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Loose Threads

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A/N: No Copyrights were harmed in the production of this work. No money exchanged hands; no real ideas were generated; only minor discussions of my attempts of humor occurred.

Last time on The Power He has Not:

Site of the Battle

Potter Memorial:

The five girls had snuck out of the castle and traveled to the memorial as quietly as they could. They approached the memorial, careful not to disturb the everburning candles and flowers left at the obelisk by others to honor the man they had all lost.

Pavarti started. She held out her Harry Doll, and pressed it against the north face of the marble spire. “Thank you Harry for everything you’ve done, for being my friend, for the Yule Ball, for being such a good man, no matter how we treated you.” She transfigured the doll to marble and sealed it to the pillar.

Lavender stepped up to the west face of the obelisk with her Harry doll. “Thank you Harry for never treating me like some kind of slut like so many of the other boys did. For teaching me to defend my self and for sneaking those looks at me when you didn’t think I was looking. You made me feel so special.” She transfigured the doll to marble and also sealed it to the obelisk.

Susan went to the east face of the pillar. “Thank you Harry for the times you stopped Malfoy from touching me, that always made me feel valuable and safe. Thank you for your kind words and the hug when my Aunt was killed. Thank you for being you.” Her doll joined the others sealed to the obelisk.

Hannah took the South face. “Thank you Harry for everything you have done. Thank you for the kind words in the hall when I was feeling bad. Thank you for the attention when my Parents were killed. Thank you for being you. Thank you for having such a tasty bum.” The others smiled and Hannah blushed as her Harry joined the others.

Padma finished “Thank you Harry for showing us what men are supposed to be like, for allowing us to get to know Hermione through you, because we probably would have ignored her otherwise and been the poorer for it. Thank you for allowing us to get to know Luna through you because she introduced us to weirdness at levels we had never imagined. And thanks a whole lot for sticking me with Ron Weasley at the Yule Ball you prat.” She levitated her doll to the top of the obelisk, completing the transmutation.

She turned to the others “Lets get back.” And they left for the castle arm in arm.

They never noticed the small tabby cat with markings on it’s face that looked a bit like spectacles.

Harry Potter and the Power He Has Not.

Chapter 39 – Loose Threads


Ragnak’s Office:

July 1st.

”Mrs. Potter, Mr. and Mrs. Granger, good of you to come in early so that we may discuss our business before the reading of the Mr. Potter’s will.”

“Harry and I never really got married.”

“Our files show that the two of you evoked marriage vows at… “ he referenced a piece of parchment on his desk “oh yes, 12:03 am on the 25th of May, this year. Divorce was no longer an option as soon as Mr. Potter died I’m afraid.”

“Two kids say some words and they are married? And this is legal?”

“Mr. Granger, legality doesn’t really have any meaning in marriages between magical beings. If their magic allows it, it happens. I have read of the legal constraints that your world places on the state of marriage, but three are no such requirements among magic users. Mr. and Mrs. Potter loved each other deeply and sealed it by admitting it to each other. For a normal magical union, that is enough. Mr. Potter’s condition complicated things, but the presence of their betrothal rings made up for Mr. Potter’s lack of magic.”

“Do not worry Mrs. Potter, having been married to Mr. Potter has no meaning in the non-magical world, and no responsibilities in the magical one unless you accept them, Mr. Potter’s will made very sure of that.


Main Lobby:

July 1st.

Hermione and her parents left Ragnak’s office in stunned silence. Fully half of Harry’s fortune had gone to Hermione, with significant amounts being bequeathed to Daniel and Emma as well. Bill Weasley hurried up to them.

“I want you to know I had no idea he was going to do that. I certainly didn’t …”

“Relax Bill. Harry didn’t want the Potter name to die with him. What better way to ensure it’s continuation than to transfer the titles to an honorable man? Besides his real masterstroke was bequeathing the Daily Prophet to Luna.”

“Hermione, really this isn’t right, especially since…” He stopped

“Since what Bill?”

“Nothing, it’s not my place to say. So, you’re leaving our world for a while?

“Yes. I need to get away, I don’t know for how long. Maybe forever. I don’t know yet. Potter Manor is lovely, you and Fleur will love it.” She looked to her parents. “We’ve got to go.”

The Crowds in Diagon Alley parted when Hermione passed, her parents in her wake.

Diagon Alley

Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes:

Staff Room

“Some day, eh Gred?”

“You said it Forge.”

“I always said that Harry was more Weasley than anyone knew.”

Fred reread the copy of the instructions Harry had left for them. “A Million Galleons”


“A Million Galleons. With a condition.”

“A Weasley condition.”

“There IS an out. If we don’t do it, we get 1,000 Galleons.”


“Of course if we take the default amount, this parchment will follow us around for a month making chicken clucking noises.”

“We aren’t cowards. Even Harry feared out powers”



“We aren’t going to do it..”

“We COULD do it.”

“But we won’t.”

“Not because Hermione would hunt us down and kill us.”

“Try and kill us.”

“No, kill us. We’re talking Hermione here.”

Fred considered for a moment. “You’re right. But justifiable fear isn’t the reason we aren’t going to do it.”

“I’m ashamed to admit it you’re right.”

“We won’t do it because…”


“Because… because it would be wrong.”

“The shame of it. We’ve been inflicted with morality.”

“Morality stronger even than our greed. The shame indeed. No one must know.”


Fred nodded. George picked up the parchment. “We are sorry Harry. We will not be desecrating your memorial. We won’t change the inscription to read “Harry and Tommy sitting in a tree” We won’t be painting it day glow colours. We won’t make your body into a tap-dancing inferni. We just won’t do it. We will never do any of the things you suggested.”

The parchment tore its self free of George’s grasp, folded into an origami bird, and said, “Buc buc buc buccah!” The origami bird glowed for a second and split into two, spread their wings and each flew to the shoulder of one of the twins, continuing to ‘buc buc”. The twins sighed, it was going to be a long month.

George looked again at the documents that had accompanied the parchment. “It says here that Fleur did the spellwork on these little pests… You think she’d like to do a little contract work for us?”

“Wouldn’t hurt to ask.”

Ottery St. Catchpole

Lovegood Residence

Luna’s Room:

Ron gazed up at his fiancé, as she rocked her hips oh his pelvis. She took his hands and placed them on her breasts. “Again?”

“Again? Woman I’m not a machine.”

“Oh, poo. We make love three times and you’re no good to me? I’m going to have to take over your care from Molly, she obviously isn’t feeding you enough to maintain your strength.” She lay down on him, pulling him into an embrace. “Your punishment for your weakness will be to cuddle me while I plot the destruction of my competition!”

Ron laughed. “You’re strict, but fair Luna my love. What competition do you believe your self to have?”

“Why Daddy and the Quibbler of course. I love him of course, but since I have become a News Paper Magnate, I realize that he must be destroyed .”


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