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The Calm

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A/N: No Copyrights were harmed in the production of this work. No money exchanged hands; no real ideas were generated; only minor discussions of my attempts of humor occurred.

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Gryffindor Common Room:

May 20th

Lavender, and Pavarti had invited Padma, Susan, and Hannah to the common room to discuss the lucky witch that Hermione Granger most certainly was.

"I don't know what he's been doing, but Merlin, what a body." Lavender said playing with her Harry doll.

"Hermione said he was learning non magical combat," Padma offered, pulling her Harry out of her book bag. "It seems Luna was right, his bum IS tasty."

"Who are you and what have you done with my sister?" Pavarti laughed, "Since when are you thinking such thoughts?"

"I've always had them Pav, I just don't act on them." Padma sniffed. "Though I must admit, if anything were to happen to Hermione, I'd be willing to console him."

"If Luna is to be believed, it's Hermione that's going to need consoling," said Susan gloomily. "Ron is saying that she's some kind of seer. And she doesn't see Harry after the 25th."

"I don't know if I believe all that seer stuff." Offered Hannah who was teasing Susan with her Harry doll "most of the predictions seem awfully vague. Harry has literally walked into hell more times than he's played Quidditch, he's still here. My money's on Harry kicking You-Know-Who's butt."

"I think you're all missing the most important of Luna's predictions." Lavender interjected. "The battle is supposed to ruin my hair do..."

Harry Potter and the Power He Has Not.

Chapter 35 - The Calm


Griffindor Heads Suite

Head Boy's Bed Chamber:

May 21th

Hermione woke slowly, luxuriating in the warmth of the bed, and the happy realization of who was spooning in behind her. His deep rhythmic breathing told her he was still sleeping. A tiny spike of disappointment clouded her morning. They had yet to consummate their relationship, despite her willingness to do so. Despite her hints to him. Despite her asking him to make love to her. Once again, his damned nobility had kept them both from doing what they so wanted to do.

Their night had not been chaste; no, far from it. They had explored each other's bodies at length with fingers, lips, and tongues. Hermione had been preparing for several years, and via books considered herself well versed in the male anatomy. From Photos anyway. Her research had led her to clinical textbook studies of Human sexuality as well as pornography, both muggle and wizard. She had considered herself well versed on the subject. In theory perhaps, last night had demonstrated to her that the practical was a far different thing, even when compared with her self-explorations. When she had taken him in her hand, she had no way of evaluating the relative size of him. Perhaps Luna and Myrtle were joking with her. He had discovered her breasts; she had discovered how much she enjoyed the attention he paid them. When he brought her to orgasm with his hands, for the first time she could remember, she lost all cognitive thought, a single phrase running through her mind as her body found its release: better than the ring, better than the ring, better than the ring, BETTER THAN THE RING! After recovering, she had returned the favor, amazed by how messy the male version was, yet exciting at the same time.

Together they had left the bed for the bath and cleaned each other, always maintaining contact. They then returned to the bed and cuddled in gentle conversation until sleep claimed them both.

As much as she wished otherwise, she needed to get up. She had class and needed breakfast so that she would be able to concentrate. Sliding out of the bed as quietly as she could, she tried searching for her nightshirt. It was nowhere to be found. Harry had pulled it over her head last night and that was the last she had seen of it, where was it now?

Giving up on the search, she did the only thing she could, she padded to the door of his bedchamber naked, opening the door slowly and peeking out, vowing to herself that if Ron or Neville were there waiting for her as they sometimes were she would hex them into greasy puddles. They were not. In her own chambers she showered and dressed, then after checking that Harry was still sleeping, left for breakfast and the day's classes.


Quidditch Pitch:

May 24th

"Neville, Colin. Good of you to come. Sorry it's so early, but I've got a lot of people to see today"

"You only have to ask Harry. What ever you need."

"Neville, I trust you with my life. More importantly Itrust you to stay behind if I ask you too."

Neville stiffened "It's my fight too Harry."

"We all stand with you Harry!"

"I know you do Colin. And it is your fight as well as mine Nev. I would never insult you by suggesting otherwise. There are reasons for what I am asking you to do. It's easier to show you than try to tell you. Neville, cast at me. It doesn't matter what, transfigure me, hex me, curse me, what ever."

Neville raised his wand and tried to cast the Aguamenti charm. Nothing happened.

"See? Colin, go stand by the far goals, then cast something long distance at me."

Colin ran to his appointed spot, turned, and cast Avis. Aflock of seven or eight small twittering birds circled his head twice before he directed them to Harry. When the flock got within 25 feet of Harry, they dissolved into nothing. Colin ran back, his eyes wide in confusion.

"That is why no one can come with me. If they are near, they cannot do magic. Conversely, the Death Eaters cannot cast on me from adistance. Others would be defenseless and unable to attack. It's best that you all wait until I signal for you to come help." From a shoulder bag, Harry produced the small silver box and a pair of Omnioculars. "Neville, this is for you," he handed over the silver box. "This is what is going to win the war. When I head down the hill to the gate, I want you to flip this switch labeled#1." He demonstrated and a green light came on. "Green means it's on. When Ireach the first of the Death Eaters, flip this switch labeled #2." He demonstrated that as well, a red light came on. "Red means Danger." Harry handed Colin the Omnioculars. "After you help Neville with the remote - no offense Nev, but it's a Muggle thing and Wizards can get confused by them some times. - I want you to keep an eye on me with these. If I go down for any reason tell Neville to push the button." He returned the toggle switches to their original position then pointed to the button. "As soon as you push the button, get everyone DOWN. Lay on the ground until all the noise stops."

"Turn the box on, Arm it, and push the button if you fall. Got it. What have you wired it to Harry?" asked Colin who obviously knew what Harry had done.

"Believe me, you don't want to know. Just make sure everyone gets down."

"I don't understand it, but I'll do it Harry."

"Thanks Nev. There's just one more thing..."

Christchurch New Zealand

The Latimer Hotel

May 24th

The Grangers and Narcissa Malfoy returned from the latest'tour' of a Potter property (where it was becoming blatantly obvious that the word was out that these visitors were to be treated like royalty) all the businesses were well run, and very profitable. There was no reason for these visit other than to get the four of them out of the UK.

On the way to the 'Executive Suite' that was set aside for their use (this hotel was also one of Harry's properties) they stopped at the indoor pool. There was Draco, holding court with just about every young woman staying at the hotel.

The Three adult smiled at each other and made their way to the express lift to the penthouse suite. Once safely behind the door of the suite, they could talk.

"One way or the other it's over tomorrow."

"Young Potter has to win. We can't do this for ever, no matter how pleasant it is."

"He'll win." The adults were startled by Draco's voice. They had not noticed him coming in. "He always wins. At Christmas, I saw the look on his face that shows he has wheels turning in there. I saw the same look every time before he took one of my plans apart and made me eat it. Idon't know what he's got planned, but that lunatic Riddle and Father will both wish they had stayed in bed."


Gryffindor Heads Suite

Head Boy's Bed Chamber:

May 24th 11:45 pm

Hermione had purposefully stayed away from Harry all day. She knew that he was looking for her, but she needed the space to think. The common room was empty, she stood at the door to his bedchamber.

She quietly entered and eased the door closed behind her. She could hear his deep rhythmic breathing and knew he was asleep. She removed her clothing as her eyes adjusted to the dim moon light. He lay on his back, his left arm over his eyes, quiet snores coming from his open mouth.

Naked she slid into the bed beside him, then pushed the blankets and sheet to the foot of the bed and straddled him.

"Hermione? What?"

"You listen to me you selfish ass. You have been teasing me with this damned ring for nine months now. Tomorrow you're going to go off and do the stupid thing you do and probably get your self killed. You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I love you..'

"Of course I do, I"

"You shut the hell up. I'm not finished. I'll tell you when you can talk again. I know you love me. The only thing that keeps us from being married is a fucking ceremony. FINE. I HERMIONE TAKE YOU HARRY TO BE MY HUSBAND DESPITE YOU BEING AN INSUFFERABLY NOBLE OLD FASHIONED FATHEAD WHO DOESN'T KNOW A GOOD THING WHEN SHE'S SITTING ON YOU. IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH, FOR RICHER FOR POORER UNTIL DEATH DO US PART." She was screaming. She needed to calm down.

She looked into his eyes, tears streaming. "Now you talk."

"I Harry take you Hermione to be my wife despite the fact that I don't deserve you in any way and never will. In sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer until death do us part." He smiled that crooked smile that she loved so much. "Do I get to kiss the bride?"

"You get to make love to the bride, or I'm going to sit on top of you and cry all night Mr. Potter."

He pulled her down for the kiss. He did not get any sleep that night.


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