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All We Know Is Falling

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Rachel has a mini breakdown...

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Chapter 35-

I sat against a door while waiting for Scarlet to come out from talking to a teacher.

I looked up and saw Gerard approaching me.

“You start, and I will kill you… I’m not in the mood today.” I said in a bored tone.

Gerard sat down beside me.

“So, you don’t want to talk about it?” Gerard asked carefully.

“No, not really.” I said sarcastically.

Gerard looked at me, worried.

“I’ll be okay.” I muttered, looking down and away from him.

“You sure?” Gerard asked.

I shrugged.

Gerard sighed and stood up, kissing my head before walking away slowly.

I felt a tear run down my cheek as I felt the door open behind me.

“Okay, that shit is done… Let’s roll.” Scarlet sighed.

I sat there with my head hung down.

“Rach? What’s wrong?” Scarlet asked quietly, sitting in the spot next to me.

“I saw Gerard here a couple of seconds ago… Did he say something? Cause if he did, he’s gonna be in for some questioning.” Scarlet said firmly.

“It wasn’t Gerard.” I mumbled.

“Then what is it?” Scarlet asked, rubbing my back affectionately as I cried hardier.

“Come on Rach… Tell me… Please?” Scarlet whispered.

“It’s everything Scar… I just feel that everything I have, is slowly falling apart.” I whispered.

“Not everything… You still have us… Remember, we’ll be here for you forever.” Scarlet pointed out.

“And you have Gerard… I don’t think there’s anyone else who could look after you better…” Scarlet said softly.

I sniffed and wiped away my tears on the back of my sleeve.

“No matter how bad it feels… You can always come to us, to me… Because no matter what, I’ll be here for you… And no matter how bad you feel… I’ll do everything in my power to make that pain go away.” Scarlet promised.

I looked up at her and gave a weak smile.

“I never want to hear you say that you have nothing. Never. Because, like I said… You’ll always have us.” Scarlet said comfortably, hugging me tightly.

“Thank you.” I whispered.

“Anytime.” Scarlet smiled.

“So you feel better?” Scarlet asked, letting go of me.

“A little.” I mumbled.

Scarlet giggled softly.

“What?” I asked, smiling slightly.

“All of your eyeliner ran… You kinda look like a clown.” Scarlet giggled.

“Are you fucking serious?!” I screamed.

Scarlet laughed as she nodded.

“Great! Just what I fucking needed!” I said loudly as I stood up.

“I see your feeling better.” Gerard chuckled as he came up behind me.

My eyes widened. I didn’t want him to see that I had been crying.

Gerard turned me around and looked at my face.

“You’ve been crying?” Gerard said softly.

“Not a lot.” I mumbled.

Gerard rubbed at my smudged eyeliner with his thumb.

“You’re going to smudge it even more!” I wined, slapping at his hand.

“Okay! Okay! I won’t touch it!” Gerard said, holding his hands up in the air.

“Come on you, we have to fix that up… You’re just lucky I keep a spare eyeliner in my bag for emergencies like this.” Scarlet said, taking a hold of my arm and lurching me forward.

“Wait!” I said loudly.

“I can’t walk around with my face like this!” I hissed.

“Okay, fine… You two stay here while I’ll go quickly grab my eyeliner out of my bag. Deal? Deal.” Scarlet said quickly before walking off.

I buried my face in Gerard’s chest.

“Damn non-waterproof eyeliner.” I mumbled, earning a laugh from Gerard.


Gerard sat in front of me, staring at me constantly.

“Are you right there? Staring at me like some kind of perverted freak?” I said in a fake annoyed tone.

“I was just wondering why you were crying today.” Gerard said.

I pouted my lips together in a force of habit when I think.

“I was just kinda upset.” I shrugged.

“Just kinda upset? Come on, you can do better then that.” Gerard said.

“I just kinda felt that everything I have is falling apart.” I said quietly, looking down at the bed.

“Would this have anything to do with what your Dad said this morning?” Gerard said, leaning forward and pulling me to him.

“It might.” I said, sitting in Gerard’s lap.

“If it helps… I don’t think you’re a slut.” Gerard said in a childish tone.

I smiled.

“How did that come up anyway?” Gerard asked.

“I told them about us.” I said simply, shifting my weight so I was straddling Gerard’s waist.

“Finally! After about what, four months?” Gerard said sarcastically.

“Eh, about that.” I shrugged as Gerard gently ran his hands lightly up and down my back.

I leant forward and buried my head in Gerard’s neck. Inhaling his scent. He smelt so good.

“Nothing is falling apart as long as you have me and the others.” Gerard said suddenly.

“That’s what Scarlet said.” I giggled.

“So is your Mum okay with us at least?” Gerard asked.

“I’m not sure. I didn’t really stick around to see…” I answered.

“I don’t see why not though?…” I added.

“So I’m guessing that they know we’ve had sex?” Gerard guessed.

“Nah, Dad just called me a slut for no reason.” I said sarcastically.

“Alright then. Just making sure.” Gerard said defensively.

“Oh, and Bob said that he’s having this thing at his house this weekend.” Gerard said.

“Were was he today anyway?” I asked.

“He slept in and couldn’t be fucked going to school.” Gerard shrugged.

“Nice.” I nodded.

“I’ll be sure to clear my schedule then.” I nodded smartly.

“Cause I really do have a schedule.” I laughed.

“Umm… Yes.” Mikey said, opening the door to Gerard’s room and seeing the position that we were in.

“I might just leave now… Don’t want to interrupt your private time.” Mikey said, tuning to walk out the door.

“No. We’re not doing anything you shouldn’t be seeing… Come, sit.” I instructed.

“Ok, fine… But I’ll only stay if you stop sitting on my brother like that.” Mikey said, screwing up his face as he closed the door and walked towards the bed.

“Fine.” I huffed, getting up from Gerard’s lap and laying down beside him.
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