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I'll Be Damned If You Count Me In As Part Of Your Generous Hypocrisy

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He knew when frank was unhappy, jealous, or completely and utterly content. And he missed it.

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Chapter dedicated to feeandgee22 for reminding me and volunteering to help me with editing and such. So thanks.


Title from "Critical Acclaim" - Avenged Sevenfold

Gerard couldn’t feel frank anymore. He may not have realized it before, but he would always just be able to /know/. He could feel when frank was still part of him. frank, more than anyone else he’d ever known, affected Gerard’s senses noticeably. He picked up on frank’s emotions sometimes, and he could just understand what frank was thinking at the time, he knew when frank needed to feed, he knew when frank was unhappy, jealous, or completely and utterly content.
And he missed it.
He felt weak and insignificant. He couldn’t focus without Frank’s energy in him as well as his own.
It was different.
It took him days, but he finally found his way back to New Jersey. He passed frank’s old house. It was empty.
The graveyard was covered in leaves, padding his footsteps as he walked. The skies were cloudy and grey, and for some reason it made him think of Christmas. There was a dead bird in the middle of the cement path. He stepped around it and glanced toward his own grave, shivering.
“Gerard? G-Gerard?”
He spun around.
How could someone have called his name? There was no one in the graveyard but him.
He could see the mausoleum at the end of the sidewalk since it was straight down the center from the front gate.
“Gerard? Gerard, come back…” the voice whispered desperately.
He turned again, but there was nothing.
“Gerard… Gerard!”
It was yelling now, screaming in his ears.
He ran.
The inside of the mausoleum blurred in his eyes. It seemed as if the world was buzzing and shifting and shaking wherever he looked. The voice had stopped, but in its place was the most deafening high-pitched screaming Gerard had heard in his life.
He stumbled backwards and hit the wall of the room, pain shooting into his body from the handle of one of the drawers. He slumped to the ground and held his head, groaning.
The voice started up again just as he passed out.
“Gerardddd… Gerard… Ger-”
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