blocking my desired path. Again they look vaguely familiar. I make my way towards them then I realise why the guy had looked so familiar, it was Gerard. Haha, good on you mate…
I continue towards the and as I get nearer he moves out of my way, also meaning he was pressed even closer up against the girl.
It isn’t until I’m just past them that I gain any clues as to who the girl is. When I do I freeze in my tracks. I turn around to investigate further. Sure enough I was correct. That girl, who had gasped Gerard’s name as I passed them, she was wearing Amy’s clothes and had Amy’s hair. Oh God.
And it’s Amy who murmurs seductively in Gerard’s ear, just as I’m about to run away, “F*ck me…”

Gerard’s POV- ‘Playing movies in my head that make a porno feel like home’
I didn’t f*ck her. I have standards. I don’t go around screwed drunk teenagers. Even if I probably want it even more than they think they do. I lie in bed now with the alcohol fuzzing up my brain but also preventing me from slipping into the sleep I desire so much.
I keep replaying tonight over and over in my head. She had been so happy, and a bit drunk, when she’d gotten back. The new life in her made her even more attractive. Then we were talking about we were getting on really well. I told her about Emma and she understood.
She told me things too; about her Dad and some of the things her exs had done to her. I had gone to stop her talking a few times as I was sure she’d regret telling me all these things once she’d sobered up but there seemed to be such a connection between us and I know she felt that too.
I try to ignore the sounds of Charli and Mikey making out that are coming through the wall of my bedroom. You’d have thought that all the alcohol in their systems would slow them down a bit. Apparently not.
So anyway we’d talked and then she’d told me that she wanted to show me something out side. She’d pulled me to my feet and led me down the hall still holding my hand. We’d paused to allow a very drunk person past us and that’s when I kissed her. I’m not sure what made me do it. I just did. She didn’t push me away, that much is for sure.
She kissed me back and we pulled away, looking at each other for a split second before resuming the kiss. It was fast and hard and passionate and it’s turning me on just thinking about it. Her hands wondered over my back and up to my head so she could run her fingers through my hair. I kept mine glued to her waist, pulling her as close to me as physically possible whilst simultaneously pushing her back into the wall. I had been certain that if I allowed my hands to start wondering I would never be able to stop them.
After a while I became aware of someone walking towards us. I moved in even closer to Amy so the person could get passed. This caused her to moan quietly into my mouth as our bodily contact peaked. The person in the hall stopped, staring at us, only moving when Amy whimpered ‘f*ck me’ into my ear. I had broken away to contemplate whether we should or not when I saw Frank walking out the front door. That had bought my world crashing down to reality again quite quickly.
I moved away from her to be given the most bored look ever. “What?” I asked.
“Having second thoughts?” She rolled her eyes and went to walk thought to the kitchen, probably for more alcohol.
“No.” I assured her. “I just don’t think we should have sex right now.”
“Why are you so damn sensible?”
“Because you’re Bob’s little sister.” I had replied. Even though it wasn’t an honest answer it was the truth. Now that I look back I am extremely glad that I didn’t sleep with Bob’s drunken sister, or Frank’s drunken crush… but what about my… what was she to me? I don’t know. It’s hard to explain or to even figure out. Sometimes I love her like a brother. Sometimes I want to see her naked. Sometimes she’s just a mate.
I roll over and try to persuade my alcohol logged brain to shut down and let me go to sleep. I think of Amy again and the way her lips had tasted as they kissed mine, how her sweet tongue had felt exploring my mouth, how her body had felt pressed up close against mine. I put us in all sorts of scenarios, usually resulting in us making out. I wonder what it would have been like to sleep with her. Probably a bit strange at first but amazing all the same.
I fall asleep still thinking about Amy. The last face I see before I slip into X-rated dreams about the pair of us though is Frank’s. Guilt makes my stomach lurch and I wonder why nothing in life, especially love, is ever straight forward.
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