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A/N: No Copyrights were harmed in the production of this work. No money exchanged hands; no real ideas were generated; only minor discussions of my attempts of humor occurred.

A/N2: Much like Generalissimo Franciso Franco, Harry is valiant in his struggle to remain dead.

Last time on The Power He has Not:

Site of the Battle

Killing Ground:

May 28th

It had been decided, somewhere, by someone that Harry would be buried at the site of the final battle. Professor McGonagall had transfigured a large stone that Hagrid had his brought in into an 8-foot tall obelisk. On each side Hermione engraved a verse. The obelisk was covered with a tarp to wait its official unveiling at the official ceremony. Other than the time she spent on the obelisk, Hermione had spent almost every moment with her parents. The headmistress came to her asking if she would address the audience at the ceremony. Hermione begged off.

“Ron will do it. It will be quite memorable.” Offered Luna.

“Luna, I don’t speak in public!”

“For Harry?”

“Damn it… sorry professor. All right, I’ll do it.

Harry Potter and the Power He Has Not.

Chapter 38 – Requiem

Site of the Battle

Memorial Service:

The service was running into its 4th hour. The Minister alone rambled for an hour and a half about how he supported Harry at every turn. Finally, it was Rons turn. He approached the podium with the speech that Hermione had helped him with, and that he had practiced until the small hours in the common room. Of all his friends, Luna was the only one unhelpful.

“You’re wasting your time. You aren’t going to read that.”

“I met Harry Potter on the Hogwarts Express when he… when he…” He stopped and angrily wadded his prepared statement and threw it to the ground. “I can’t do this. I’ve been here listening to people lie for the last 4 hours. Not one of you two faced liars knew Harry Potter. Not one of you liars consistently supported Harry Potter.

Madam Brassly, you were on the Wizengamot when it convened in full session to try Harry for Use of Underage Magic. You have just given a speech listing how you admired him. You are a liar.

Madam Umbridge, do we really need to discuss your torturing Harry with a Blood quill forcing him to scar his hand with “I WILL NOT TELL LIES” for the crime of saying that Voldemort had returned? Have you forgotten the life time ban for playing Quidditch you handed him for daring to defend the memory of his mother, who you called a ‘mudblood’ to his face. Or your threat to use unforgivable curses on him? If you are still here when I get done talking about the rest of the liars who came here to praise Harry in death after abusing him in life I will hex you into a large greasy puddle you unspeakable bitch.”

“You Mr. Titus, you spoke of your admiration for Harry. Odd isn’t it that you alternated between calling him an attention seeking child and savior of the wizarding world. You are almost the worst kind of lying bastard, you lie for money. Pathetic.”

“And you Minister, just last summer you attempted to have the House of Potter declared extinct, to confiscate his inheritance because you are an unspeakable bastard. I was left in possession of pensieve memories detailing your every dirty dealing with Harry and Harry’s interests. I am going to see those memories published, your political life is over you will never be elected to anything for as long as you live.”

He turned his attention to the crowd. “None of you deserve to be here, none of you are worthy of his sacrifice, not even me. I’m the worst of all. He was my friend and I betrayed him so many times over the years. There have been exactly 5 people in Harry’s life who always looked out for him. Minerva McGonagall, Flitus Flitwick, Two of his teachers who supported and nurtured him in a world that so routinely treated him like trash. Dobby, a house elf who rebelled against his master to protect Harry because Dobby saw him as a “Great Wizard”. Luna Lovegood, who sees the good in everyone, loved him like a brother, and His Fiancé Hermione Granger who has supported and helped him even when he was a prat. You all make me sick. I make me sick. I’m finishing Umbridge, you’d best be running.”

Ron left the stage. There was a pause and the crowd exploded in applause.

Headmaster McGonagall gestured and the tarp evaporated. It was white ivory and 8 foot tall. On each side was engraved Hermione’s favorite verse "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends" (St. John 15:13).on each side, as well as the inscription “Sacrificed all for Others – 25 May 1997 – Harry James Potter.”

McGonagall was gazing at the obelisk, “the quotation you chose is quite lovely Ms Granger where is it from?”

“From the bible Professor.”

“Ah.” She paused. “Ms Lovegood was quite correct.”

“About what Professor?”

“Mr. Weasley’s presentation WAS quite memorable.”


Gryffindor Heads Suite:

Common Room

Hermione and her parents were sitting in her common room.

“So what are your plans Love?”

“I guess I’ll finish up here Mum, get my N.E.W.T.S.. I guess I’m going to come home if that’s ok. I think I am done with the Wizarding world, at least for now. I thought I’d look into University.”

“Of course it’s ok Love.” Emma pulled her only child into a hug. “Are you ready to talk about Harry?”

“I don’t know. Part of me is so angry at him for going without me. He had Neville and Luna stupefy Ron and me to keep us from following him”

“How many Death Eaters were there?”

“The Aurors said just short of 700 Daddy.”

“So, he stunned you two to keep you from following him in to an area full of magic users you couldn’t possibly shield yourself from unless you were so close to him you wouldn’t be able to use your magic. Also to keep you out of a trap that he couldn’t spring until he killed the head Death Eater, and then couldn’t get out of himself. You’re right to be angry at the selfish bastard.”


“I’m sorry Hermione. He did what he had to do to do what needed to be done AND keep you safe. As far as I’m concerned the only thing he did wrong was not survive.”

A moment of silence passed between them. “So when are you going to explain being ‘Lady Potter’?”


“The Goblins are calling you ‘Lady Potter’ now. They said you suddenly appeared on their roles with no warning.”

Hermione gasped and covered her mouth with her hand.

“What did you just think of Hermione?”

“I think I may have married Harry.”

Her mothers eyes narrow. “You think you MAY have married him?”

“I told you about the magical ring. He had been in my mind for months and months. Not him, but his emotions, his feelings for me, his desire for me. It was driving me crazy. Then he got here, and we were together, we slept together.” She blushed. Her father’s mouth set its self in a firm line. “But he wouldn’t consummate the relationship. He said it wasn’t right, said it would be a violation of your trust. The night before he died, I screamed at him that the only thing that kept us from being married was the ceremony, and that I wanted him so I said the classic verse to him ‘I take you’ and all that, he said it back to me. There aren’t really any laws covering a magical wedding, couples exchange vows and their intent seals their magic to the bond. Despite being depowered, the magical monitoring systems must still have detected our pledges, and that we meant what we said. I would have to check to find out what it means. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do this behind your backs…”

Again her mother pulled her into a hug. “Love that is possibly the single most romantic thing I have ever heard. I just wish he was still here to love you.”

Site of the Battle

Potter Memorial:

The five girls had snuck out of the castle and traveled to the memorial as quietly as they could. They approached the memorial, careful not to disturb the everburning candles and flowers left at the obelisk by others to honor the man they had all lost.

Pavarti started. She held out her Harry Doll, and pressed it against the north face of the marble spire. “Thank you Harry for everything you’ve done, for being my friend, for the Yule Ball, for being such a good man, no matter how we treated you.” She transfigured the doll to marble and sealed it to the pillar.

Lavender stepped up to the west face of the obelisk with her Harry doll. “Thank you Harry for never treating me like some kind of slut like so many of the other boys did. For teaching me to defend my self and for sneaking those looks at me when you didn’t think I was looking. You made me feel so special.” She transfigured the doll to marble and also sealed it to the obelisk.

Susan went to the east face of the pillar. “Thank you Harry for the times you stopped Malfoy from touching me, that always made me feel valuable and safe. Thank you for your kind words and the hug when my Aunt was killed. Thank you for being you.” Her doll joined the others sealed to the obelisk.

Hannah took the South face. “Thank you Harry for everything you have done. Thank you for the kind words in the hall when I was feeling bad. Thank you for the attention when my Parents were killed. Thank you for being you. Thank you for having such a tasty bum.” The others smiled and Hannah blushed as her Harry joined the others.

Padma finished “Thank you Harry for showing us what men are supposed to be like, for allowing us to get to know Hermione through you, because we probably would have ignored her otherwise and been the poorer for it. Thank you for allowing us to get to know Luna through you because she introduced us to weirdness at levels we had never imagined. And thanks a whole lot for sticking me with Ron Weasley at the Yule Ball you prat.” She levitated her doll to the top of the obelisk, completing the transmutation.

She turned to the others “Lets get back.” They left for the castle arm in arm.

They never noticed the small tabby cat with markings on its face that looked a bit like spectacles.


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