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I've been waiting for the sun.


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I've always had a problem with opening up to people. I find it not in the least bit helpful when trying to tell Pete what is wrong with me. Frankly I'm not even fully sure. Why was I even talking to this guy? I barely knew him. But yet I found myself spilling my heart out to him. I told him about my brothers, parents, girlfriends. I just couldn’t stop until I ran out of things to say. Then I found myself listening to him. He told me about similar things that have happened to him and even told me a few things he had never told anyone else. Or at least that was what he told me. I hung onto his every word. Feeling almost like a kid again, back when I was happy and carefree.
"I have a question for ya," He said leaning back in the chair he currently occupied.
"What would that be?" I smirked.
"If She treats you like crap why do you stay with Her?" I knew one day someone would ask me this. I had just suspected it would be someone I had known for more than two days. Also in the short period of time I have known Peter Wentz I learned one very important thing about when he asks a question: 'I don't know' is not expectable.
Silence was my answer. I couldn't think of any real answer. He seemed to catch on.
"Oh come on! You have to know." He laughed punching my arm lightly. I smiled and fixed my eyes on my ratty shoes. "Can you feel the tension in the air?" He sang softly.
"Assuring you once again I'm there." I sang back looking up at him.
"So you break my trust, you break my heart."
"I brake your fall." I sang in almost a whisper. He caught my eyes suddenly holding them there. I was unable to turn away, though I didn’t want to. "Your fall." We both leaned forward slowly, closing the small space between us. Seconds later his lips covered mine in the sweetest kiss ever. But then my brain caught up to me. I pulled away a bit and stared at him with large eyes. He looked scared. Almost as if he was afraid I was going to strike him. I couldn't help but break down laughing. It was the most I had laughed in months and it felt good.
"Why are you laughing?" He asked cocking an eyebrow. The small gesture made me laugh harder. He let out a few chuckles. I choked on air as I tried to catch my breath. He just stared at me letting out little laughs.
"I haven’t laughed like that in forever." I told him gasping.
"I'm glad I amuse you." He pouted.
"Kevin come on we're leaving!" Joe shouted from a distance. I looked over at Pete and smiled. I waved and stood up. There was no need for a verbal good bye. I was going to see him shortly at the next venue. I slowly turned and walked away to join my brothers and Her on the dismal tour bus.
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