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Leeblit Squad Barracks.

Slikmor’s chamber:

“Whom I mate with is no business of yours Brother”

Mate with? What the hell? “Uh, I’m right here.” The two goblins turned their attention to him. “I’m betrothed to a girl I love a whole lot.” He turned his attention to Lorath “Not that I’m not flattered, but I…”

“Shut up Human. My brother jumped to conclusions. I have no such intentions toward you. Besides, “she looked at him in an evaluative way “You couldn’t handle the ride.”

Harry turned to Slorhook. “A friend would kill me, right now.”

“A friend wouldn’t have turned down my sister” Slorhook gave him a death stare. Then started to laugh.

Harry Potter and the Power He Has Not.

Chapter 26 – Reunions


Leeblit Squad Barracks.

Slikmor’s chamber:

It was the third day of his convalescence. The forced inactivity was driving Harry slightly mad. Another round of pushups hadn’t taken the edge off, but at least his knee was only stiff and not the hub of agony in his universe. Goblin medicine was good stuff. No magic at all that he could see or detect, but the results couldn’t be argued with.

His chamber was a frequent meeting point for his squad mates. Hostile toward his presence at first, they had come to accept him over time. His capturing the crystal had sealed the bonds between them. After all, with that success (for it was the success of the squad, not an individual) Leeblit Squad had become legends. There was already a book in the works about them. Goblin publishers promised huge profits for the story of the squad that succeeded despite being saddled with a human for comedy relief. The story was also rumors that the Goblin cinema was interested in the story as an action/comedy. Harry had seen a few Goblin movies. They were… different. Humans were usually villains, or at best, idiot sidekicks who lusted (!) after the goblin heroine, who kindly turned him down explaining that she didn’t feel ‘that way’ for him, despite his ‘wonderful personality’.

They spent as much of their off duty time with him as they could, smuggling in food and drink, most specifically NOT on his healer approved menus. Harry hadn’t been much of a fan of most goblin foodstuffs, but they certainly knew their mushrooms. He had learned to love the varied fungi in all the forms they took in goblin cuisine. He had never experienced mushrooms in his muggle upbringing, and it seemed that the house elves never used them either. Harry was amazed at the omission. He was also amazed at the omission of Goblin Ale. That was good stuff.

Harry had discovered during his time with the goblins that there was no such thing as a Goblin ‘mean drunk’. A drunken goblin was everyone friend. Just last night a very drunken Thutnose had thanked him for hours for coming to join the squad. Thutnose had been terrified that he would have been the kmigntor (roughly translated to ‘worst of the squad’) if Harry hadn’t been there. Thutnose was a goblin Neville Longbottom (prior to the DA); he was a goblin of very high status (equal to the War Master) and very little self-confidence. Harry assured Thutnose that he would continue to do his level best to be bad at everything. Thutnose told Harry that he was a true friend. Then they both drank some more ale. It was a good night; the only thing it missed was Hermione.

His days were spent trying to get his body to work again, and dealing with healers. When Lorath had made the discovery of Basilisk venom in his blood, which had brought about a seemingly endless parade of Goblin healers to get a look at the oddity that was Harry Potter. Evidently, his survival of the Basilisk bite was unique. Wonderful. Being unique was so much fun. After the novelty of someone who could survive the basilisk bite, kill the basilisk, and remain pathetically below average in everything Goblins deem important wore off, his daytime visitors dwindled to just Lorath, who was uniformly disgusted with his lack of progress in healing. Harry was of the opinion that returning from a shattered kneecap in less than a week was phenomenal progress, but it seemed that he was misinformed.

At least he had received permission to leave Jampap for the 15-day Solstice stand down.


Train Station:

Hermione monitored the platform, ensuring that all the students were aboard before boarding the Express herself. It seemed silly to go all the way to London just to return to Scotland, but this was the way. While she could simply call Dobby to take her to the Potter Estate, as Head Girl she was needed on the train to help maintain order.

Nightmares of the last trip had faded, but she wasn’t going to be alone at any point of the trip. Neville had made sure of that. In addition to the prefects, Neville had a rotating roster of DA members patrolling the train. With the new toys that Neville had given them to play with, Hermione suspected that some of the more enthusiastic members were actually hoping someone would start trouble.

Following a quick perfunctory meeting in the head’s car, Hermione made her way to the compartment that Neville, Susan, Ron, Luna, Padma, and Hannah had claimed. Lavender and Pavarti were off somewhere with new(ish) boy friends. Hermione settled down to wait for her turn to patrol.

Gourock Scotland

Train Station:

The Train pulled into the station just 4 minutes behind schedule. Harry exited to the platform, and then passed through the turnstiles out into the street. He checked the time on the station clock as he passed it. 3 p.m. Plenty of time to hit the shopping district hopefully to find something for Emma. He had gotten something for everyone else in London before starting this trek. Assuming his shopping didn’t take too long, he might even beat Hermione back to the estate.

Potter Estate

Main Entrance:

When Hermione and Dobby appeared in the foyer of the Manor, Daniel and Emma met them. Her parents gathered Hermione into a family hug. Not wanting it to end, they all held each other for what seemed like an hour.

“How was the trip?”

“Hogsmeade to London in 7 ½ hours, London to here in nothing flat. It seemed insane to waste all that time, but I had duties on the train to see every one got there safely.”


“Starved. What’s for dinner?”

“Don’t I get a hello?”

She looked in the direction of the voice. “Harry!” and ran to him, almost knocking him to the ground. Suddenly oblivious to her parents she all but raped him on the spot.

After a few moments of this, Daniel cleared his throat, and Hermione realized she had an audience, broke the kiss.

“You know, if you loved me, you’d wait to do that until I was dead.”


Emma smacked him on the back of his head. “Don’t you ruin my chances of getting Grandbabies to spoil.”

Ottery St. Catchpole

Molly’s Kitchen:

Molly was readying dinner when the door opened; Ron and Ginny entered and were gathered into a hug by the Weasley matriarch.

“It’s good to be home Mum”

“It’s good to have you home Ronald.” Molly turned her attention to her daughter as Ron headed upstairs to his room to unpack. “Are you alright Ginny?”

“I’m better Mum, better than I’ve been in a while. I haven’t been a very good person for a while.”

“Your father and I think we understand dear. He’s pointed out … well, I’m glad you’re home.”

“Don’t worry Mum; I’ve gotten my head on straight now.” She looked into her mothers eyes. “Mum? No more potions, ok?”

“No more potions.”


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