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a fishy tale

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A fishy tale.

Category: Tactics - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Haruka, Kantarou, Youko - Published: 2006-01-08 - Updated: 2006-01-08 - 104 words

a fishy tale

- Kan-chan, where did the cat come from?

- It just came in by itself. Isn't it cute?

- It's very friendly. But it smells a little fishy. I wonder whose cat it is.

- Have you seen Haruka?

- No, I was just going to wake him for breakfast.


- Oh, he's found it.

- What?

- There is a MACKEREL in my BED!

- Go rescue him, Youko.

- Kan-chan! Did you put it there?

- Would I do something like that?


- That's really mean, Kan-chan.

- Go, go. Haruka's really terrified of mackerel.

- Kantaro! You--

- Haruka, you're up! Let's bring the cat back to the fishmonger.

- No!

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