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One Tin Soldier

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A/N: No Copyrights were harmed in the production of this work. No money exchanged hands; no real ideas were generated; only minor discussions of my attempts of humor occurred.

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Grounds ¼ miles from Front Gate:

May 25th 13:14 pm

Lavender Brown hugged the ground as she had been told. What she did not know was that her latest Hairstyle, a retro ‘beehive’ style was high enough to be in a partial line of sight with the killing ground. The thermal pulse from the explosion lit her hair on fire. Pavarti saw what happened, and cast a quick ‘aguamenti’ spell to douse the flames. Lavender was unhurt, but her hair was almost completely gone.

Hermione started to scream hysterically. Her link to Harry was gone, she watched in horror as her ring, her link to Harry dissolved away into nothingness.

Harry Potter and the Power He Has Not.

Chapter 37 – One Tin Soldier

Site of the Battle

Killing Ground:

May 25th 14:36

Ron kept moving, if he stayed too long in one place he was likely to become ill. He was trying to think of the bodies at his feet as anything but bodies. The Explosions had thrown bodies and parts of bodies everywhere. Riddle had been found almost immediately his body on one side of the field, his head on another, unburned for some reason. So far, 6 survivors had been found and were in the hands of the Ministry Aurors who showed up, as usual, too late.

The first thing the Aurors did was order everyone out of the killing grounds to ‘preserve evidence.’ They were ignored. Then one of the Aurors (the same one who asked if Susan might not have led her attackers on back in September. Coincidence?) laid hands on Neville to force him off the field. The Auror was hit by 19 different hexes simultaneously. Luckily Auror Shacklebolt showed up before a new war broke out between the Aurors and the DA.

It was Tonks who finally found him. The Goblin Mail had burnished badly in the heat, but had protected him from the firestorm. His boots still smoked, his face was charred but recognizable, the cowl of the mail fell back as she lifted him and his hair was exposed in all of its trademark mess.

Ron refused to believe it until he tugged off the gauntlet on the right hand. He completely lost his composure when he saw the final damnable evidence. The blood quill scars on the back of his hand clearly read ‘I will not tell lies’.

Composing himself, he took his friends body from the sobbing woman. Has he always been this light? How could someone so strong be so light? There would be no apparition. No portkey. Harry Potter had made his last trip as a living man by nothing more than the strength of his body. He would make his last trip as the Hero that saved them all by the strength of the body of Ron Weasley.


Hospital Wing:

May 25th 14:45

Lavender’s hair was already growing back, Madam Pomfrey said that it would be back in all its glory by dinner tomorrow. Lavender shooed Pavarti away to join Padma and Hannah in consoling Hermione. Susan came running in.

“They’ve found him.” She wrapped Hermione in a hug. “I’m sorry Hermione, he’s gone. The Ministry tried to take him, Ron has him and is bringing him back to the castle. The DA is holding the Ministry goons off for now.”

Hermione nodded dully. Madam Pomfrey had given her a dose of an especially strong Calming draught. It was hard to think. “Dobby”

There was a pop and the diminutive elf stood before her. “Yes Hermione Potter?”

The girls noticed the surname change and looked at her closely.

“Dobby, could you please go to Gringotts? Tell the manager of the Potter vaults that I need my parents as soon as possible please.”

“Dobby do that Hermione Potter” and he disappeared with another pop.

Christchurch New Zealand

The Latimer Hotel

May 27th

A knock at the door interrupted the morning meal. Draco excused himself from the table and answered it. There waiting a goblin in a muggle suit.

“G’Day, might you be Daniel Granger?”

One of the few bits of wisdom from his father that Draco had taken to heart was ‘always be polite to the Goblins. They control access to your money’. “No sir, he’s having breakfast, would you come in?”

Draco lead the Goblin to the table where his mother and the Grangers had stopped eating and were looking at the small being with interest. “This is Daniel Granger sir. Mr. Granger, this is?”

“Oi, we’re not all that formal herebouts Mate, my handle’d be Oddbit. I’m here at the request of the ‘ome office. Lady Potter asked that we get you lot ‘ome as soon as possible.”

“Lady Potter?”

“Surprised us too, twernt no Lady Potter until two days ago, now there is. We got this portkey, should take you right to the ‘ome office.”

The Three adult looked to each other in confusion.

“All of us, or just her parents?” asked Draco.

Oddbit shrugged, makes no difference to me, the ‘ome office didn’t specify, but unless you’re wantin to stay, it’s an ‘ell of a lot faster than one of those aeroplane things.” Oddbit reflected for a second “Oh, I forgot to say there was a message. ‘Voldemort is dead.’ We were all wondering at the Brisbane office, who is he?”

“No one of any importance. I think we’ll get ready to go. Cissy? Draco? Are you coming as well?”

“I think we shall Daniel, thank you.”

“Just grab what you really need, the bank will take care of the rest of it for you, all part of the service for our best customers.”

“Thank you Oddbit” said Emma as she went to pack to see her daughter.

Site of the Battle

Killing Ground:

May 28th

It had been decided, somewhere, by someone that Harry would be buried at the site of the final battle. Professor McGonagall had transfigured a large stone that Hagrid had his brought in into an 8-foot tall obelisk. On each side Hermione engraved a verse. The obelisk was covered with a tarp to wait its official unveiling at the official ceremony. Other than the time she spent on the obelisk, Hermione had spent almost every moment with her parents. The headmistress came to her asking if she would address the audience at the ceremony. Hermione begged off.

“Ron will do it. It will be quite memorable.” Offered Luna.

“Luna, I don’t speak in public!”

“For Harry?”

“Damn it… sorry professor. All right, I’ll do it.


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