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Bring on the thunder

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Erm yeah. High School, Um FOb, and P!atd

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I looked around at all the couples in school.
Why am I always the one to get a boyfriend last?
I hadn't had many relationships since her last one with Chris Faller. I was cautious at first to date anyone after that, but she then realized she wanted romance in her life. I was always seeking inspiration, and most inspiration comes from romance. I haven't had any ideas for poems since...
I cringed at the subject of my last relationship. I'll admit it. I miss Chris. I have ever since he broke up with me. And even though it's been several months, I haven't completely got over the whole thing.

Kiana, one of my best friends, passed a note over to me.
Still thinking about Chris? it read.
Somehow she always knows what's on my mind. It's scary. It's probably because we've been friends since elementary school.
Yea. Is it that obvious? I surreptiously passed my note to her.
Well, yea, actually. You have to get over him. It's been months! was my reply.
Easy for you to say. You and Patrick have been together for like, 6 months!
I looked at Kiana's face. She smiled sheepishly.
I rolled my eyes, dismissing the conversation.

As the bell rang, I picked up my Math book and made my way to the door.
"You know, Rachael has also been looking for a boyfriend. You guys should go to the mall tonight and scout for them. It's way better than what you usually do on Friday nights." Kiana reminded me.
"I guess. I'll talk to her about it at lunch." I replied.

We parted ways as I went to my locker for my chemistry book. When I arrived at my locker, Rachael was there.
"Oh! I want to talk to you." I told her as I tried to remember my combination.
"Make it quick. I need to go to English in five minutes." she responded.
"Okay. Um, you know how we're both waiting for the right guy?" I asked, twisting my lock.
"Don't remind me." she smirked.
"Well, Kiana suggested we could go to the mall tonight and try to find some guys." I opened my locker and grabbed my chem book.
"You honestly think we can find that special guy in one night. At a MALL?" she scoffed.
"Come on. At least try. It kills me to look at all the couples at school and know that I still haven't found the right guy." I pleaded.
"Alright. I gotta go. Um, meet me at my house at around 6:45 tonight and we'll go." she gave in and then ran to her next class.
"Yes! Thank you!" I slammed my locker shut just as the bell rang. "Oh shit! I can't be tardy again!" I ran all the way to science.
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