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Why You Have To Go And Make Things So Complicated?

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Adam hadn’t been about to let Gerard go stomping around the world unprepared.

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Title from "Complicated" - Avril Lavigne

Mikey, despite the decade gone by, still looked like a 16 year old. Gerard and Frank, however, looked at least twenty. Mikey didn’t seem to notice, or ignored it.
“Mikey, don’t do this to me…,” Gerard said quietly.
He looked around anxiously, then kept walking down the street.
Mikey skittered to keep up with him, walking shoulder to shoulder with his brother.
“Why are you here?” Gerard asked, a cold tone to his voice.
“Because I live here, Gee,” Mikey said dully, waving around the crowded street.
“I don’t want to lose both of you,” Gerard groaned, fingers bumping against the chain-link fence next to them.
“What happened to Frank?” Mikey asked.
“They broke him, and I’m going to fix him,” Gerard replied firmly, then stopped to look Mikey in the eye.
“Stay here, okay? Or… Just don’t do anything stupid… There’s guys chasing me… with guns, so don’t go attracting attention, or they’ll kill you, alright?” Gerard said.
Mikey nodded.
And Gerard disappeared. Mikey sighed and waited few minutes. As soon as he was sure Gerard couldn’t even begin to detect his thought patterns, he ran. He knew exactly where Gerard was going, because Mikey was smart. Maybe more than smart. And Adam hadn’t been about to let Gerard go stomping around the world unprepared.
Mikey had always been a good liar. Gerard had just never been a great lie detector.


srry bout the long wait and srry bout the short chapter. sort of been busy tryin to get ready to move to Australia in a few weeks.

That'll probably be an even LONGER wait, unless I can find someplace to get on the internet or whatever. In a hotel maybe.

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