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Last time on The Power He has Not:

Potter Estate


"I didn't say leave him. I said don't sleep with him. School is starting soon; you'll need your magic. Harry tells me you're going, and I approve."

"I can't leave now!"

"Harry said you'd say that. He said that if you 'pulled your usual crap' as he put it, he would have the elves put you and your things out the door. Don't worry; he isn't planning to sit here feeling sorry for himself. I've seen the look in his eye too many times after too many visits to the Hospital Wing. He's planning something."

Harry Potter and the Power He Has Not.

Chapter 18 - Returns

Potter Estate

Billiard Room:

"You know, it's a shame that you own this magnificent table, and still play like crap" Daniel smiled at him. "2 ball, corner." Click. Thunk. Another ball dropped in a pocket.

"Maybe I'll take up golf and use it as a putting green"Harry flipped another pound coin into the bucket he had set up in the billiard room for that purpose. It was over flowing. "I wonder if using those little spikes on the felt would change your game any?"

"Don't even joke about that. This table is a work of art. AND it's financing my retirement. 6 ball, side." Click. Thunk, and the metallic ring of another coin added to the pile. "You and Hermione are off for London tomorrow?"

"Yes. I'm not sure how long I'll be gone, I'll see her off at the station, then I've got some business. It will probably be December before I get back, if then." He looked embarrassed. "I need to ask a favor of you sir."

"Name it Harry. And my name is Daniel."

"Not to me it isn't sir, at least not until I'm done with what's coming, one way or another. The most lasting effect of my time with my family I guess. Respect for ones elders, first, foremost, and forever. Istill need to earn the privilege of using your name."

The boy looked lost and afraid, but only for a moment. "The favor I wanted to ask is if you would consent to managing this property for me. The Death Eater attacks have left many people in need of help. There are many orphans. I'm going to try to get the worst cases sent here. I'll hire more Elves to help with everything, but these kids are going to need the human touch, if you and Mrs. Granger are willing I'd like that human touch to come from you." He met Daniels eyes levelly. "Seeing how well Hermione turned out, I can't think of anyone better in the world."

"I'll have to talk to Emma, but I can't imagine she'll say no."

Harry sighed, and closed his eyes. So very quietly, he said"Thank god."

"Oh Harry?" Daniel looked a bit pained. "I'm sorry I got so upset yesterday"

"Don't worry about it Sir, I was being presumptuous."

"No, you weren't. I was being an ass. Emma and I discussed it last night. Go ahead."

Gourock Scotland

Train Station:

Harry left the ticket counter. "The train to Glasgow will be here in about 20 minutes. We'll have to get the tickets to London at the Queens Street Station, they don't sell them here."

Hermione was quiet. The departure from the Potter Estate was a somber one. Here parents wanted her to stay where it was safe, but understood what she needed to do.

"If we hide here and don't do what we can, we'll be hiding forever."Her mother had said. With Harry's magic gone she and Ron needed to rally the DA to protect the school. The young children deserved at least that much. No matter how much she wanted to stay on the Potter grounds hidden from the world, she had responsibilities.

"We'll have about 6 hours to burn in Glasgow, fancy a bit of shopping?"

"Sounds like fun." It did really, she could use the fun. After a break of about a week, last night she had the nightmare again. Harry and her mother slumping to the floor after being hit by the killing curse. Her father falling to the floor glassy eyed from another, and then the six of them came for her, her magic ineffectual in her fear. The six of them tearing at her clothing while her parent's lifeless eyes looked on, intent on taking the gift she saved for Harry...

She had risen from her bed and made her way to Harry, warnings be damned. He protested until she started to cry, then he took her into her arms and held her until she was once again sleeping, only happy dreams now.

After sad goodbyes to her parents, the young couple were walking toward the gate, when they heard the Malfoys calling. Narcissa was as beautiful as ever, still in that plastic doll way. Draco looked embarrassed. When she and Harry approached, Draco extended his hand.

"We'll never be friends Potter, but I owe you for my mother's life. I will pay you back."

Harry too his hand. "If you want to pay me back, take care of your mum, and live a good life Malfoy. Be happy. Raise kids that know they are better than everyone else by their actions, not by who their father is."

Bidding the Malfoys good bye, the couple again turned toward the gate.

"If things had been different, we could have been friends. The way you plot the destruction of your enemies if very Slytherian... Harry."

"Yeah, if things had been different. The way you came to an enemy to plead for your Mother's life shows you got a huge pair of Gryphindor's between you legs... Draco."

Hermione had smacked him for that. "Do you boys have to make everything about your dangly bits? Honestly." Harry had just smiled.

The train was pulling into the station, not as Victorian as the Hogwarts express, it was a fairly modern electric train.

"Well, let's go. Our adventures await."

Diagon Alley


Harry and Hermione were ushered into an opulent office. An opulent office that appeared to be in a cave.

"Mr. Potter, Ms Granger, good to see you. I am Ragnak, Manager of this bank. How can Gringotts be of service to you today?"

Hermione was surprised that the Bank Manager knew her name. Knowing Harry Potter she could understand, but last she checked her personal vault has less than 12 Galleons in it.

"I apologize for wasting your time Sir, there seems to have been a mistake, my business with Gringotts is far too unimportant to take up your time Sir. I only wished access my vault to make a withdrawal, and hire the services of the Bank to establish a will."

"For the Potter Account, Potters who have reached their Majority have always dealt with the Bank Manager Mr. Potter. I personally assisted your father and grandfather when they reached their majority, I will assist you, and look forward to assisting your children."

Hermione and Harry exchanged looks, the Potter fortune must be a bit larger than either of them had imagined.

My sympathies for the attack on your parent's home Ms Granger. I must say you all acquitted yourselves well, with there being only one magic user in the home at the time. e Death Eaters killed, one by magic, two by Muggle weapon, and three rendered unconscious until they were captured by Aurors, one by magic and two by ..." he looked at a piece of parchment on his desk, "two by Muggle gaming equipment." He looked up at the couple. "The Auror report shows evidence that a killing curse was cast by one of the assailants, but no spell damage associated with that curse was found. Humor the curiosity of an old goblin if you will, what did the killing curse hit?"

"Uh, me."

"I thought as much, given what I've heard of your current condition." Noting the look on his face, Ragnak continued. "Gringotts takes great pains in being aware of our major account holder's situations."

"Thank you Sir. Harry handed over the parchment upon which he had sketched out his intentions for his will. "This is basically what Iwant to do, but I don't know all of my holdings. Could the estate experts help me with it?"

"Certainly. Could you return, say, Wednesday at noon?"Harry nodded. "Excellent. When you reached your majority, your trust vault was folded back into the Family vault. You will need this key." He held it out to Harry and signaled for Griphook to enter.

"Ah Griphook, Mr. Potter needs to go to his family Vault."


Following a substantially longer ride in the cart, they arrived at the Potter Vault. Griphook used his key to open the vault and stood aside as they entered.

There was so much cash. That did not make any sense to Harry, who remembered a primary school lesson on banks, how depositor's money was invested so as to earn interest, not laying about in a vault somewhere. Hermione was looking at the books predictably. Harry, for something else. There. He opened the box... Perfect.

Kings Cross Station

The Corner Cafe:

"Every year I've seen this place, but we never got here early enough to grab something."

"Well we've certainly broken tradition this year. Two hours early" The tea was luke warm despite having just been served; the cakes were nice though "Hermione, I did something stupid the day before we left."

"I knew that something happened, Mum and Dad were in quite astate, and you just sat in your room. Did you try and give them money again?"

"No, I asked your parents for permission to ask you to marry me."

For the first time since he'd known her, Hermione was speechless. "Your father doesn't think it would be a good idea. That it might be a war marriage, rushed into due to the dangers we face. He makes a lot of sense."

"Harry?" tears were beginning to form in her big brown eyes.

"Before we left, he had reconsidered, and gave me his permission to ask. I thought you should know. I also think you should know that he convinced me. We are very young, and how much of this is the circumstance, and the knowledge that we will be separated? I don't think that effects how I feel about you, but it might... "She still wasn't talking, but the tears were really starting to flow. "So I thought I might ask you to think about the possibility of us. I love you Hermione. I want to be with you for the rest of our lives, how ever long that may be." From a pocket, he produced a ring. "This was my mothers, my grandmother's before her, and so on for at least 5 generations of the Potters." He produced a heavy gold chain. "If you're willing to consider me, wear the ring on this chain, and think of me. I'll know." Hesitantly Hermione took the ring and the chain. "If you decide your answer is yes, just put the ring on your finger. It will resize to your finger. And I'll know."

"How do you know all this?"

"My grandmother's journal had several entries on her betrothal ring. I found the journal in the master bedroom. I've been reading it a lot. She loved granddad with all her heart. About half as much as I love you."

And he was swept into a hug from which he could hardly breathe. Amused commuters smiled at the kissing, crying couple.


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