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A/N: I own none of this. Do we really need to do this every time? I mean could anyone smarter than a retarded spider monkey mistake my drivel for JKR?

Last time on The Power He has Not:

Ottery St. Catchpole

The Burrow


"I'll be in the stands with Hermione and Victor Krum. Victor will be so cute, telling everyone he knows you."

Krum will be telling people he knows me "So where's Harry for all this? And Hermione gets together with Victor?"

"Oh, no. Hermione will be there with her husband Marcus. Victor will be there because he's going to be a commissioner for the World Cup." She looked a little sad. "I don't know where Harry will be, I've never seen him there."

Harry Potter and the Power He Has Not.

Chapter 17 - Interludes

Potter Estate

Master Suite:

Hermione led Madam Pomfrey to Harry.

"At my age, I don't make that many house calls anymore"Poppy pretended to be upset. "Especially at the demands of a house elf.

"I tried everything I could think of to get Harry to you, but nothing worked. I can't apparate him anymore, even Dobby can't, and Icouldn't think of anything but to send Dobby to ask you to come."

"It isn't a problem Ms. Granger. Just one of my jokes. Levitated inside a sphere of visible magic you say?" Why was it always a unique experience treating Harry Potter? "I'll tend to him. You should see to his elf friend, he isn't looking well at all."

Potter Estate

Dining Room:

Daniel surveyed the selection of items available for breakfast. "We need to hire one of these little people. I've never met anyone so happy to work and so delighted to please."

"I don't know if I could take their cheerfulness every morning." Emma said looking out the window at the grounds. "I also don't know if I could take the utter despair they go through if they think they have displeased you." She paused. "I also don' t know if I will be able to survive the utter despair that Hermione will go through if anything more happens to Harry."

"Tell me about it. It isn't much easier for us. How can anyone not love the kid? He treats Hermione like a princess, He keeps playing pool with me, handing me a pound every time I sink a shot. He took a shot intended for you that he thought would kill him. As long as I can keep pretending that Hermione is sleeping in her room every night, the boy is my new best friend."

"They haven't been intimate Daniel"

"Right. I was 17 once Em, don't try and sell that one."

"I knew you at 17 Daniel. The only one you were sleeping with was me. No matter how you remember it, you weren't nearly as fancible as young Mr. Potter. Hermione asked me if there was something wrong with her."

"What?" There is nothing wrong with Hermione. I'll hurt the little...

"The night we got here, I saw what was on her mind and we spoke about it. I gave her our blessing. She offered herself to him. He told her she was upset, and that doing anything under those conditions would be unwise. He told her that he wanted her badly but that he needed to wait until it was over."

"What?" How could any man turn down my gorgeous little girl?

"He doesn't think he's going to survive this Daniel, I think he's afraid that if their intimate, he'll leave her with his baby." She shook her head sadly. "I assured her that under any normal circumstance Harry would probably be all over her. She told me he holds her at night, they cry alittle, and he's there if she has nightmares. And she has nightmares every night. He's there for her." She looked at him, and continued in a small voice"Just like you're there for me."

Ah, damn it all to hell. How am I supposed to deal with that? "Do you think I should talk to him when he gets better?"

"And tell him what exactly? 'Go on, do her.'?"

Potter Estate



A 'pop' of Elvin apparition. "Yes Ms Harry Potter's Grangy?"

"Dobby, are you alright? You appear to be ill."

"It is nothing Ms. Harry Potter's Grangy. Dobby is weak because he is not bonded to a wizard. Dobby was bonded to Harry Potter sir when he was a great wizard, but when he became a great man without magic, the bond went away."

"But you're a free elf Dobby, why would not being bonded hurt you?"

"Elf magic is tied to bond with a wizard or witch Ms Harry Potter's Grangy. When Harry Potter Sir helped Dobby be free, Dobby bonded to him. This is way Dobby always comes when Harry Potter Sir, or Harry Potter Sirs friends call."

"Couldn't you find another wizard to bond with?"

"Dobby could try, but Dobby will not. Dobby will not leave Harry Potter Sir while he is weak. Dobby would die first."

/He's willing to die to help Harry/. "Could you bond to any wizard or witch, even one who didn't want you to work for them? A muggleborn maybe?"

"Oh yes, any wizard, Ms Harry Potter Sir's Grangy."

"Dobby, would you like to bond with me? If you do, I would ask you remain with Harry to help him."

"Oh yes, please!" He grasped her left hand in both of his. She never felt so huge before. A sensation like an electric shock passed between them. "Would Hermione Granger Like anything before Dobby attends to Hermione Granger's Harry?"

Ottery St. Catchpole

The Burrow

The Paddock:

"Where will we live?"

"In a nice little house near the shore. You will take the children to the sea to learn to swim, and we will make love on the beach on warm nights." Luna got that far away look she was famous for "You make me happy now, and will in the future."

'Is this real Luna? Do you really know what is going to happen?"

"I know what is going to happen to me." She stooped to pick up a smooth stone, marveling at the colors it held. "I see what I will see; Iknow what I will know. Of course," she put the stone into the left front pocket of her jeans "the future me also knows what the past me knows, it's only fair."

"Do I ever disappoint you?" Ron had a sneaking suspicion that he frequently disappointed people.

"Only once."

"What do I do? Am I a jealous git? Do I hurt you?" Fear in his voice. He had hurt Hermione more than once with his stupidity. "Do I Cheat?"

"You could never hurt me Ronald, it isn't in you. And the fact that you will die while we are making love proves you never cheat on me." She found another stone, so very different from the first; it too was saved in the pocket. "Because if you cheated on me, you would have died from some most horrible curses that Harry has taught me." She smiled up at him.

Ron shuddered, just a little bit, making a note to find our just what curses Harry had taught her. "Then how will I disappoint you?"

"When you buy your parents a new home, the year you captain your Cannons win the cup, you don't let me check it for Plistos. As aconsequence, Molly gets the most horrible new hairdo..."

Potter Estate



This can't be good. Poppy Pomfrey has never once used my given name. "Yes?"

Poppy entered the library wiping her hand on a towel. "He's awake. He's fine. The blood was mostly from a bloody nose, and few cuts."

"He fell at least 20 feet on to a marble floor!"

"It must be that damned Quidditch. Even unconscious, he knew how to fall. From the bruise, he appears to have taken most of it on his butt." She shook her head. "Except for the curse, he's fine, I gave him a Muggle sedative, he'll sleep through the night."

"And the curse?"

"Has gotten stronger. Every single magically created item Itook into that room disappeared. Transfigured items returned to what ever they were originally. He is putting out a field of no magic, inside its area, magic doesn't work. Which brings me to your sleeping arrangements."

"What about them?"

"I'm not that old Hermione. I remember being 17 and being with a handsome young man. That and I saw your sleepwear under the pillow on'your side'." The older witch smiled at the embarrassed girl. "You need to move down to one of the rooms near your parents."


"This is important Hermione. I was in there for an hour. I've had a 10 percent drop in my magical reserves. When I exited the room, Iwas pins and needles over my entire body. I am already regenerating those reserves, but if you are in there for 8 hours, I don't know how drained you'll be, or if you can come back from it."

"I don't care. He's lost everything, we've started to find each other, and I won't leave him."

"I didn't say leave him. I said don't sleep with him. School is starting soon; you'll need your magic. Harry tells me you're going, and I approve."

"I can't leave now!"

"Harry said you'd say that. He said that if you 'pulled your usual crap' as he put it, he would have the elves put you and your things out the door. Don't worry, he isn't planning to sit here feeling sorry for himself. I've seen the look in his eye too many times after too many visits to the Hospital Wing. He's planning something."


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