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Brendon came back into the room where Brie was. She looked at him.
"I am sorry Bren" Brie said
"Sorry for freaking out or dying then coming back" Brendon said
"Everything" Brie said
"What got into you" Brendon said
"Nothing" Brie said turning her head
Brendon knew Brie was lying and all of the sudden got up and walked out.

"How is she Bren" Patrick said
"Has anyone noticed how much Brie has changed" Brendon said
"Yeah but she seems more outgoing and not so grumpy" Spencer said
"Drugs" Ryan said
Everyone turned and looked at Ryan.
"What no way Brie is not the type to take drugs" Jon said
The doctor walked into the waiting room.
"Mr.Urie" he said
"Yes" Brendon said
"Your sister heart stopped because she has been abusing antidepressionates their was very high unsafe levels of it in her blood stream. If I didn't know better I think she was trying to kill herself" He said
"Kill herself" Brendon said
Both Brendon and Ryan jumped up and ran to Bries room.
"Where you trying to kill yourself" Brendon screamed.
Bries head looked down and tears started streaming down her face.
"When I left you guys for Chicago I went and saw a doctor he put me on anit depressantes" Brie said looking at both them.
"Why" Ryan asked
"Because I knew you would quit loving me" Brie cried
Ryans face suddenly sunk.
"I like Patrick alot but hes not you and seeing how happy you are with her and Brendon not wanting anything to do with me I decided this morning to take the whole bottle and it would have worked if Spence hadn't save me" Brie said
"I am going to get Pete" Ryan said
"Why" Brendon asked
"Because hes done this before too" Ryan said
Brendon stared at his sister they shared a womb for 9 months and where closer than anything, but he had no idea who she really was at this moment.
"You know you should have talked to me Brie what happen" Brendon said
"You hate me" Brie said the tears started pouring again.
Pete walked in with Ryan and Patrick. Patrick hugged Brie he knew she was in alot of pain and he was hurt that she didn't talk to him but he knew he needed to be positive for her.
"I'm sorry" Brie whispered into Patricks ear. Patrick smiled sweetly and kissed her forehead.
"How you feeling" Pete said
"Okay" Brie said
"Guys can Brie and I talk" Pete said
They nodded and walked out.
"I've been there" Pete said
"I just wanted the pain to stop" Brie said
"I know" Pete said
"Does it get better" Brie said
"In time" Pete said
"Okay" Brie said
"Your going to go on tour with Cobra Starship as soon as you get out of here I think you need to get as far away from Ryan right now and Patrick already has me to deal with and I am sure he doesn't need to of us" Pete said smiling
"Okay" Brie said
"Gabes a great guy and he will look out for you promise me you won't do this again" Pete said
"I promise" Brie said
Brendon came back in and took her hand.
"I heard" Brendon said softly
"That I am leaving" Brie said
"I think hes right Bren I need to get away from Ryan" Brie said
"I agree I love you" Brendon said
"I love you too" Brie said
Brendon and Brie sat there in quiet there was a knock on the door, Pete and a tall boy with Brown hair walked in.
"Brie this Gabe" Pete said
"Hi" Gabe said
Brie laided there and looked at this boy he was goreous. Brie felt a blush coming to her face.
"Hi" She giggled back.
Even laying in the hospital bed Gabe thought she was the most before girl he had ever seen.
Ryan walked in and saw Brie and Gabe staring at each other he instantly got jealous and knew he had lost her for good.
They talked for a while and a few hours later Brie was realsed from the hospital.
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