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A Part Of Me Is Dead And In The Ground

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“Justin, I’m leaving Frank. Watch him, or you know he’ll get out of control.”

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Title from "It's Not Over" - Daughtry

Gerard knew the hallways by heart. He hadn’t been there in almost a century, but he could still remember how the unbelievingly high ceilings made him shiver. There used to be more people like frank, ghosts. They all disappeared though. frank would too if Gerard didn’t save him in time.
“Why did you do that?” Gerard asked Justin, the anger gone from his voice.
“You were dying. We couldn’t risk losing the last of a species. Even if the humans don’t know it, you’re necessary for the survival of the human race.”
“That’s not going to be a problem in a few centuries, now is it?” Gerard said bitterly.
“They still have some time though… Let them live it,” Justin said.
“Why did Ryan bite him?”
“We had to make sure the separation worked. If Ryan died after consuming his blood, it didn’t. And Ryan is fine, as you can see,” Justin answered, pointing to the young man standing next to him.
“You’re a fool, Justin,” Gerard said, shaking his head.
“He was aware and willing of the possibility,” Justin said.
Gerard sighed.
“Justin, I’m leaving Frank. Watch him, or you know he’ll get out of control,” Gerard said.
“You can’t leave him with us. He’ll freak everyone out. He may just kill someone, Gerard,” Justin said.
“You did it in the first place. Now, shut up. He’s here and I can’t take him with me where I’m going, it’ll hurt him. Too many memories…,” Gerard said.
Since frank’s soul was floating in between dead and alive, his memories were jumbled in the empty space. If he was exposed to too much of them, it could break the barrier and he’d feel. It would probably kill him from the pain of being physically separated from himself.
Before Justin could retaliate, Gerard left. He was wearing only the same bloody pants, but his shirt was ripped. He didn’t change, but found a way to get the buttons to work.
“I’m warning you, Justin. If he’s hurt at all when I get back, you’ll be paying for it,” Gerard hissed, holding Justin by the collar.
Gerard was faced by at least five of Riley’s armed men outside the outpost. He moved himself only two miles away. He hadn’t gotten enough blood since Justin and Ryan’s “operation”.
They followed him, and he could hear them in his mind. It was hard to see and his ears were mixing frequencies with noises all over the city. It was so much harder without Frank.
The buses scared him. He almost suffocated, stumbling off as soon as he could. He ran, but not as fast as he would if he was stronger.
He was too thirsty, but he couldn’t do anything about it at the time.
Oh God…
“Gerard, is that you?”
What was he doing here?
“No, no, no, no…,” Gerard whimpered, pressing his head desperately against the building wall he was standing next to.
Footsteps came closer behind him.
“Please no…,” Gerard muttered, “Don’t be you…”
Gerard turned around.
“Go home, Mikey…”


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f) Anthony (meaning: worthy of praise)
g) Tyler (meaning: tile maker)

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