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Chapter 1: With A Little Help From My Friends

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The morning after looks bleak, but Andi's favorite ray of hip-shaking sunshine has a proposal that could change everything...

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*Chapter 1: "Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends. Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends. Oh, gonna try with a little help from my friends." –The Beatles *

Sunlight filters through my window, breaching the barrier I'd made with my blankets. I turn my face inwards towards the pillow, burying my face in it in an attempt to avoid the new day. Unfortunately the day has different plans for me.

"Diamond girl, I wanna wrap you around the world, I'll never let you touch the ground, I'll be your Biggie, You'll be my Lil' Kim…"

My head pops up again, the covers falling backwards as I reach for the cell phone that's currently serenading me. I look at the screen, even though I already know whose calling. My lips curve upwards ever so slightly as I check the caller id: Big Poppa. I flip open the phone with my thumb, turning over onto my back as I put it to my ear. "Hello Gabriel…" I can hear his smile through the phone. "Morning sunshine. How's my ever sparkly Diamond Girl feeling this fine A.M.?" I wipe the sleep from my eyes, shrugging, not that he can see me. "She's feeling dull and coal-like." I can hear him clicking his tongue on the other end. "Well that's not going to work at all for me. " I roll my eyes, twisting the ring occupying my left pointer finger back and forth. "Well sir, sorry to tell you, there's not a whole lot you can do about it." He scoffs loudly. "Pfft, that's what you think missy. Get dressed, I'm taking you out." I groan, kicking back the covers, but not attempting to move more than that. "How about…no?"


My body shoots up into a sitting position, eyebrow arching curiously. "One second Gabe, I think someone's at my door." I grab my glasses, haphazardly throwing them on as I swing my legs over the edge of the bed. The knocking continues, though this time it's changed its beat. Why does that sound so familiar? "Hold on, I'm coming…" I call out, slipping on my panda slippers and shuffling out into the hall towards the front door. I stretch myself to the fullest height I can manage, peering through the peephole, only to find a blob of purple staring back at me. I return my focus to the phone in my hand again. "Gabriel…how much time do I have to get ready?" My voice is laced with suspicion, but he keeps his cool. "Oh…I don't know, about…30 seconds…give or take." I smirk, shaking my head as I undo the locks, throwing the door open. "You're ridiculous, you know that?" The lean figure in front of me, spins around, giving me a much better view of the wide-eyed, dark-haired Jewish boy who had moments ago, been taunting me on the phone.

"Yeah, but that's why you love me." He grins back at me before moving forward, long arms wrapping around my waist and lifting me a foot off the ground. "I missed you munchkin!" He pulls his head back, studying me, but not putting me down. "Did you getter even shorter?" I furrow my brow, slapping his shoulder playfully. "Oh shut up, just cause you're the freakin' Jolly Green Giant…" I twist my lips sideways, in an awkward pout, giggling as he presses his lips to my forehead in an overly sloppy kiss. "You know I only do it cause' I love you." He sets me down on the floor once more, ruffling my hair with his oversized hands. "I think its cute how compact and travel-size you are. I can take you anywhere." He laughs, turning me around before placing his hands on my shoulders and directing me towards the bathroom. "Speaking of which…I sort of had an ulterior motive to breakfast."

I glance over my shoulder as I push open the bathroom door, eying him curiously. "And that would be...?" I reach for my toothbrush, squirting a blob of minty green goop onto the bristles, shoving it into my mouth as I watch him. He lifts himself onto the counter, feet skimming the tiled floor. "Well, I was going to ask this over pancakes, but…is that offer you gave me still standing?" I tilt my head, green foam collecting at the corners of my mouth. "Offer? What are you talking about?" I spit into the sink, turning the water on so I can rinse off my toothbrush, dropping it into the frog mug next to the soap dispenser when it's clean. I look back up at him, waiting for an answer, my foot tapping impatiently. "Well…?"

He smirks, a mischievous glint in his eyes, as he uses his thumb to wipe at the remnants of toothpaste, still on my lips. "Well…missy…the one where you offered to come on tour with me and be my DeJesus." It takes a moment for me to register what he just said, but as sure as my name is Andolyn Rochelle Carver, the light does eventually go on. My eyes go wide and I just stare at him for a second, an excited smile finding its way to my lips. "Are you serious?" He just nods, his movements over exaggerative, his head mimicking the move my feet have involuntarily started doing. "Well, DUH! Yes!" I jump at him, nearly knocking him to the ground as I envelope him in a bear hug. "Oh you have no idea how great your timing is…" I whisper into his chest eventually pulling away and letting him breathe.

"Sweet! I was going to have to run away crying like a little girl if you said no." He says with a laugh, hopping off the counter. I usher him out of the room, grabbing a pair of torn jeans and my purple/gray Clan hoodie from the laundry basket in the hall. "Oh yeah, I'm sure you would have been heartbroken, having to continue getting your own Del Taco Egg Burritos at 3 A.M. and wrapping your own gifts to all those celebs you want to impress." I chuckle, slipping out of my p.j. shorts, throwing them at Gabe's head before replacing them with the jeans I'd picked up. "By the way…" I start, slipping my arms into the sleeves of the sweatshirt, zipping it up slowly. "Who are you guys touring with this time?" I pull the hood over my, short, unkempt, cranberry colored hair. He grabs my purse, tossing it over his shoulder like it's his. "So far it's Gym Class, The Academy, and Fall Out Boy." My lips part slightly, falling into an open mouthed smile. Well this should be interesting.
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