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It was finally time to leave, they where heading to the studio.
"Brie come on" Ryan said
"Okay" Brie snapped at Ryan following him out of his room and downstairs.
"Are you guy at it again" Spencer asked Ryan.
"Yeah" Ryan said looking at Brie who was whinning to Brendon.
They all got into the car and Ryan went to take a seat next to Brie she glared at him.
"Sorry" Ryan whispered into her ear, she smiled at him.

They got to where they where recording and Brie stepped out the car. It was a small house Pete and Patrick where there to greet them.
"Hi" Brie said giving a Pete a hug that lingered alittle to long for Ryans liking.
"Guys this is Patrick Patrick thats Brendon Ryan Jon Spencer and Brendons sister Brie" Pete said pointing to each of them.
"Hi" Patrick said very shyly Brie was carefully studing Patrick there was something about him.
Pete took off with the rest of Panic to show them around leaving Brie with Patrick.
"So" He said nervously
"So" Brie said
"Do you want the Patrick Stump tour" Patrick said
Brie giggled and nodded her head
Brie followed Patrick as he showed her around he didn't say much but she liked being around him it was comfortable.
"Your really sweet" Brie said making conversation
"Thanks" Patrick said blushing
"So Pete couldn't stop talking about you when he got home Vegas I can see why" Patrick said
"Really" Brie said bitting her lip
"Yeah" Patrick said
"Brie" Ryan yelled
"I am being paged" Brie said turning around and walking towards Ryan
"Yeah" She said
"Your going to go Chicago with Pete and Patrick until we finish recording" Ryan said
"Seriously" Brie said
"Yeah Pete says you will be bored and I think some time apart might do us well" Ryan said
Brie knew he was right they had been fighting over the littlest things.
"Okay" Brie said
"Be good" Ryan said
"I will" Brie said
Ryan pulled Brie into a kiss. Both Pete and Patrick watched carefully.
Brie stood back and stared at Ryan.
"What" He said
"Just remembering you" Brie said
"Remembering me" Ryan said
Brie smiled
"Yeah I am not going to see you for 6 weeks" Brie said she knew in her heart that this was goodbye and there relationship was over.
"Your acting like we are going to break up" Ryan said confused
"Alots going to chance" Brie said
"I love you" Ryan said not sure what she meant
"I love you too Ry" Brie said kissing him one last time.
Brie said bye to the rest of guys and got into the car and headed off to Chicago with Pete and Patrick.
"So you and Ryan" Pete said
"Yeah but I have a feeling a lot is going to change in those 6 weeks" Brie said looking and smiling at Patrick. It was the first time Brie realized there are more fish in the sea.
"You might be right" Patrick said
Pete smiled as he watched the two of them flirt.
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