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Waving notebooks is so not professional!

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I opened the door to the my chem bus, Mikey asked me to go find his cell phone, he was freaking out because he lost it and couldn't go look cause he had to do an interview.
I spent an hour looking for his motherfucking phone, in the cafeteria, merch booth, around the back stage area, I even had peter check in the men's bathroom.
The phone was no where to be found, so the next logical step was to look in their bus.
I climbed up a few steps and almost went blind.
Janet and Frank were there.
Franks nude ass froze the moment I walked in and Janet looked like a deer caught in the headlight.
"I...", I mumbled, blinking.
Janet blushed and Frank pulled up his jeans in inhumanly speed.
"Phone...Bye", I turned to leave and slipped all the steps back to the ground.
"Sky?", I heard them both yell urgently.
"I'm fine", I yelled back, climbed to my feet and walked away quickly, holding my aching ass.
I felt something trickle down my wrist and held my hand to look, I scratched open one of my old scars, it made me think of Billy.
Who needs a tattoo to remember an old friend, just have them scar you and it's all the reminder you'd ever need.
I should call him, I haven't heard from him in ages it seems.

I wandered back to the little room where Mikey had his interview.
He looked up at me hopefully but I just shrugged and lifted my bare hands to show him I haven't find the phone.
He gave me a hard look, I frowned.
I know he's a band member and I'm just the photographer assistant so I rank lower than him on the tour food chain but I also known him for shit knows how long, it's gotta count something.

I decided to hang around and watch his interview but I was growing tired of the looks he gave me, it was kinda funny how he tried to answer question and send me angry looks at the same time, it kinda looked like he had to go to the bathroom, I wonder how it would look on the screen.
I pulled out a notebook out of my messenger bag, Ronald made me carry it around to take notes about camera angels, materials, and his take away.
I wrote on one page couldn't find your phone and waved it gently behind the camera man.
He gave me another angry look.
It's probably in the bus, I wrote next.
Another ice cold glance.
The interview lady turned around to look at me. She looked evil so I pretended to read something in the notebook.
I couldn't look in the bus but I'm pretty positive it's there.
Mikey squinted and leaned a little to read since I wrote in tiny letters to fit the whole sentence into one page, the lady coughed slightly and he said, "Yeah you know, it's hard being away from home but you manage but it's a fantastic place to be in and we're BLOODY lucky", he smiled angrily at me.
Fuck off, I don't know where your phone is, I scribbled fast.
He read and shook his head slightly, "Our fascination with DEATH and BLOOD didn't mean people to CUT THEIR WRISTS but it's more like an expression of our state of mind".
I frowned, he stressed a few words and looked at me angrily, maybe he's trying to say something?
Aw, I got it! you can't kill me for not..., I made sure he read that before turning the page and scribbling the rest, finding Ur phone. It illegal
He sighed and smiled at the lady, she didn't look too happy, "so you know, our music and what we represent ISN'T ABOUT SLITHING YOUR WRISTS when something goes wrong, it's about fighting no matter what", he raised his eyebrows as though he's trying to prove a point to me, "In fact WE are all against SELF HARM".
Self harm? But he wants to harm me, when someone else harms you, it's not self harm it's others harm.
I shrugged.
He rolled his eyes, "When you try to solve problems using self harm, you don't really solve it, you only hurt others, your family, YOUR FRIENDS!"
I don't get it, he keeps ranting about self harm, is it a code? Or maybe he's not talking to me? But why he keeps glaring at me.
We'll find Ur phone, I wrote down, maybe that why he's upset, he worries about his phone.
I mean he's kinda right, if anyone of his fans find it, all the people who are listed there are so doomed!
He itched his wrist. Um OK.
He made sure I'm looking and itched it again more forcefully, "What?", I mouthed.
He itched it again.
something bit you?, I waved it behind the camera man, he looked upset too, the whole crew started to despise my presence.
Ignoring the...Does he think I stole his fucking phone? Motherfucker! I don't need his phone! I have the same phone! His is grey and mine is black...Wait, he was itching his wrist before...How bites connect to phones? I scratched my head in confusion. They don't.
is that a yes?
He frowned like he's not getting the question, something bit you?
He shook his head gently and held his wrist.
you lost Ur watch?, I scribbled frantically.
He rubbed his eyes in despair, "So in conclusion self harm is not the answer".
I shrugged, I have no idea what he wants.
"Have you known someone who self destructed?", the lady casted an evil glance in my direction.
Mikey looked smug, which was weird considering the question he was being asked, "I did, and it felt awful to see them doing shit to themselves".
I wondered who he meant, Gerard or Billy and I?
Nah he doesn't like Billy and Gerard never cut.
I looked down on my wrist and smiled, the blood from my wrist dried by now and looked like a cool tattoo, so that why Mikey was yelling about self harm for the past 15 minutes.
I fell. Stupid, I smiled and waved the notebook above my head.
He cocked his eyebrow like he doesn't believe me.
Off your bus, no less..', I flipped a page, looking for Ur motherfucking phone*.
He gave this nasty look saying, "WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT. Maybe another record after this tour or maybe we'll go touring some more".
I flipped him off and exited the room before he could give me more shit for something I didn't even do this time. Was it my imagination or the crew let a sigh of relief?!

i noticed that i don't get as much reviews as i used to but people are still reading this shit based on the meter thingy...i wanna know why no one (but're awesome) is reviewing?
does it suck too much? too good to be true and reviewed (note the sarcasm)?
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