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The weeks went bye quick Brie was loving hanging out with Fall Out Boy, he and Patrick had gotten really close and she could see herself falling in love with him. Ryan called alot at first but then it went down to once a week she actully hadn't heard from him in 2 weeks.
"You almost ready" Patrick said peeking his head in the door
"Almost" Brie said
"So are you happy to be seeing Brendon and Ryan" Patrick asked
"Brendon" Brie said
"You know making an album takes alot out of you" Patrick said
"I get that but 2 weeks" Brie said
"True" Patrick said
"Okay I am ready" Brie said
Patrick looked her once over he wanted so bad to pull her in his arms and kiss.
"Trick take a picture it last longer" Brie said smiling big at Patrick.
"Are you love birds ready" Pete yelled
"Chrip Chrip" Brie said smiling at Patrick.
It was noticable to everyone that Brie and Patrick had feelings for each other but neither would act on them because of Ryan.
"Cute Brie" Pete said as they loaded into the car.
"Aren't I" Brie said
"You know you are" Joe said pulling her on his lap
"Hands off" Brie said snuggling up to Patrick.
"You know you won't be able to do that much longer" Andy said
"What" Brie said
"Snuggle with Patrick" Andy said
"Nonsense" Brie said
When they arrived to where the first show Brie got a tad nervous to see Ryan. She quickly grabbed Patricks hand. He loooked at her than understood.
"It will be fine" Patrick said
Brie smiled at him. He let go of her hand.
Brendon was the first one to see Brie and ran over picking his sister up into a hug.
"God I have missed you" Brendon said
"I missed you too" Brie said
"Ryans looking for you" Brendon said
"Where is he" Brie said taking once last glance at Patrick.
"In the dressing room" Brendon said
Brie walked to the dressing room. She pushed open the door and saw two girls she didn't know and one was really close to Ryan.
"Ry" Brie said
Ryan turned and looked at Brie he didn't jump up and hug her he just looked at her.
"I'll be right back" Ryan said to the girl
"Okay" She said
Brie looked at Ryan she was more confused than ever.
"Hey" She said glaring at him
"Look I am not ready for us" Ryan said
"What" Brie said
"I think we should break up" Ryan said
"So that girl in there is your girlfriend" Brie said
"Yeah" Ryan said
Brie was at a lost for words.
"Say something" Ryan said
"Thanks" Brie said walking away
Brendon saw his sister he figured she would be in tears and freaking out, he pulled her into a hug.
"You okay" Brendon said
"Actully I have something I need to go do" Brie said letting go of Brendon.
Brendon looked at Ryan
"She didn't freak out" Ryan said
"I see that" Brendon said
"Did she think I was joking" Ryan said
"I don't know whats going throw her head right now" he said
Ryan shrugged
Brie walked until she found Patrick he looked at her and she smiled big at him.
"What" He said
Brie didn't say anything she just crashed her lips into his. Brendon was walking by when he saw his sister and Patrick kissing.
"I know why she didn't freak out" Brendon said to himself.
Patrick ended the kissed and looked at Brie really confused
"He broke up with me" She said
Patrick didn't say a word he grabbed Brie and kissed her.
"Finally" Joe said as he passed them Brie let go of Patrick and jumped on on Joes back.
"Forward" She said pointing causing them to laugh.
Brendon walked back into the room to see Ryan a little distraught.
"Brenny where have you been" the other girl said
"Finding out why my sister didn't freak out" Brendon said
Ryans head shot towards Brendon
"Patrick" Brendon said
Ryan jumped up and walked out he was raging mad
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