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Brie was tossing and turning it caused Patrick to wake up. He watched her as she sleep she was restless. Patrick placed his hand on her shoulder and shook her, her eyes fluttered open.
"You okay" Patrick said
"No" Brie said
"Does this have anything to do with a certian brother" Patrick said
Brie nodded
"I don't get why he hates me" Brie said
"I don't think he hates you I think his girlfriend is making him stay away from you" Patrick said
"Okay" Brie said
"Everything will be fine" Patrick said

"Brendon damn it quit moving so much" Kendall said
"Huh" Brendon said
"Your tossing and turning" Kendall said
"Sorry" Brendon said
"Whats bothering you" Kendall sighed
"Nothing" Brendon said flipping over and turning away from her he was so angery at himself for what he said about Brie.

When they arrived at the venue, Brie took off the bus quickly. She ran over to Panics.
"Brendon" Brie screamed
He walked out and looked at her he wasn't sure if she was going to hurt or give him a hug. No shes going to yell.
"Why why would you say something like that" Brie screamed
"You looked so happy with Fall Out Boy I thought you didn't need me anymore" Brendon said
"Wouldn't need you" Brie said
"Yeah" Brendon said
"I'll always need you Brenny" Brie said
"How cute the slut and her brother are having a moment" Katie said
"Shut it" Brendon said
"Brendon don't talk to my friend like that" Kendall said
"Don't yell at my brother you bitch" Brie said
"Brie" Spencer said putting his hand on her shoulder
"Yeah Spence" Brie said
"Save him" Spencer said
Brie walked up to Kendall who was bitching at Brendon for even talking to Brie.
"I am not going anywhere" Brie said
"Get off our bus" Kendall said pushing Brie
"Actully its Petes bus since they are on Petes label and since I am Patricks girlfriend who is Petes best friend I don't have to go anywhere" Brie said
Kendall pushed Brie again Brie started laughing.
"Is that all you got bitch" Brie said
"Brendon make her stop" Kendall said
"Brie come on stop" Brendon said
"No" Brie said shoving Kendall, Katie got up and went over.
"You want another black eye to match the one you already have" Katie said
"No but this should improve your face" Brie said punching Katie square in the nose.
"Thats for stealing Ryan" Brie said
Ryan walked out and saw his girlfriend on the floor blood coming out of her nose.
"Brie what the hell" Ryan said getting up in her face.
"Get out of my face Ross" Brie said
"No" Ryan said
"I'll fucking hit you" Brie said
"Yeah right" Ryan said moving close to her.
She shoved Ryan to get back but he step closer again. Pete and Patrick heard the comotion as they walked by and ran on the bus just in time to see Brie punch than deck Ryan. Spencer grabbed Brie and held her tight as struggled to get away.
"Remind me never to piss her off" Jon said
"I am going to kill him" Brie said
"Brie stop" Brendon said
"No" Brie screamed
"I can take her" Ryan said
Ryan got close and Brie kicked him. Ryan was pissed now and brought his fist back before he could Pete and Brendon grabbed his arm.
"Spencer get Brie out here" Patrick said he knew she was going to have melt down but he didn't think she tried to kill everyone in her path.
"Brendon go calm her down" Pete said
"Dude she lost it" Jon said sitting there in shock.
"It doesn't suprise me Ryan said she was crazy" Katie said
"She not crazy I guess beating Ryan up was her way of dealing with it" Pete said
Ryan looked at Pete.
"Got your ass kicked by a girl" Pete said
"I've never seen her go off before" Ryan said
He was worried
"What do except she loved you Ryan and you break up with her for that" Jon said
"I am pretty than her" Katie said
"You are but Bries got like that classic 50's pin up model look its like stricking beauty" Jon said
Katie looked at Ryan.
"Your pretty than her babe" Ryan lied
"Pete" Patrick said
"Yeah" he said
"Send her" Patrick said it broke his heart but he knew it was the best thing to do.
"I'll make the calls are you sure" Pete said
"Yeah" Patrick said

Brie was outside with Spencer and Brendon they where trying to get her to settle down.
"You guys can always get a new gutiarist" Brie said
"Brie stop breathe" Brendon said
Bries body went limp Spencer looked at her. Her eyes flutter closed.
"I think she wore herself out" Spencer said
Brendon put his hands on her neck to check for a pulse he couldn't find one.
Spencer laid Brie on the ground and started CPR as Brendon went to call 911.
A few minutes later Brie coughed into Spencer mouth. Her eyes open and she looked at him.
"What happened" Brie said
"You just stopped breathing" Spencer said
The paramedics arrived and took Brie to the hospital as the doctor checked her out the boys waited pacing around in the waiting room.

Authors note::: I put it Panic but its going to have alot of other bands in it too Thanks
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