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Screaming Hallelujah


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Chapter three – Screaming Hallelujah

How many ways are there to say your sorry? Not very many as far as I'm concerned. That well has long run dry for me; no originality left in anything anymore. She was sitting way to close to me. Her perfume made me nauseous. She leaned even closer to me making me feel claustrophobic. I stood up quickly, She fell face first into the couch.
"Kevin, what are you doing?" She asked sitting up annoyed.
"I…uh….I have to go." I told her before racing out the door. I know She didn’t care enough to follow. I kept running even when I knew I didn’t need to. My breathing became ragged and my lungs hurt. The only reason I stopped was because off a full on collision with a foreign object. I fell the ground gasping for breath. My lungs felt ready to burst. I opened my eyes to see Pete staring down at me.
"Are you okay?" He asked after a minute. I wanted to yell at him. Tell him every thing wasn’t okay. Tell him about my brothers growing fame. Tell him about my gold digging girlfriend. Tell him how much I just wanted it all to end. But I barely knew the guy. I just settled for a simple nod. He extended a hand out to me; I took it hesitantly and let him pull me up. "Sorry about running into you." That made me feel worse. It wasn’t his fault and he knew it.
"It wasn’t your fault; I am the one who should be sorry." I told him, he smiled slightly taking the edge off the guilt. "I'm also sorry about snapping at you yesterday, I was just in a bad mood."
"Don't worry about it," He said quietly, "I just have a problem with knowing when enough is enough. I shouldn’t have said anything; I just thought something was wrong. I'll just go now." He looked down and started walking away. I placed my hand on his chest and pushed him back in front of me.
"Don't be sorry," I shook my head and lowered my hand to my side. "It just caught me off guard, not even my own family asks me that anymore."
"Really?" He asked in disbelief. I nodded. "I'm sorry…do you mind..if I?"
"If you what?" I asked confused.
"Ask you again?"
"Sure," I told him. The first real smile I've had in months I handed to him as a thank you gift. Because God knows I need someone to listen now more than ever. I just don't know how long this guy can stay.

etep ztnew si os ttoh!
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