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The Storm

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A/N: No Copyrights were harmed in the production of this work. No money exchanged hands; no real ideas were generated; only minor discussions of my attempts of humor occurred.

Last time on The Power He has Not:


Gryffindor Heads Suite

Head Boy’s Bed Chamber:

May 24th 11:45 pm

“You listen to me you selfish ass. You have been teasing me with this damned ring for nine months now. Tomorrow you’re going to go off and do the stupid thing you do and probably get your self killed. You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I love you..’

“Of course I do, I”

“You shut the hell up. I’m not finished. I’ll tell you when you can talk again. I know you love me. The only thing that keeps us from being married is a fucking ceremony. FINE. I HERMIONE TAKE YOU HARRY TO BE MY HUSBAND DESPITE YOU BEING AN INSUFFERABLY NOBLE OLD FASHIONED FATHEAD WHO DOESN’T KNOW A GOOD THING WHEN SHE’S SITTING ON YOU. IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH, FOR RICHER FOR POORER UNTIL DEATH DO US PART.” She was screaming. She needed to calm down.

She looked into his eyes, tears streaming. “Now you talk.”

“I Harry take you Hermione to be my wife despite the fact that I don’t deserve you in any way and never will. In sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer until death do us part.” He smiled that crooked smile that she loved so much. “Do I get to kiss the bride?”

“You get to make love to the bride, or I’m going to sit on top of you and cry all night Mr. Potter.”

He pulled her down for the kiss. He did not get any sleep that night.

Harry Potter and the Power He Has Not.

Chapter 36 – The Storm


Grounds ¼ miles from Front Gate:

May 25th 12:50 pm

Harry lowered the omnioculars. Tom was early. Good, let’s get this over with. He had the trouser portion of the chain mail on and was pulling the tunic over his head. Hermione glared at Lavender and Pavarti for ogling his chest as the mail settled in place.

“I love you Hermione.”

“I love you….”

“Yeah, yeah, everyone loves everyone.” Ron interrupted. “Don’t even try it Harry. We told you before we tried to get past Fluffy first year, we are together. You go, we go.”

“I know that Ron. That’s why I got the Goblins to make you two some mail as well, it’s over in that trunk by the tree.”

“Too Right!” Ron had seen the looks Harry was getting. He was deliriously happy with Luna, but it never hurt to advertise. Luna walked over to the trunk with Hermione, who was walking with a slight limp.

“Stiff today?” Luna asked.

“A bit.” Hermione answered.

“I told you to use some stretching exercises” Luna grinned at her.

Ron got to the trunk first “Oi Harry! There’s no mail in this trunk.”

“Yeah, I know mate. Sorry! Neville? Luna?”

A pair of “Stupefy” rang out, Hermione and Ron slumped to the ground nervelessly.

Harry crossed to the pair. “If Tom doesn’t kill me, these two probably will.” He knelt and wiped a bit of dirt from Hermione’s face. “I love you Hermione. Goodbye my love.”

“Neville lets get the remotes turned on.” Neville and he both got their remotes. And flipped the #1 toggle switch to on. A pair of green lights came on. Harry turned to the staff and the DA. “Thank you everyone for your support the last couple of days. Please everyone remember, when Neville tells you to get down, get DOWN.”

Harry Potter turned and started the walk down to the waiting horde of Death Eaters. When he reached the gate, he flipped the #2 toggle switch to on. He was rewarded with a bright red light. Exiting the gate and the wards, the air was full of Dementors. Anti-Apparition and Anti-Portkey wards bloomed. That sneaky bastard Riddle was making sure he couldn’t leave. Harry wondered if Riddle noticed the Goblin wards as well. Probably not.

Riddle was sitting on the raised throne he had conjured to match the one at the Malfoy estate. He smiled when the Dementors started their attack.

Harry looked up to the Dementors and felt – Nothing, nothing at all. He smiled. Time to bait the trap. He concentrated on his ring, and the emotions the pair shared washed over him. The psi portion of the Dementors mind locked on to the happy emotions and they descended on him amass. Being creatures of magic, they were reduced to nothing as their magic was stripped away by Harry’s field of null magic and that Dementor magic was amplified and channeled to Tom Riddle. His body reacted to the incompatible Dementor magic by shattering the bones in Riddle’s legs.

Harry never broke step during the Dementor attack, and reached the Death Eaters who parted to let him pass. Out of the crowd bound Fenrir Greyback. Even untransformed he was a homicidal maniac. Harry drew his goblin sword from its scabbard on his back and went into his guard stance . Greyback feinted to the left. Harry read the feint for what it was and moved to his left with a slicing thrust that Greyback ran right into, the killer was disemboweled and died minutes later, screaming in agony.

Harry continued on.


Grounds ¼ miles from Front Gate:

May 25th 13:07 pm

“Greyback is down!” Colin reported, his eyes never leaving the omnioculars.

“Wake Hermione and Ron up Luna” ordered Neville. “They’ll already be pissed at me as is. Don’t want to make it worse by making them miss the end.”

“Ennervate!” said Luna aiming at Hermione. She knelt down and pulled Ron into a sitting position and again said “enervate!” aiming her wand at him. As he blinked back into consciousness, she started to kiss him. Ron forgot for the moment that he was supposed to be angry with her.

“Where’s Harry?”

Padma helped Hermione to her feet and took her to Neville who pointed him out as hundreds of spells arced through the air to dissipate against Harry’s field of Null Magic.

“Damn you Harry Potter, you stupid stubborn man. Damn you to hell, you can’t do this alone!” Hermione screamed into the wind. She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to look into the tear-filled eyes of her favorite teacher, the older woman pulled her into a hug.

“Men like Harry do things like this, its part of the reason you love him.”

Site of the Battle

Killing Ground:

May 25th 13:11 pm

Harry lost count of the killing curses that had hit his barrier. In the distance, he noticed that with each spell impact on the barrier, which he felt not at all, Riddle jerked in his absurd chair. The ground along his path was strewn with the bodies of Death Eaters, and other than Greyback, none of them were his doing. They were victims of Fratricide, the bad aim of their fellow Death Eaters. Harry continued his trek to Riddle.

Riddle was in bad shape, and it was just dawning on him why he was being damaged so badly. The curse that had depowered Potter was still in effect, any magic directed at him was paid forward to Riddle 10 times. Riddle cast Sonorus on himself

“Stop casting. I will deal with him myself!”

Harry completed the rest of his trek to Riddle unimpeded. At 50 feet, Riddle raised his wand. “Crucio!”

The spell arced over the distance between Riddle and Harry and dissipated at the barrier to magic. Riddle screamed.

The Death Eaters did not understand what could be hurting the Dark Lord, but boy had not done anything.

Harry continued. When he got to the platform the throne was on, the platform and throne dissolved to nothing, the still screaming Riddle fell to the ground, then the magic that composed Riddle’s conjured body began to dissolve and recreate its self over and over and over.

“That looks like it hurts” Harry said, smiling widely at Riddle. I thought you should know, I’ve destroyed your Horocrux. I killed your snake.”

Relief flooded Riddle’s eyes. “You fool, you can’t stop me. I didn’t create a single horocrux, I made six, and you will never find them. I will return Potter, and I’ll kill your mudblood whore while you watch.”

“Oh I’m sorry Tommy.”


“Yeah, yeah I know, and I’m Pyjamas the Terror. Mine’s way cooler. Did I say Horocrux? I meant Horocruxes. Let’s see, “Harry dug into his bag. “Diary, “he dropped it to the ground in front of Riddle, “ring,” if fell on the diary. “ Cup,” added to the pile. “Dagger” it fell and broke the cup. “Locket”, “And the Snake.” Nagini’s head in a glass sphere rolled to the ground. “By my count, that’s six. Do you want to check my math Tommy?”

“Damn you Potter.”

“Now is that nice? Before you go, I thought I’d let you know the prophecy you wanted so much. Do you want to hear it? “The one with the power to vanquish the - Dark Lord approaches… born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies… and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not… and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives… the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies…”

“You know, you really screwed up. If you had just left me alone as a baby, no one could have opposed you. Still, if you had left me alone after you were reborn, I still couldn’t have opposed you. It is funny really. Professor Dumbledore always thought the scar you gave me was how you marked me your equal, but it was this wonderful curse of yours that did it. You know what that means don’t you Tommy? The Architect of your defeat, is you, you stupid bastard. You just couldn’t leave well enough alone, which is why you lost. Which is why you’re going to die.

“Goodbye Tom” Harry swung his sword and severed Riddle’s head from his body. With no horocruxes to anchor his life to this plane, Riddle was dead. Finally dead. With Riddle’s death, the protean charm integrated into the dark mark activated, and all of the death eaters fell to the ground in agony. Bellatrix Lestrange managed to cast one last curse before falling.

Since it no longer had a place to channel the magic to, Harry’s null field collapsed. He was struck by the last crucio cast by the death eaters before they fell. He fell to the ground screaming.


Grounds ¼ miles from Front Gate:

May 25th 13:13 pm

“Harry! Harry has been hit by a curse, he’s down. Neville he’s down.”

“Everyone down!” Neville smashed his thumb down on the trigger button on the remote.

Site of the Battle

Killing Ground:

May 25th 13:14 pm

At 12 locations around the site of the final confrontation between the forces of Riddle and Potter caches of muggle C-4 high explosive detonated. The charges were shaped to force the blast inward toward the Death Eaters. In front of the charges were paper cases of Muggle roofing nails that were coated with silver as a special gift for the surviving Werewolves.. These tore through the huddle Death Eaters already in agony from the link of their Dark Marks and their dead Master. Hundreds were shredded and died in agony.

The Goblin war engineers were firm believers in the adage anything worth blowing up was worth blowing up REAL GOOD. Four small canisters of an explosive powder were kicked into the air by small explosive charges. When they reached a height of 20 feet, small charges inside the canisters spread the powder in an almost aerosol manner. The four clouds of powder joined in the center having blanketed the entire killing ground. This single larger cloud was ignited by a thermal charge. Almost instantaneously and intense fireball bloomed reaching temperatures of almost 3000 degrees Celsius and the overpressure wave snuffed the life of most of the survivors left in Harry’s trap. The Pressure wave and Thermal pulse of the detonation propagated away from the center of the killing ground at slightly less than 10,000 feet per second.


Grounds ¼ miles from Front Gate:

May 25th 13:14 pm

Lavender Brown hugged the ground as she had been told. What she did not know was that her latest Hairstyle, a retro ‘beehive’ style was high enough to be in a partial line of sight with the killing ground. The thermal pulse from the explosion lit her hair on fire. Pavarti saw what happened, and cast a quick ‘aguamenti’ spell to douse the flames. Lavender was unhurt, but her hair was almost completely gone.

Hermione started to scream hysterically. Her link to Harry was gone, she watched in horror as her ring, her link to Harry dissolved away into nothingness.


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