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Chapter 3: Guilty Pleasure

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Andi's not used to being the new girl, but maybe it's exactly what she needs.

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*Chapter 3: “I don't care about my guilty pleasure for you, shut up, cause we won't stop, and we're getting down, til the sun's coming up..."*

After about 5 minutes of Gabe torturing Nate, I finally manage to wrestle him away, giving the little drummer boy a great big bear hug. I can feel eyes on me though and I whisper close and barely audible into Nate's ear. "Hey, are they staring right now?" I feel him shift his head a bit, not releasing me from the hug I'd started. "I'd say...yes." I bite the corner of my lip, letting him go, and then grabbing his bag from the ground. "I'm going to take this back to your bunk, I'll be right back." I feel something soft hit my head, pausing to see that Gabe had just thrown a pillow at me. "Hey, you're supposed to be MY assistant." I laugh, tossing the pillow back at his face. "What'd I tell you about learning how to share?" I flash a smile at the boys as I pass them, my insides still squirming though. It always made me feel awkward when people stared at me. Despite my secret love of the stage, I’d never quite gotten used to being noticed when I was off it, which was most of the time.

I slip through the doorway that leads to the bunk area, finding Nate's and nestling his bag into one of its corners. A moment later I notice the light hum of snoring drifting down from the bunk above me. I peer behind its curtain, only to find Victoria, mouth open, notebook haphazardly lying across her chest, out cold. I smile, closing the book, then slipping it into the open bag hanging next to her. I catch a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror Gabe keeps by his bunk, my eyes widening a bit. My hair was sticking up everywhere and my eyeliner was seriously smudged, giving me the look of a tired raccoon. I lick the tips of my fingers, doing my best to rub away some of the black, then to tame my unruly locks. No wonder the guys had been staring, I looked ridiculous. I shrug after a while, accepting the fact that the reflection staring back at me now was about as good as it was going to get.

I head back towards the lounge area, bumping into Nate when he enters. "You going to bed already baby face?" I say, brushing his bangs back. He nods, his eyes drooping a bit. "Yeah, making Joe my bitch really wore me out." I arch my eyebrow, trying to hold back my laughter. "You know, if I didn't what you were talking about already, that would've sounded really wrong." He grins crookedly, giving me a kiss on the temple. "It's good to have you back Andi." And with that he disappears into his bunk, leaving me with a small smile playing on my lips. I walk back to where the other three are, maybe feeling just a bit more confident and comfortable, plopping myself down next to Gabe, and consequently Patrick. Our knees knock together gently and an uncontrollable butterfly flutters in my stomach. I offer an apologetic smile, leaning back, my eyes being drawn across the small space to where Pete's seated himself on the floor, he was still staring. I look to either side of me, before giving him an awkward smile. " bout them Bulls?

I awake the next morning, unknowingly smiling to myself. Last night had been fun, even with that awkwardness there'd been at first. Patrick and Pete had stayed on our bus when we left the rest stop, conversing about everything from John Hughes to Transformers to First Kisses, not to mention the very mini John Cusack marathon we'd started. I stress very mini because I got through Say Anything and the first 10 minutes of High Fidelity before passing out on Patrick's shoulder, my feet across Pete's lap. I squeak a little as I begin to stretch my arms upwards, cursing when they hit the ceiling of my bunk. "Motherfu-..." But the sounds of laughter make me stop mid-word. I peek my head out from behind the curtain to find Alex standing there, giggling like a school girl. I glare at him playfully, throwing my pillow at his face. "Oh shut up Suarez." He catches the pillow, moving forward and smacking me over the head with it. "Be nice, that's no way to say hello." I stare at him, mouth agape, hair poofed up where he'd hit, then with a quickness I roll out of bed, jumping on him, and giving him a sloppy kiss on the cheek while ruffling his hair with both hands. "Better?"

He pulls a look of disgust, lip curling upwards, nose scrunching. "I guess, except now I have Andi cooties all over my face." I smirk with satisfaction. "Then my work here is done. I've successfully marked my territory." He gently sets me down, wiping at his cheek. "Yeah, yeah, just don't pee on my shoe k?" I stick my tongue out at him, grabbing my glasses, and then digging my purple & gray Marauder’s hoodie out of the backpack shoved into the corner of the bunk. I slip it on, pushing Alex towards the front of the bus, bumping into another body along the way. I maneuver sideways to see who we ran into. My smile widens when I see Ryland and I gently push Alex out of the way, wrapping my arms around his slender waist. "Ryland my dear boy, how I've missed thee." I put on my most over the top British accent, laughing at the face he makes. "You're a fruitcake, you know that?" I nod with a smile, standing as tall as I can, giving him a kiss on the cheek. "I do...But I wouldn't be talking...Mr. Ripley..."

I pat his stomach, slipping around him as I make my way to the front of the bus. Victoria looks up from her cereal bowl when I enter, flashing a smile and patting the seat next to her. "Morning sunshine." She says brightly, handing me her bowl. I gratefully take it, scooping a spoonful of honey nut cheerios up, devouring it within milliseconds. "Fanks." I finish off the last few bites, tossing the empty paper bowl and plastic spoon into the garbage. "We're at the venue right? And I take it Saporta's still sleeping?" She grins, putting her finger to her nose and winking. I clasp my hands, rubbing them together. "Well alrightie, I think I'll go get dressed and explore outside until sleeping beauty wakes up."

A few minutes later I exit the bus, face washed, teeth brushed, dressed in a pair of purple chords, the black Purple Rain tee I'd stolen from Gabe a while back, and the same hoodie I'd put on earlier. After a short pause to zip up and make sure my sidekick was snuggled safely in my back pocket I head forward towards the venue, passing the other buses along the way. There were a few people out and moving equipment, but the lot was for the most part deserted. I move around the side of the building, head down to shield it from the slight wind beginning to pick up, but while I'm too busy trying not to trip over my own feet, I manage to run head into chest with someone. "Oh geez, I'm sorry." I look up, smiling apologetically when I find Patrick's eyes staring back into mine. "No need. I wasn't exactly watching where I was going either." I scrunch my nose up cutely, playing nervously with my zipper. "Yeah but I'm like a huge klutz." He grins, readjusting the hood over his hat. "Don't tell anyone...but so am I." I make the motion of zipping my lips shut and tossing a key over my shoulders. "Your secret's safe with me."

We both shuffle our feet against the pavement, looking up at each other again laughing. "So...where were you headed?" He starts, turning so we're both facing in the direction I'd been going. "Oh, nowhere. Just going to explore a little before Gabe wakes up." "Ah, well, would you like some company?" I glance back at him, shaking my head up and down. "Sure." We start walking again, approaching a set of open doors. "Last night was fun..." I start, nodding appreciatively when he ushers me inside the doors first. "Sorry for falling asleep on you though. Probably wasn't too comfortable with my big head weighing down on your shoulder." He waves his hand at me. "Psh, you're got a cute head, not too big, not to small..." I can feel my cheeks get warm and I laugh. "Um, thanks." I pause, doing a little hop when a question I'd wanted to ask earlier resurfaces. "Oh right, I wanted to ask, do you know how I got into bed? I mean I remember falling asleep, but I don’t remember getting up again."

I watch him tug at his sleeve, shrugging. "Oh, um, me and Pete sort of, uh, carried you." I smile crookedly, tilting my head to the side. "Really? And neither of you hurt yourself? I'm short, but I've always been pretty solid." I nudge him gently with my elbow. "I'm impressed." He smiles again, his face brightening. "Well, you know." He clears his throat. "...Pete did hurt himself though, he ran into the doorway when he was walking backwards." He laughs. "I was pretty surprised you didn't wake up actually." I giggle, putting my hand over my face. "Yeah, I can sleep through pretty much anything. Except kisses, I always seem to wake up for those." We turn the corner, going through the door leading to the stage area. My eyes widen a bit as I take it all in. The huge scope of everything never ceased to amaze me.

After a moment though I can feel eyes on me and I look back at Patrick, biting my lip when I catch him watching me. " still impresses me every time I see what goes into the setting up for your guys' shows." He shakes his head, smiling. "That's okay. I like the way it makes your face light up. It's refreshing." He bites at the corner of his lip, looking away for a second. "I just mean, sometimes we take it for granted, you know, since we've been doing it for so long." I bite my thumb, staring back at him, the butterfly from last night returning. For a moment we just look at each other, studying each other. I swallow softly, and his lips part as if to say something, but its right then that my sidekick decides to interrupt.

"One night, yeah and one more time, Thanks for the memories, even though they weren't so great, he tastes like you only sweeter..."

I feel my cheeks flush again as Patrick’s voice drifts up from my back pocket, closing my eyes briefly, before grabbing it. I glance back at him, apologizing with a smile again. "Sorry, second..." I open my inbox, skimming the text Gabe had just sent.

Yo, Diamond Girl. Where'd you go? I miss you so. :P

I roll my eyes, typing a quick response back, before shoving the device back in my pocket.

Walking around the venue, bb in a few.

I clear my throat, returning my attention to the adorably sweet boy in front of me again. "Gabe beckons." I bite my bottom lip as my smile falls slightly. Patrick pushes up his glasses, nodding. "Alright...I'll walk you back." My lips curve back upwards again as my hands fall at my sides. "Thanks..." We turn around, taking the same route back, my hand accidently brushing his as we make our way down the corridor. I keep my gaze forward, my smile growing when I feel his palm slide against mine, linking our fingers loosely. It was only a friendly gesture, but I couldn't contain the extra bounce it gave my step.

When we reach the Cobra bus our hands slip away and I put mine back into my pockets, twisting my hips back and forth. “Thanks for keeping me company…” He shoves his hands into his own front pockets, rocking back and forth. “Anytime…” I glance down at my black and white checkered vans, grinning. “Okay, well, I guess I’ll see you later…” I chew at my lip gently, turning to step back onto the bus. “Wait, Andi?” I spin back around, eyes a bit wide with anticipation, of what I wasn’t sure. “Yes?” He kicks his foot against the pavement, his eyes remaining focused on my face. “Do you want to maybe hang out after sound check?” My smile widens even further and I move forward, wrapping him in a hug, pecking his cheek before pulling away. “Love to. See you then.” And with that I disappear up the steps, grunting when I collide with another body. “Oy, not again.”

I feel two hands on my shoulders and move my gaze upwards. “Oh, sorry Pete, I have a bad habit of running into things, people…” He chuckles, stepping aside so I can pass. “Good to know, I’ll watch out next time I see you coming.” He winks, giving me a pat on the back as I pass him. “But hey, I’ll catch up with you later, I gotta go find Trick.” I turn, watching as he heads towards the door. “Oh he shouldn’t be too far, I just said goodbye to him.” He pauses, staring back at me. “Oh, thanks…” He flashes me one of those amazingly perfect smiles, giving a salute as he bounces down the stairs. “Later And…” I stay staring towards the door for a moment before being broken from my trance by the sounds of Gabe calling me. “Hey, Andi, do you know where I put my lucky underwear?” I look skyward, shaking my head. Oh my.

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