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She dared me!

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Brother, I'm not much a poet, but a criminal And your jacket never had a chance Love it, or leave it, you can't understand. A pretty face, but you do so carry on..

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Alessa, Liz and I were standing on the sidelines watching the boys perform, they had new costumes, like the marching band from hell...No no but there was a whole concept that I didn't listen to because I was laughing at the marching band costume.
Gerard actually didn't talk to me for days for laughing, turns out he came up with the concept...Well, I'm sorry but it's a fucking marching band costume! And it reminds me of boy bands with the matching clothes but whatever...We could role play with them later.
"Did Gerard tell you about how he came up with the idea?", Liz squealed over the music, I swear she never talked but squealed, "Cause he told me the other day and it was so magical! He's such a genius!".
I smiled awkwardly, I bet he told me but I wasn't listening as I was laughing my head concept and all.
"Yeah, sure he did", I muttered, deliberately looking away.
"Amazing isn't it?", Liz squealed dreamily, her glazed eyes sparkling when she looked at Gerard running around on stage.
She better fucking stay away from him! He's my marching band boy...Hmm sounds hotter then I gave it credit for.
"Hmm", I crossed my arms on my chest, trying not to stop myself from choking the squeals out of her.
"He said he told it to only a few people so I wondered...", she looked me over.
I shared a smirk with Alessa, "Yeah, he told me about it".
"Oh well", she shrugged like maybe it slipped, like maybe he told me by mistake.
Fucking squealer!
I have to teach her a lesson, "He told me I could burrow it anytime I want".
"Oh really?", I saw a shadow of jealousy move over her features but then a funny look took over her eyes, "Why wouldn't you burrow it for the party tonight".
I half coughed half chocked. Oh I wish I hadn't said that...I wish I hadn't said that...I wish I hadn't said that...What a bitch! If she was really Gerard's best friend, she'd know he wouldn't let me near important shit like that cause I'm the spilling queen...Wait, that's not good..., "Um...That crap is so warm you wouldn't believe"
She smiled widely, "Lucky you, it's actually kinda chilly tonight", she wrapped her arms around herself and pretended to shiver.
I laughed a hollow laugh, "I'm not cold".
"Hmm", she studied me, "Or maybe he wouldn't give it to you"
"Sure he would", I pouted and switched to defensive mode.
"Don't worry", she giggled and waved her hand, "He told me all about your little problem".
Problem? I don't have any problems!...Well maybe a few but that's non of her fucking business! I can't believe Gerard told her shit like that!, "What problem?".
"Ah you know", she clapped as the boys finished one of their songs.
"Not really", I frowned.
"Well you know", she raised her eyebrows like I should know what the fuck she was talking about.
I shook my head.
"You know...How it's hard to trust you and stuff", she giggled again.
My jaw dropped along with my heart to the floor, I couldn't believe Gerard would say that about me...TO HER no less...
I was determined to prove both of them wrong, I gave her a hard look, "I'll get the jacket"
She shrugged and sang the words to the next song under her breathe.

I hung around the dressing room after the guys finished switching to their normal clothes, and hung the costumes on the rack and left the room. I took in Gerard's jacket hungrily, my ticket to shut-Liz-the-fuck-up happy land.
I made sure all the foot step died down the hall before trying on the jacket, it was fucking heavy, I don't know how he jumped in it so much, I studied my reflection in the mirror when the door swung open and Gerard appeared in it, "Are you comi...What the fuck?"
I turned around sharply ,"I can explain".
"It's not what it looks like?", he smiled.
I giggled, "I wonder if I can borrow it for the party tonight", I added a little bat of the eyelashes just in case.
"No", Gerard shook his head.
"Thank...Wait, what?", I was shocked, Gerard never said no to me. Ever.
"Baby, I can't let you spill shit on it", he closed the door behind him and came up to me.
"But I won't", I whined, is that what we came down to? A wife can't steal her husband's jacket to flaunt it in front of his bitch for a best friend, "Promise"
"Skyler", he looked me over like he doesn't believe me, "That's what you said about my leather jacket".
I humphed, he should really let that go, so I left it in some venue by accident, is that really a reason to not trust me ever again?! Liz sure seems to think so...
"Pleasepleasepleaseplease", I grabbed him by the arm and pleaded like a dog. I gotta have the jacket tonight! I just have too!
"Sky", he smiled a little, I noticed the smell of my triumph, just a little more and the jacket is mine! Mine! Insert evil laugh here.
"Come on, Ger-rard", I brushed my lips against his, almost kissing him but not quite, I wrapped my arms around him and kinda sniffled in his neck, "Please, it's so pretty"
He almost caved in but then he snapped back to his usual you'll-spill-shit-on-it-oh-my-god self, "Sky, it's not an accessory, it has meaning behind it, a whole concept you'll ruin by playing down the whole idea".
"Ger-rard", I wailed. When the fuck did he learn to say no to me?! I bet Liz has something to do with it...It sounds like her type of crap.
"No honey", he shook his head, determined.
Well what am I going to do now?...I mulled this over in my head while Gerard stared at me...I don't know how I can change his mind but run away with it...Hmmm run away with it...The door is not so far behind Gerard and I could just run past him, he would be too shocked to stop me, and I can hide somewhere until the party until I show Liz the jacket and then give it back without spilling anything on it and it's not like Gerard is gonna make a scene at the party, and Liz would never know I hijacked the jacket...But that's just crazy...It's my only option though...
I bit my lip and studied the distance between Gerard and I and the door.
Gerard was still staring at me, now with suspicion, "Don't do anything stupid, Sky"
Me? Stupid? Nah!
And I took a hike, I ran like the wind!
I never knew I had it in me, but growing up with Frankie as a best friend really made you develop your leg muscles, we had to run out of so many situation as teens it's unreal.
I heard Gerard call my name and tell me to stop, he even ran after me for a while but I lost him somewhere, he's a smoker and I'm an occasional smoker...Guess who had a better shot...
Eventually I got breathless and hid in some closet...Supply closet I guess cause it had brooms and cleaning crap there.
I panted like mad! And felt kinda weak under the heavy jacket...Hot too.
I looked around and studies my environment, I guess I can stay here until the party, it's really not that bad once you get used to the darkness and smell and ignore the spiders.

I sat on the floor, humming happy songs to myself, being in a dark place with tones of spiders wasn't really as nice as it may sound...What Gerard told me once? Think happy thought? OK..
I suddenly heard footsteps and my body tensed, I listed carefully and it sounded a lot like Gerard's creeping around.
I stuffed myself behind a particularly big trash bin and hoped for the best..
The door was flung open ,"Come out come out wherever you are", Gerard kinda sang.
I smiled, crouching, I loved his voice.
"Seriously I know you're there, don't make me come in and get you"
Oh please, he makes it sound hot rather than intimidating.
"Skyler", his voice took on a more serious tone, "Sky?".
I stuffed a giggle.
"I can smell you".
I rolled my eyes. Who is he kidding?
He sighed and was about to close the door when he froze for some reason, I didn't hear anything for a while and then his shadow fell on me, I gasped and looked up.
My gaze climbed up his body and rested on his smiling face, "You can't hide from me, babe", in matter of seconds he lifted me off the floor and flung me over his shoulder.
I screamed as he carried me out of the closet, "Let me gooo"
"Never", he spanked my ass a little.
"Ger-rard!", I cried, punching his back and ass.
My hair swung to the rhythm of his pace, I wonder where is he gonna take me and what he's gonna do to me once he get his jacket back.
I pinched his ass. Hard.
He shrieked, stopped and adjusted me on his shoulder.
I pinched again and again until he let me down.

He put me down but didn't let go of my waist, he kinda cornered me into the wall holding on tightly, I think he got off of the whole thing.
He placed a finger on my lips, "Now you're not gonna scream, right?", he kinda rubbed my lips with his index finger.
I knew we could role play with the jacket. I gave him a look like maybe I would, maybe I wouldn't.
"And no more pinching", I could feel his breathe on my face as he got closer and bit my bottom lip.
I tried to break free from his grip but he was surprisingly strong, he kinda flapped me back on the wall behind me, "Nah-huh. None of that", he spoke in a low hoarse whisper like voice.
"Ger-rard", I moaned, frustrated. No matter how much I tried I just couldn't get away from his tight hold.
"No more hiding too", he brushed the hair out of my face.
"So will you give the jacket?", I smiled at some guy who passed us by and looked intrigued at what we were doing.
Gerard shook his head and bit my lip again.
"Hey you", I called to the guy who already passed us by and was heading up the hall, he was my last chance to distract Gerard.
Gerard and the guy both looked startled, the guy started making his way back to us and Gerard was giving me what the fuck looks, I took my chance and pushed Gerard as hard as I could, and ran as soon as he let me go.
When I ran past the guy I noticed his expression of bewilderment as he looked from Gerard to me, Gerard yelled something at me but I didn't hear, I tried to figure out where I could go next, maybe one of the buses, maybe I could go into the city..

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