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Chapter 2: Newport Living

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Andi gets comfortable with her new digs, can the boys get comfortable with her?

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Chapter 2: "In every circle of friends there's a whore, the one who flirts, and does a little more. But who's to say? This is a social scene anyway. And everyone wants to explore the new girl." –Cute Is What We Aim For

It's been 12 days, 5 hours, 14 minutes, and 7 seconds since Gabe sprung his proposal on me and now I'm sitting here on top of my small green and white polka-dotted suitcase, a well worn, once black Jansport backpack lying at my feet, waiting and wondering. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, but part of me feels as if I'm just running from my problems. Sure I've always been one to yearn for new adventures and an escape from the everyday humdrum of life. But was that really all I was looking for? Or was I just too scared to face being alone again?

Lucky for me, I don't have time to ponder this much longer, because in true Saporta fashion, my new "boss" rides up on his bicycle. Which in itself wouldn't have been so impressive, it was more the 12 foot tall tour bus trailing behind him. He skids to a stop in front of me, pushing his sunglasses up giving me the once over. "Are you sure you're a girl?" I cock my eyebrow upwards, standing before grabbing my bag off the ground, slinging it lazily over my shoulder. "Well last time I checked I still had a vagina. Why??"

He swings his leg over the bike, propping it, then stepping towards me, beginning to circle me like some sort of shark. "Well first of all, there's your clothes…" I look down at my jeans, covered in paint stains and wearing thin in certain places, then up a little at the bright orange Gym Class hoodie I'd pulled on earlier to shield myself from the random arctic wind that had found its way into Los Angeles. "What, these are the most comfortable pair of jeans I own and they're colorful. See, there's some pink paint. That's sort of girly." He rolls his eyes, tugging at the shoulder of the sweatshirt. "Pink paint or not, you look like Patrick Stump sans the sideburns. Why don't you show off that cute little body of yours more?" He grabs me at the waist pinching me. I slap his hands away laughing. "Now why would I do that? I don't need to impress you." I stick my tongue out at him, lifting my suitcase, tossing it at him. "Besides Patrick is adorable, so I take that as a compliment."

His eyes widen a bit and he smirks. "Ah, so you got the hot-to-trots for Mr. Stump?" He slings his arm around my shoulders, leaning towards me as we approach the luggage hold. I roll my eyes, letting my arm fall around his waist. "Did you really just use the phrase 'hot-to-trots'?" He laughs, carefully throwing my suitcase in with the others. "Yes, and don't you avoid the question missy?" He gets right in my face, brushing his nose against mine and I can't help but grin, pressing my forehead to his. "Well then don't be so nosey sir." With that I give him a poke in the belly, turning on my heel and skipping towards the open bus door and running on. "Cobraaaaas!!"

To my disappointment I'm greeted with silence, my face falling as I drop my backpack. I feel a strong pair of hands on my shoulder and lean my head back, looking up Gabe's nose. "What have you done with my Suarez and my Natey-Noo and my Vicky and my RyRy?" He shrugs, pushing me forward and onto a couch. "Sold them on the black market so I could get these sweet kicks." He points at the shoe that's now settled between my legs. What can I say? I never was one to sit like a lady. "So you got a good deal then." I laugh, swatting his leg before pulling him down next to me so I can stretch my legs out over him. "For sure." He pulls off my shoes, tugging at the big toe of my toe sock. I lay back, propping myself up with a pillow, fingers absentmindedly playing with the strings of my sweatshirt. "But really now, where is my welcome wagon?"

"Well Ryland and Alex are meeting us at the venue tomorrow, they missed their flight to L.A., Nate's having a Guitar Hero battle with Joe on the FOB bus, we'll steal him back when we meet up at the next rest stop and we're picking up Victoria in about 20 minutes from the studio." He nods. "Yeah, I think that about covers it. Anything other questions?" I chuckle, scrunching up my nose. "Yeah…did you just let one rip?"

Two games of Go Fish later, the bus comes to halt and I jump up, spinning around like an umbrella in a windstorm. "I win again! Yayuh! Who's your daddy? Who's. Your. Daddy?!" He glares up at me, tossing the card box at my face. "You suck." I wiggle my eyebrows, smiling and plopping down onto his lap. "Yes, but never as good as you do." I stick my tongue out, retracting it, my face contorting in disgust. "Ewww, Gabe, don't ever lick my tongue again." In the background I hear a loud thud, turning to see Victoria, eyebrow arched, the contents of her purse rolling around on the floor. "What on earth are you two doing?" She grins mischievously. "And why didn't you wait for me?!" Her laughter fills the bus as she sprints forward, knocking us both off our seat in her attempt to wrap us both in a hug. "Oh Andi-Dandi, I missed you so much! I've been living with an excess of testosterone for way to long."

Gabe pouts out his bottom lip, pushing us both off him. "Uh hello, didn't you miss me at all?" Vicky looks at him incredulously. "I saw you yesterday dork. And besides, even though it's not always obvious, you fall into that excess of testosterone category." I can't help but giggle, pulling myself up, before offering a hand out to Victoria. "Anyways..." She starts, taking my hand, but not before shoving the escapees from her purse back into their prison. "How've you been girly-cue?" I shrug, biting my bottom lip, not sure I really want to get into the story of how my life was down falling prior to Gabe's visit just yet. "Oh you know...bored mostly..."

Over the next few hours we all catch up, swapping stories, me conveniently avoiding the subject of Jason anytime the conversation seems to be veering in that direction. The only thing I offer when the question becomes unavoidable is that we'd had some differences and decided it was best to go our separate ways. They both seem to want more, but don't push, which I'm very grateful for. Eventually the conversation dwindles, Gabe has to make a phone call, Victoria goes to reclaim her bunk and I make myself comfortable on one end of the couch, turning on my ipod and drifting off to the sounds of David Bowie serenading me.

*~Patrick's P.O.V.~*

The bus stops, allowing me, finally, an escape from the 4 hour Guitar Hero battle of epic proportions, that had ended in Nate kicking Joe's ass. I step out onto the asphalt, the crisp night air biting at my cheeks as I zip up my jacket. I'm followed closely by Pete, who decides jumping on my back for an impromptu piggy back ride might be fun. "Oy, get off." I laugh, trying to shake him off. "Aww, but, but..." I straighten out my hat, pushing my glasses up before shoving my hands back in my pockets. "But nothing unless you want me to drop you on your ass in front of everyone." He looks around, falling into step beside me as we make our way towards the Cobra bus. "You mean in front of the sleeping bum and that stray cat?" I look over my shoulder, noticing that the parking lot was in fact empty. I guess Nate was still getting his stuff together. "Uh, yeah?" It comes out as an awkward question and Pete just laughs, pausing to answer his vibrating iphone. He veers away from me, propping himself up against the side of the bus, a vacant look taking over his face.

I approach the open door, knocking as I step up and inside. I look around, calling out for a sign of life. "Knock, knock. Gabe? Victoria? Anyone home?" I take another step forward, stumbling as my foot becomes entangled in the straps of someones bag. I catch myself, one hand on the back of the couch, the other on the edge of its seat. I gulp softly as I realize how close my face currently is to someone else's. Their eyes are closed, full pink lips parted slightly, a soft hum emitting from them. I smile to myself when I note the humming sounds a lot like "Hum Hallelujah". My thoughts are broken by a loud whisper, my gaze moving upwards only to find Gabe staring back at me. "Dude, you better hope she doesn't wake up with you hovering like that." I glance back at the, forgive the corniness, sleeping beauty breathing softly beneath me and nod, carefully pushing myself back to a standing position.

"Who is she? She looks sort of familiar." He steps closer, handing me a piece of gum as he pops a piece into his own mouth. "That's Andolyn, my assistant. You probably recognize her from shows, she's sort of a concert junkie." He smirks, crouching a bit when his arm falls across my shoulders. "And a very big fan of yours I might add." He winks, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. I can feel my face getting hot and elbow him just as two more bodies enter the room. He looks up, pushing past me to give Pete a hug and Nate a noogie, and I lean back against the glossy paneling of the "entertainment center". My eyes wander back to the girl curled up across from me. I can't help but wonder what's going on behind those closed eyelids, but I want to make it a point to find out.

*-Pete's P.O.V.-*

I'm just hanging up with Ashlee when I see Nate approaching, so with the stealth of a cat and the subtlety of a bull in a china shop, I run at him full speed, jumping on him in an awkward front piggy back hug. "Carry me little man." He shakes his head, bringing his hands between us and pushing me off, cracking up as I stumble backwards, losing balance, falling hard on my backside. "Whoa, sorry dude." He manages, giving me his hand, lifting me back up. I shrug, pulling my hood down, walking ahead of him towards his bus. "No skin off my ass..well..not much anyways." I smirk, grabbing the handrails at the entrance of the bus, swinging myself up and over the steps, almost falling again. Fortunately Nate was following close behind and had the sense to push forward. We both saunter forward, coming into the main lounge area only to be bombarded by a Gabe Saporta bear hug. "Oomph, man, you're crushing my windpipe."

He let's go, ruffling my hair before catching Nate in a headlock. I chuckle, brushing past him over to where Patrick's currently leaning, staring in front of him. I follow his line of sight, nudging him with my elbow when I see the girl passed out on the couch. My eyes take in her small form, head tilting as I study her face. "Who's the new kid? Do we know her?" He breaks his gaze, noticing me for the first time. "What? Oh, um, that's Andolyn, Gabe's assistant. He says she goes to shows all the time, so I guess that's why she looks familiar." I nod, scratching the back of my neck absentmindedly. "Oh, that makes sense, I think he mentioned her before a couple times too." I look up thinking, a knowing smile finding its way to my lips. "That's right, she's the one he calls Peteunia." A look of confusion crosses Patrick's cherubic face, so I explain before he can ask. "I guess when she first started talking to Gabe and was emailing him, the name on her email came up as Peteunia Wentziford. It became this big joke between them and..." But I don't continue, because I'm interrupted by a soft groan. "Gabe promised he'd never tell you about that..."

Patrick and I both look across from us at the previously slumbering woman, who's now stretching her arms high above her head, her black tank top rising up to reveal a thin sliver of midriff. She smiles at us both, setting a bright green ipod to the right of her before standing up, her hand extending toward Patrick and then myself. "Nice to meet you boys again. You can call me whatever you like, Andolyn, Peteunia, but most people just stick with Andi." I take her hand, noticing the fair-sized tattoo adorning her wrist, I pull her arm up to get a better look at it, smiling slightly at the delicate laughter that escapes her. The design was beautiful, traditional, colorful; a skeleton key with a diamond at its end, a lock around the stem of the key, and a ribbon encircling the whole the thing, "Do Not Open Before Christmas" written on it. I look back up at her face, her emerald eyes sparkling. "This is..." She nods. "A tattoo, yes. You're pretty quick there sport." She winks playfully, sliding her hand away from mine slowly. I can't help the grin that begins to form on my lips. There was something about this girl, she had sass, and I wanted to get to know her a whole lot better.

*Sorry for the long wait, I had some minor surgery and I've been really tired lately, plus I just got a new puppy :) So he's been occupying my time. I'l try to be a little more consistent. Hope you liked it, reviews and constructive criticism are always welcome. Also, anyone want to be my proofreader?*
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