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Ryan raced through the venue looking for Brie. He found her joking around with Joe Patrick and Pete. Ryan walked up to Patrick and shoved.
"You can't have her" He screamed
Everybody looked at Ryan like he had complete lost his mind. Brie jump between Ryan and Patrick.
"Ry calm down" Brie said
"I thought he broke up with you" Patrick said looking slightly confused
"He did" Brie said looking at Ryan and than at Patrick.
"Then what the hell" Patrick said
"Shes mine" Ryan said
Brie raised her hand and slapped Ryan across the face.
"What the hell Brie" Ryan said
"You can't break up with me and than come get mad when I am hanging out with some else" Brie said
"So you weren't kissing him" Ryan said
"Even if she was it isn't any of your business anymore" Pete said
"Hes right" Brie said
"Its is my business" Ryan said
"How" Brie yelled
"I don't know it just is" Ryan said
Brie looked at Pete Patrick and Joe for help.
"Look Ry why don't you go calm and figure out it is what you want" Patrick said
"Go back to your girlfriend" Brie said coldly
Ryan walked away more confused than ever he thought he wanted to date other people, but then he never thought Brie would date anyone else and the thought of another guys hand lips any part of him on her made a fire rage go off inside of him.
"Your little idea back fired" Brendon said
"What idea" Ryan said
"Oh I don't know see what else is out there and than if you don't find anything better Brie will be there waiting" Brendon said
"No I just figured our relationship had run its course" Ryan said
"Your so full of shit" Brendon said
"I am not" Ryan said
"Than tell me why you think it had run its course" Brendon asked
Ryan looked at Brendon
"It hasn't I offically fucked up the best thing that has ever happen to me" Ryan said
"That you did" Brendon said walking away from Ryan.
He saw Brie over with Fall Out Boy he kind of got jealous how she went running to them and not him.
"You okay" He said
"Peachy" Brie said
Brendon noticed that something had changed about Brie she was no longer that grumpy pissed off at the world girl, she was happy she had friends outside of Panic and she was even smiling alot.
"Glad to hear that" Brendon said staring at her
"What Bren" Brie said
"Your happy" Brendon said
"We make her happy" Pete said looking like he had won a prize.
"They really do" Brie said
"Look Ryan just figured you wait for him" Brendon said
They all started laughing like it was some inside joke.
"What" Brendon said
"I remember the Brie I met the day I signed you guys, and the minute she was away from you guys she changed into a totally different person" Pete said
"Seriously" Brendon said
"Ryans poison" Brie said
Patrick put a protective arm around her.
"I don't understand" Brendon said
"Hes what keep her back did you know your sister could sing and play the guitar" Patrick said
Brendon shook his head
"Well she can" Joe said
"How is it you spend 6 weeks with them and they more about you than I do" Brendon said
"You always looked at me like I was your little sister and you had to protect me when the truth is Bren I am one who protects you" Brie said
Brendon looked at Brie suddenly he felt two arms around him. Brie looked at the girl behind him, she remembered her from the dressing room.
"Who are you" Brie said
"Kendell" She said
"And why do you have your arms around my brother" Brie said
"Oh yeah Brie this is my girlfriend" Brendon said
"Oh your Ryans annoying ex who wouldn't get the point" Kendall said
"And your a" Brie said before Patrick covered her mouth.
"Brie your staying on our bus" Pete said
Brie licked Patricks hand and took it off her mouth.
"Sounds great" Brie said
They got up walking away leaving Brendon and Kendall alone.
"I don't like your sister Bren I don't want you hanging out with her" Kendall said
Brendon just nodded maybe he was poison to her too.
"She looked like a skank" Brie said
"Not everybody can as beautiful as you" Pete said
Brie blushed and than smacked his ass. Patrick just shook his head and laughed.
"You think thats fun" Pete said running after Brie, she ran behind Patrick.
"If you love me you will save me" She said
Patrick stopped in tracks and looked at Brie.
"You just love" Patrick said
"So what I do now save me" Brie shrecked as Pete got closer.
"Your on your own" Patrick said
"So you don't love me" Brie yelled running down the hall
"I never said that I am protecting my ass" He yelled back as she disappeared around the corner she bumped into someone causing her to fall to the ground, she looked up and it was Ryan and that girl.
"Sorry" Brie said scrambling to her feet.
"You watch where you are going slut" The girl said
Brie stopped dead in tracks.
"Slut" Brie said
"You heard me" She said
Ryan just stood there looking at Brie she never really stood up for herself she alway gave in so easily.
"Wow if you think I am a slut for sleeping with guy the same guy for the last 2 years than maybe you should go look in the mirror" Brie said
The girl got right up in Bries face she could smell cigarettes on her breathe.
"Wow Ry you found a real winner her" Brie said stepping back getting ready to turn away. When the girl socked Brie in the face.
"Katie don't" Ryan said after she had already done it
Brie stood up she wasn't crying she just looked at Katie and walked away.
"You scared slut" Katie said taunting Brie
"No but I refuse to sink your level again Ry congrats you found a really winner I hope to god she worth it" Brie said running into Petes arms.
Pete looked at Brie and than touched her face she winced back in pain
"Come lets go find some ice and Patrick" Pete said
Brie nodded as the tears fell out of her eyes.
"You did the right thing fighting back you would have only sunk to her level" Pete said
They enter the dressing room and Brie ran full speed to Patrick and cried on his shoulder. He rubbed her back while Joe and Andy went to find ice. Brie looked up from Patricks shoulder and saw Brendon walk by and not even check on her
"Brendon" She yelled
He didn't come back he didn't come at all Patrick noticed the distress on her face and got up to find him.
"Brendon your sister needs you" Patrick said
"She has you guys now" Brendon said as Brie walked up behind Patrick
"She still needs you" Patrick said
"Where poison so as if now I no longer have a twin sister" Brendon said
Brendon noticed Brie behind Patrick only after he had said it she took off running she didn't care about anything anymore Brendon was all the family she had left in the world and now he didn't want her anymore
"Brie" Patrick yelled as she disappeared into the night
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